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Subject: Turn Around (part 2) AuthoritarianI can't believe the amount of feedback I've gotten from this story.
However feedback to this part would be appreciated too.Thanks!
I had finally gotten to bed by 6 am, and the combination of alcohol,
drugs and being fucked many times took there tole and I collapsed into bed
and slept dreamlessly for twelve hours. When I woke up underage nude nymphets I didn't know what
time it was and I felt completely disoriented. All I knew was my ass hurt
like hell. Then everything came flooding back to me. I not only had gotten
fucked bareback, but by four guys who fucked me twice each. At least I
think it was twice each. Images were overflowing in my head, just as much
as the night before cum had been flooding out of my ass. I remembered Chad
fucking me, pictures being taken, being given something to drink and then
really flying. I saw myself riding Victors cock by sitting on it and
jumping up and down like a deranged kid on a bouncing ball. I also remember
someone had been video taping that and that I played for the camera. I
also remember begging Ted to fuck me a second time. Then I remembered that
while they were taping all three of them had put on Halloween masks. I had
asked why and they said they didn't want to be recognized in the
video. When 100ree young nymphet pics I had asked for a mask they said they wanted me to be seen,
that my nymphets kissing facial expressions when I got fucked were to priceless to cover
up. I think I might have even said "Thank You" to them after that
comment. How high had I been? The worst thing I did remember was that I had
been rock hard most of the evening and had shot two or three loads
myself.. All day Sunday I kept replaying these scenes in my head. I felt
guilty and like a hypocrite. Hadn't I always talked down to guys who
barebacked. And what about HIV? Yet japanese nymphets 14 yo there were also times on that Sunday , when I thought about it, I
would get hard again. I ended up jerking off twice thinking about those raw
cocks fucking me and shooting in me. After I would cum I would feel even
worse. Had I become what they kept jokingly referred to me as , a cumslut? cute candid nymphets toplist I was also thinking about work. How would I handle the next day? How
could I counsel people not to bareback when not only had I done it, but now
I was fantasizing about it? What about Ted? Not only had he tricked me,
but he had pictures and videos of me taking it raw. How could I work with
someone who at one point the night before I top model nymphet was begging him to fuck me a
second time? God, I thought, and scat nymphets
does Ted fuck good. They all had. By Monday my ass was still a little sore, but I could at least sit
down at streaming pure nymphets
my table when I had breakfast. I wanted to get into the office
early so I could shut my door and do the paperwork I had scheduled to
do. That way I could avoid seeing Ted. When I got to work I was the first person there and I had to unlock
the building. After I did that, I quickly went to my office, shut the door,
turned on the computer underage nude nymphets pics and sat down to drink the coffee I had hot nymphets passwords
picked up
from the vendor outside .Then my entire world shattered, not with a bang
but with moans. I was sitting at my desk, eyes shut, sipping my coffee, waiting for
that familiar music the computer makes when it turns on. It never
came. What did was a recording of a guy moaning. Horrified I quickly
recognized my own voice and I was moaning "Fuck my ass raw! Let me feel
your cock shoot in me again!" kinder nymphet I quickly opened my eyes, I must be dreaming,
I turned to look at my computer and everything went from bad to worse. Instead of my work logo being the wallpaper, there was a picture of me
on my monitor screen. I was on my back, my red t-shirt still on , but
nothing else. Next to me you could see a small brown bottle, a little bit
down on the bed there was condom package, ripped open but with the condom
still in the package. My legs were high over my head, but you could make
out that my cock was rock hard. In between my legs was someone, I knew it
was Chad from the muscular frame, but his head was out of the
picture. Actually both his heads were out of the picture, my legs were put
in a way that you got a clear view of my ass and the cock that was sticking
in it. Only the head of his cock was in, but it was obvious looking at it
that there was NO CONDOM on it. I looked at my face again, I looked like I
was in ecstacy. (For those wondering, I still have those pics that were
taken) Then a message popped up that said I had mail. I went to the email
program and opened it. When I did I heard my voice again, this time saying
"Yes, I'm a cumslut!". little pedo nymphets Oh my god, I thought, what the fuck is going on? As if in answer I saw
one of emails subject was "pics and sounds on your computer". I quickly
opened that message, it was from "the group". They said Sunday they had
come in and changed the wallpaper and sounds on my computer. They also
wrote that such a performance had to be shared. I started opening and shutting programs, minimizing and maximizing
windows - every action had a sound attached to it and the sounds were of me
from the night before having sex. Not only sex, but raw sex. I thought I
had to quickly change my computer back before anyone saw or heard it. Then
another shock! From the other room I heard my voice saying "Fuck my ass
raw! Let me feel you cum in me again!" The I heard a scream and then
laughter and a lot of talk. I then remembered, we were nymphet por pics networked. This
wasn't just done to my computer, but to every computer in my
