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Subject: Turn of Events, chapter 7Disclaimer: This story deals with homosexual men. If it offends you, X out
of the story and read something else. If you are not 18, do not read. And
if you want a fast fuck story, go elsewhere. Otherwise, enjoy. Email me for
any kind of comments.
Chapter 7
"So Stacey tells me you're from New York," Deacon said conversationally as
we sat on the floor with a bottle of vodka between us.I had two shots but I was feeling semi ok. My face felt a bit hot; well my
whole body actually, but I was still able to hold a normal conversation or
at least I still had the ability to think when it came to my responses."Yeah."Ok, that didn't take much thinking."I love New York," Deacon said smiling at me drunkenly, "I visit there on
vacations, like winter 9 14 nymphet break, spring break, summer break," he explained."Got friends out there?" I asked.He shook his head, "Nope."I grinned and raised my eyebrows, waiting for him to continue."I just head out there and have a good time.""Hotels rape you," I said referring to the expensive free nymphet tgp
hotels all over New
York.He nodded, "Yeah they do, but it's worth it. I love the place so much. I
actually plan to move there after I graduate college," he added."Oh yeah? Great.""Yeah, I would have gone to school there, but couldn't afford tuition and a
loan would have killed me financially. So I figured I would just do well in
school, live it up locally for the time being, and then make it on my own a
little bit later," Deacon said."What's your major?" I asked."Graphic design and art, major and minor," Deacon said."Nice, you could find something decent in the city with that," I said."I hope so," Deacon went on, "I need a change of scenery.""I hear that man," I said reaching for the bag of chips Jet had on the
couch.She noticed me reaching for it and handed it over to me and I smiled in
thanks."You know what I love so much about New York?" Deacon asked me suddenly."What?""The freedom to do anything. The restlessness. The diversity and
opportunity. All the fun to be had," he said with a dreamy look on his
face.I smiled at him."You'll hang out with me when I visit over the summer right?" Deacon asked
staring at me and I swear his expression was flirty at most.I blinked, "Uh yeah, depends when you go I guess. I won't be home until
late May," I answered.Deacon smiled and placed his hand on my knee, "That's fine. I'll wait till
you go home before I schedule my next visit," he said and his hand began to
squeeze my knee cap.I looked at Deacon quizzically."You ever experiment Pete?" he asked quietly."Uh," I said stalling."New Yorkers are great Pete. So open and welcoming and inviting. I always
have fun when I'm out there," he said."Deacon," I began."You're a good looking kid Pete," Deacon interrupted, "Tall, dark hair,
pale skin, that exotic quality. I bet you have both guys and girls going
after you, don't you?" he asked grinning."Thanks," I said figuring the less I said the better."You find me attractive don't you Pete?" Deacon asked looking me in the
eyes.I wondered if this was a trick question and I studied Deacon somewhat
suspiciously."Here, where's your cell, let's exchange numbers," Deacon said suddenly as
before I could say a word, his hands were digging into my pants pockets."Hey!" I protested as he dug through my pockets, but he managed to fish out
my cell which wasn't hard, since it was in my jean pocket."Camera phone, nice," Deacon said as he began to fiddle with my cell phone
buttons and I watched him in amusement and I bit my lip when his brown curl
flopped around near his forehead.His curls reminded me of Grant.I heard the doorbell ring just as Deacon grabbed me and pulled me close.Seconds later as Deacon and I were posing for a picture, Stacey walked in."Another party guest for the birthday boy!" she sang out, but I couldn't
see who it was because Deacon basically had me trapped.She stepped further into the living room and I saw Grant.Grant's blue eyes were verry young nymphets
immediately trained on me and Deacon whose arm was
still wrapped around my shoulders as Deacon tried to see how the photo of
us turned out.I looked in Grant's eyes, feeling guilt wash over me although nothing had
happened with Deacon at all. I mean, I wasn't even flirting with the guy;
he was flirting with me!Besides thinking he was good looking, I had done nothing wrong.But I couldn't help feeling uncomfortable with the way Grant was looking at
me and Deacon.I pushed myself out of Deacon's grasp and placed some distance between us
as I returned my gaze back to Grant.His jaw was clenched little nymphet sex and his expression was tight.Stacey nymphets fucking was talking to him and pointing to various areas of the room, giving
him a mini tour, but he didn't appear to be really listening, but he turned
to Stacey occasionally, nodding and shooting small smiles in her direction.Jet looked at me and raised her eyebrows questioningly while I just