office. Everyone was seeing my ass getting fucked bareback. They were
hearing me scream and moan while getting fucked. I was finished! Anxiety ,
humiliation overcame me and I sat just staring at my computer screen,
knowing that as everyone came into the office and turned on their computer
they would see it too. I don't know how long I sat there, I was nymphets land top 100 in complete shock. The next
thing I remembered was Ted opening my door and coming in. "Hi little girl nymphet pics baby", he greeted me, "Like your new computer settings?" I looked at him like he was crazy. "How could you do this to me?" I
sobbed. "Hey, you'll thank me for this later. Meanwhile, we have a client who
is asking for nymphet boards forum you specifically. You have work to do." He then grabbed my
arm and led me out really young nymphets of the office. As I walked by the administrative
assistants all of them were just staring at me with an amused expression on
their faces. One of them looked me right in the eye and said"Wow, he was
big! Should I book you for your first test now?" Ted led me to the largest counseling room, opened the door and pushed
me inside shutting the door behind me. I looked up. Chad was my client. "You're here for a test?" I managed to ask. nymphets spanked "Hell NO! I just wanted to check in on you and see how your day was
going." he said top models nymphets
I free nymphet gallaries suddenly burst into tears. Surprisingly he came over and hugged
me. I let him "You know you're going to lose your job, don't you" I nodded. banned nymphette pics "Well", he said,"Don't worry about it. You don't belong here
anyways. For such a slut, you've led too tame a life. I've tricked a lot of
guys into letting me fuck them raw a first time but you're different. You
not only took to it, but you became a hardcore nymphet pics wild animal. I have never seen anyone
turn so quickly and change so much. You are cock crazy and anyone like that
shouldn't be telling people nymphet list mpeg
to restrain there urges. Don't worry about work
, I've got a job for you at my business free petite nymphets sites that hot romanian nymphets
will fit perfectly with your
past experiences. Pay is better than here, more vacations, and full
benefits." "Jesus Christ, this feels like a really bad movie script" I managed to
sputter. He laughed, nymphette models
then took young nymphets hardcore my hand and put it over his crotch. little nymphets erotic porn I couldn't
believe it, it was rock hard. He reached down and pushed me to my
knees. All of a sudden I was face to face with the cock that was on my
windows wallpaper. It was so hot looking , without a thought I took him in
my mouth. I love sucking cock and his tasted great. I could taste his
precum, it was the breakfast of champions. Realizing where we were I
quickly nymphets nue looked up nymphettes youngs porno and said "The door isn't teen virgins nymphets locked, there are no locks on
the door, anyone can come in." "Isn't there a jailbait underaged nymphet sign on the door saying counseling is going on?" "Yes" I answered. "Then keep it quiet and no one will come in." nymphets underage nude
I sucked his cock for another five minutes or so. It was hot thinking
my coworkers could come in any second and I got lost in that thought. All
of a sudden I felt his arms go around little illegal nymphets me and pull me to my sweet small nymphet feet. "Get naked", he demanded. I was no longer looking at the gentle guy
who offered me a job a few minutes before but the elite russian nymphettes
dominator who had fucked
me several times a couple nights before. "I can't get naked here" I quickly said. All it took was one look from him and I was throwing off my
clothes. In 30 seconds or less my clothes were on the floor and I was stark
naked next to him. Meanwhile he was fully clothed with just his pants
button undone and his pants unzipped with his hard cock sticking out. "Aren't you getting naked" I asked. "Nope, I like having my slut naked in front of me with me being fully
clothed. Makes it photos nymphette a nue more dangerous for you than me" He looked down and I did
too. My cock jumped when he said that. He smiled "God you really are such a
He walked over to his bag and reached in and pulled out two items, a
bottle of lube and bottle of poppers. "Time for me to fuck another load in
you, what do you think? "Yes sir" I quickly answered, I lay down on my back on the table and
pulled my legs up. My ass hung at the edge of the table and Chad walked
over and started applying the lube. I watched as he put the lube nymphets nude erotic all over
his hard cock and rubbed it in. God ukrainian nymphets girls did it look big and beautiful. He put
my legs on top of his shoulders and put his cockhead against my ass. He
leaned down and put the bottle of poppers against my nose . I inhaled and
then settled back for the rush. It hit me in just ten seconds. Slowly he
leaned in. It took a few seconds before it pushed bella nymphets past the opening then it
popped past and I saw stars again. Once again, he held it there til I got used to it and then he started
to fuck me. The position wasn't the best for me to push back but soon I was
moaning. "You sound like a cat in heat" forums nymphets bbs he whispered. Realizing my voice
might be heard I moaned softer, but he was picking up pace and the faster
he pumped the more I had a hard time keeping from screaming. I couldn't believe it. Here I was , in a room where I had counseled
many guys to have safe sex, getting fucked by this hung stud, bareback. I
was still flying from the poppers but they were wearing off. On top of
that this position was hard because the table was so uncomfortable.