shrugged.I also noticed that Lawrence and Parker were eyeing Grant with curiosity.Neither of them had anything against Grant. Grant was a nice guy even
though his best friend was Blair, but that was besides the sweetnymphets bbs point.I was surprised Grant showed up; this was a big risk. I mean, my friends
were friendly to Grant, but were still curious about why he was there.They knew I tutored Grant, but that was the extension of our relationship,
as far as they knew.Grant smiled and nodded at them, a bit shy, but polite.I stood up and looked at Deacon, "Keep the cell for now," I told him,
noticing he was oddly fascinated with my cell phone while he was
intoxicated. He kept playing songs off my Vcast and fumbling and giggling
nonstop.Walking over to Grant I motioned for him to follow me to the kitchen,
"Let's get some food."I wanted to be able to talk to Grant without an audience."So who's that guy?" Grant asked as he poured himself some soda and sipped
it, looking up at me."Stacey's brother," I replied quickly."He seems," Grant paused, "Friendly.""He's just drunk," I insisted."He was kinda all over you," Grant said still looking at me, his blue eyes
piercing into me.I stepped closer to him, "He was just taking a picture with my cell, and he
was drunk," I reminded.Grant glanced away, but he still didn't look pleased."Hey, I'm with you, not him," I whispered, moving my head forward so that
he could hear me and Grant peeked at me as a tiny smile crept onto his
face.I smiled as his face transformed and a cute mischievous, childlike grin
spread on his face."You're with me?" he repeated full blown smiling now.I grinned, "Yeah, with you," I said, reaching to finger his curls, pulling
on them slightly."I like the sound of that," Grant said looking more relaxed now."I'm glad you came," I said quietly, "I didn't think you would.""I didn't think so either, but Stacey invited me. Thought we were such good
friends because of how we act when we're together during tutoring," Grant
explained, "And I wanted to be here on your birthday. So, happy birthday,"
he said sincerely."Thanks," I said happily."Oh," Grant said pretteen nymphet suddenly and he began fishing in his pocket, "I got you
something.""You didn't have elite nymphettes
to," I said as he pulled something out of his jean
pocket. It wasn't wrapped but it looked like a jewellery box.I stared at him perplexed."Here!" Grant said holding out the box to me proudly."What is it?" I asked slowly taking the box from his hands."Open it," Grant said touching my hip.I opened the box and pulled out a silver necklace with some kind of charm
that I didn't recognize."What's this?" I asked examining the charm."It's a little mini dream catcher," Grant explained, "So you will always
have good dreams," he added looking at his feet."Thanks Grant, I love it," I said honestly and I handed it to him.He looked at me with puzzlement."Put it on me," I instructed and he complied.I felt him clasp the jewellery and I felt it around my neck. I turned to
him."How do I look?""Beautiful," he said and he dragged his hand across my stomach.I looked around the kitchen tgp nymphets bbs and found a bottle of ketchup.I took nymphets panties
it and threw some onto Grant's black shirt.He stepped back in surprise, but I gripped his hand and yanked him along
with me."Let's clean your shirt up," I said.I pulled him through another hallway and found the downstairs bathroom.I ushered him inside nymphets info land and closed the door behind us, locking it."Pete," he said as I pressed myself up against bbs lola nymphetsyo nymphet him.I didn't answer him and I placed my mouth over his, cupping his face firmly
with my hands.His surprised response was muffled but his hands came around my lower back
and he pulled me in closer, his hands slowly moving to cup my ass.I moaned my approval and wrapped my arms around his neck tightly, moving my
face forward, deepening the kiss.I pulled back slightly to get some air."What was that for?" he asked, breathing heavily.I pecked his lips, "Just a thank you a kiss. A happy to see you kiss. It
was a `I like you a lot kiss'," I said as I pecked his lips again."Mm," Grant said moving his lips forward, latching onto mine.I nymphet naturism closed my eyes and enjoyed the warmth of his embrace and our slow sensual
kiss.I loved kissing Grant.We were very compatible kissers.We were able to match each other's rhythm and style, no matter what. He was
never too aggressive or too forceful. We were able to somehow know what the
other wanted in the kiss of the moment."You sneaky bastard," Grant said between kisses, "Throwing ketchup on me to
get me alone. You little slut," he teased.I chuckled, "Too bad," and I shut him up with yet another kiss.Grant kissed me a bit longer and slid back slightly."I have to clean this up," he said glancing down at the stain, "And we have
to get back out there. There aren't a lot of people at this party, so the