Chad quickly withdrew, instinctively knowing I wasn't comfortable. young nymphet softcore He
stood me up , nudist nymphets model
bent me over the table and then started fucking me again. Now
I was in a good child nymphets sex pics
position to fuck back and I backed myself onto his dick and
rode it. He slowed down, and put the poppers under my nose again, after I
inhaled he started pile driving in my ass. The poppers started to have an
effect on me. I started to fantasize that I was doing a counseling, but
instead of telling the client how good safe sex was I was advocating
bareback sex. Then to prove it to the client, I would have him fuck
me. This fantasy played out in my popper filled mind until the high started
going away and I realized it wasn't a total fantasy. Chad was fucking me hard, but now he was moaning and saying things
very loudly. He would scream things like "God you're right , bareback sex
is best" and "I just came here for a test, now you're showing me what I'm
missing by not fucking raw!" I realized in horror that he had to be making russian nymphet model
so much noise that
people outside the room could hear. All of a sudden I became nymphet sleeping aware of
something else. He had been jerking my cock off with his hand and I was
beginning to feel my balls rise and I knew I was about to cum. I couldn't
cum now, not with him making noises and the fact anyone piccs dolls nymphet could walk in. But
the body doesn't always do what you want it to do. He hit my prostate once
more and I lost the battle. I moaned real loud, I couldn't help it and
started shooting my load. I could feel my ass contracting around his cock,
giving it a major massage. All of a sudden he screamed "Yeah guy, shoot your load while I shoot
my cum up your ass. I'm cuuumminngggggggggg Auughhhhhhhhhhh". I could feel
his cock fire out the beginning of erotic nude nymphets
his load. That's when the door burst
open. I turned to look and saw a group of people staring straight in at us,
among them were Ted, several secretaries and my boss. Chad quickly
withdrew, shooting the last of his load on my ass. We must have been quite
a sight:: me naked bent over a table, him fully dressed, with just his hard
cock, which was still dripping cum, sticking out from his pants. He grabbed
my underwear, which was on the floor, wiped off his cock, put it back in
his pants, zipped up, and walked out, pushing back the people by the
door. As he left , he turned to me and said, "Thanks for the counseling"
then disappeared. There I was, bent over the counseling table, totally naked, cum
leaking from my ass and coating it, cum dripping from my cock onto the
floor below, which was soaked with my shot load.. I didn't know what to do,
so youngest nymphets land I got up and shut the door in everyones face. I got dressed and left the
room, everyone had already left the area. I went to the bathroom and then
headed back to my office. On my desk was a note from my boss to see him as
soon as possible. I sat down at my computer, the wallpaper had changed back
to its original logo. I quickly typed up a resignation letter , resigning
from my position and stating I would return when no one was there to clear
out my desk.. I walked to my bosses office, handed him the letter and left
the building. After I had walked a couple blocks, I heard a car horn. I
looked over. There was Chad in his car. He made a motion to me. I smiled,
walked over and climbed into the passenger seat.For underage nymphets little those interest, for several years I did become a cumpig. Lots of
adventures, should I write them down?Oh, and if anyone is curious, as of my last test, I'm still HIV neg and now
I only bareback with one person. I guess its true what they say about fools
and drunks, because acting as stupidly as I did for a few years, I should
be poz, but luck is with me. I don't plan on tempting fate anymore.
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