birthday boy's absence will be noticed.""I know," I said, helping him to wipe his shirt and mine, since some had
gotten on me during our heated embrace.We shared one more brief kiss before walking out together back towards the
living room.No one seemed to notice our disappearance. Stacey and Deacon were having
some brother sister drinking game with shots while Parker and Lawrence were
talking and Jet was sitting on Lawrence's lap relaxing on top of him
lazily.Grant and I walked in casually, but Jet looked up just as we were walking
in and she eyed our damp shirts and then our faces.I caught her eye and she arched her brow and shot me a look I couldn't
decipher.I turned away, deciding not to be bothered teen nymphet underage nymphet by people's questions or
suspicions.Right now I just wanted to enjoy my birthday with my friends and Grant.Deacon ran over to us, "Guys!"Grant and I looked up as Deacon moved between us and draped an arm around
each of us."I missed you guys!" he said, slurring his words and then he placed sloppy,
wet kisses on each of our cheeks.I looked at Grant who was rubbing his cheek with his hand where Deacon had
no doubt got some saliva on him.I smirked, "See, I told you he was drunk," I shot at him.Grant rolled his eyes at me."Cake time!" Stacey announced as she placed candles on the cake, "Everyone
get your asses over here, right now," she ordered."CAKE!" Deacon cheered and started walking over to Stacey, tripping over
his own feet in the process.He started to fall to the carpet, his limbs flapping around awkwardly.Grant and I both reached out to steady him, but Deacon ended up falling
over anyway.I smiled one more time at Grant.I guess this wasn't such a bad birthday after all.I had to remember to thank little nymphets 13 yearsold Stacey again.
"Hey Pete!"I was on the phone with Danny, talking about my homecoming, which was in
about a month, and NYU stuff.I was surprised to see Jet because she rarely came over my house; I usually
went free nymphets kdz over to hers."Hey Jet," I said."Who's Jet?" Danny asked."My friend I was telling you about," I said underage nymphets fucked
as Jet watched me."The hot one?" Danny asked.I smiled. The horny bastard."Yeah, the hot one, to you of course," I answered."Oh right. I guess we have different versions of what is hot. How is Grant
by the way?" Danny asked."Danny, I got to go. Jet doesn't know about me and Grant and I don't want
to say budding nymphets anything in front of her. I'll talk to you later, ok?" I said in
Chinese and Jet narrowed her eyes at me.Danny said bye and I shut my cell phone closed and looked at Jet
expectantly."What's up?" I asked casually.She smiled, "Not much, I just thought I'd stop by for a visit.""Oh yeah?" I asked, folding my arms curiously.It seemed like both Jet and I were kind of acting cryptic.She shook her head, "So, is the thing you couldn't tell me before have
anything to do with Grant and what's going on between you two?"My mouth fell open slightly and my eyes bulged a little out of my head.She smiled and shook her head, "Pete, I'm not dumb and I just notice little girls young nymphets these
things. Come on, at the party last night you two definitely had something
going on.""How?" I imageboard nymphet
demanded, not bothering to deny anything in front of her. I knew I
could trust Jet, but I nude black nymphets
was curious to find out if I was obvious or not.She lay back on my bed and rested her hands behind her head, "Well, virtual nymphet for
starters, when Grant walked in, he got all tense and angry looking and he
was staring right at you and Stacey's brother. He definitely wasn't pissed
at you, but he had that jealous look where he couldn't take his eyes off of
you."I looked down nymphets nude models at the floor as she continued."And then you guys disappear for a bit and when you come out your clothes
have wet spots on them and your lips had that raw, just been kissing look
to them," she stated.I looked at her worriedly, "You think anyone else noticed?"Jet shook her head, "Of course not. Parker and Lawrence were having some
god awful boring talk about video games, but I noticed since I was bored."I breathed a sigh of relief, "Good. Let's keep it that way, ok? It's not
that I don't trust Parker or Lawrence or think they won't be cool with it,
but the less people that know the better. Just in case. Mistakes or slip
ups can happen.Jet nodded, "Absolutely. I understand. I won't say a word.""Thanks.""So you and Grant, huh?" Jet asked again, smiling at me, "He's really hot
Pete. And what were the two of you doing that got your shirts wet," she
asked, winking at me.I rolled my eyes, "Get your mind out of the gutter Jet. I poured some
ketchup on his shirt to make it seem like I had to take him to the bathroom
to clean his shirt up. We didn't do anything except make out."Jet giggled, "Wow Pete, you landed one of the hottest and most unattainable
guys at school. Not bad."I frowned, "What do you mean?""Well, Grant goes on a lot of dates with girls, but never has a girlfriend,
even though girls want to sample nymphets be with him. He's a popular guy, so I guess
people just assume he wants to play around," she looked at me grinning,
"But now I understand the real reason why he's sort of single.""We're not really together," I explained."What do you mean?""Well, we can't be, well, we're not out obviously, but aside from that,
we're not too serious because we all know I'll be leaving in a month," I
said.She nodded, "That's true.""But I knew that and still got together with him," I said sighing as I ran
my fingers through my hair.Jet sat up on my bed and looked at me silently."But you're getting more serious now, aren't you?" she asked with a look of
understanding on her face."Yeah, I think we are," I admitted."You really like him, don't you?" Jet nymphets illegal underage underground
asked gently.I nodded, "I was always attracted to him, but with the time we've been
spending together, I realized I like him and who he is. He's just great," I
said.Jet looked at me, waiting for me to continue."Besides being ridiculously gorgeous, he's smart and really
hardworking. He's so sweet and down to earth. He admits it when he gets
scared of some things and he's so honest about everything. I just, I just
like him," I said looking down at my hands."That's a problem?" Jet asked softly.I looked at her seriously, "It is Jet. When I leave, I don't think I'll be
coming back. This isn't home for me. Once I get back to New York and into
my old lifestyle, I won't feel the need to come back. I'll never see Grant
again. I was stupid to think we could just be "friends" through emails and
shit. I was an idiot for even letting it get this far," I said sitting
beside her on my black little nymphets bed angrily, "Now we`re both going to get hurt when it
ends."I groaned in frustration."Pete," she said laying her hand on my shoulder. I turned to look at her."I know you think it would have been better to have never gotten together
with Gant, but think of it this way. You got some time with Grant. You got
to be with him for a short time and you got the experience, you know?"I smiled weakly, "Yeah, or I could go home and think about what I will
never have again."Jet didn't say anything to that.She just rested her head on my shoulder and sat beside me.******************Prom night.Blah, blah, blah.Normally at home I would be doing all that crap with my friends, tuxes and
stuff like that, and I would go with a female friend, but I didn't have
that over here.And I honestly didn't mind it.Dances weren't a big deal to me, but it was a big deal if I had the right
people with me.I couldn't enjoy the dance watching Grant and Blair and their football buds
and girls getting wasted and dancing dirty.Also, since school was practically over, I had to pack. I had a lot of
stuff to ship back over.Parker took Stacey as they had become good friends as well. Naturally, Jet
and Lawrence were going.I spent the pre prom prep with everyone and watched as they took pictures
and fussed over their hair and corsages.So as the prom night was mid-way through, I was in the house all alone,
doing my stuff.Kelly and David were chaperones for the prom, so I was left in peace.I couldn't take any more guilt trips from David about my leaving. I
couldn't handle that right now, not with feeling sad enough as it was with
my upcoming separation from Grant.I did a few loads of laundry to make sure my clothes were clean, but I left
about two weeks worth of clothing for the rest of the school year.I had brought so much more than I thought I did. I folded them as tightly
and neatly as possible so I could fit everything in. With all the gifts I
had received from friends back home I needed a whole new luggage just for
the gifts.My precious sneakers. I packed them in a separate luggage, but left it in
my closet in case I wanted to wear them.I flopped down onto my bed and rested a bit. Who knew packing was so
exhausting?I must have dozed off because I felt myself being nudged."Pete."I struggled to open my eyes and shut them again when the light burned them."David?" I mumbled."No, it's Grant."I opened my eyes now and looked at Grant, still in his tux.He looked even sexier dressed up and I couldn't speak for a few seconds."Grant," I said as I looked at me cell phone, "It's only 11:30. What are
you doing here?""I left early," he said simply.I blinked at him with confusion, "Why? It's prom."He sighed, "Everyone was acting so stupid nymphet girls photo and having so much fun. It was
just annoying.""Having fun?" I asked in amusement, "What's so bad about that."Grant sat on the floor in front of me, eyeing my luggage."Well, I wasn't having fun."`Why not?""Because of you!" he exclaimed looking at me, "Everyone is having fun with
their girlfriends or friends and I'm having the shittiest time ever dancing
with some girl I don't even like and she probably expects me to have sex
with her later on. Oh and of course everyone has to get shit faced drunk!
Prom is so stupid," he said shaking his head."While I'm supposed to be having fun, I'm wishing I was there with you,
dancing with you. And all I can think about it what you're doing here at
home boys cocks nymphets by yourself, getting ready to leave really soon. Too soon!" he ranted.I wrapped my arm around his shoulder and sort of side hugged him. He
wrapped both of his arms around me and we both fell backwards onto my bed,
just resting together in silence."I'm sorry you weren't having a good time," I said quietly.Grant rested his head on my chest, his arms around my waist, "It's ok."My hands swept dark nymphet bbs
across his tux jacket and I smiled at him, "You look really
good Grant. I'll never forget this image," I said.Grant didn't answer me and suddenly began to kiss my neck, hard, sucking on
it.I gasped and gripped his shoulders but he relentlessly kissed my neck and
moved toward my face, finally making it to my lips.This kiss wasn't soft and slow; it was passionate and hungry, fierce and
furious.His tongue moved around my tongue, all over the insides of my mouth,
exploring every part.I felt his long eyelashes fluttering against my face and I smiled.His lips massaged and covered my lips at a fast pace, his mouth constantly
opening wider as he kissed nymphets teens me, taking my breath away.I pushed him away and gasped in some air as he nibbled on my ear and kissed
behind it, causing me to moan loudly.Thank god no one else was in the house.He kissed my ear."Pete," he said, his voice halting, "Pete, I nymphets site young
think," another pause, "I
think I love you."My eyes flew open."What?" I asked with shock as I pushed him sort of off me.He looked cute nymphet pics around the room, his face flushed before meeting my eyes again."I think I love you," he said again, looking serious.I felt my stomach churn with nerves."You think?" I asked faintly.He licked his lips, "Well, I don't know, I've never been in love before. I
never loved anyone, not even my parents. I love Blair as my best friend and
your parents, but I think I'm in love with you."His blue eyes were shining and I was just speechless as I stared at him."I think I love you. You just came here and walked into my life and changed
everything. You make me so happy and I'm only truly happy when I'm with you
or when I think of you I always get a smile on my face. If I had a choice I
would be with you all the time.""Grant, I think I might love you too," I admitted softly."Really?" Grant asked hopefully."Yeah, I didn't think I would feel this bad to leave. I never expected to
care about anyone when I first got here. But I care about you and David and
my friends and I'll even miss Kelly and Blair art nymphets gallery
and fighting. I mean, I'm an
only child," I said rambling a bit like I usually did.Grant's hands were moving through my hair gently.My own fingers went to his face and tenderly rubbed around his eyes. I was
in love with the bright blue colour.His skin felt so soft under my finger tips and I got my hands tangled
through his blond curls."Fuck it Grant, I don't think I love you," I said and he tilted his head at
me, "I know I love you."Grant started to smile but I had already reached over and started to kiss
him, my one arm around his neck, one hand still clutching teen not nymphets
his curls.My tongue slid right in and I kissed him eagerly just as he had kissed me
before.His hands reached up under my shirt and in one quick motion it was pulled
off of me.I leaned backwards onto my bed and pulled him forward with me.His hands felt warm along my back and I reached for his tux and tugged it
off hurriedly.I heard the material of his jacket fall to the carpet, but I was already
working on his white dress shirt.I hated dress shirts. Way too many fucking buttons."Grant," I said somewhat impatiently as I gave a hard pull and his shirt
ripped off, some of the buttons hitting my face.He leaned over me, with his arms supporting his weight and he had a stunned
expression on his face."Sorry," I nymphets in panty
apologized quickly before I yanked his face back down to mine
and continued kissing him.As he lay over me, kissing me I worked on his belt and unzipped his pants.I pushed him off of me and rolled us over so I nymphets russian pics
was on top and I pulled his
pants down to his ankles and off, dropping them onto the floor.I took off his shoes and socks and hooked my fingers into his boxer briefs
where his hardness was sticking straight up.Grant was looking at me with half closed eyes and I shot him a smile as I
rid him of his underwear so he was completely naked and I drank in the
sight of him.Tall and muscular, tan, with smallest teen nymphets
light blond hair on his legs, arms and
stomach.I unbuttoned my own jeans and took off my jeans and boxers in one motion
and I spread his legs, getting between them."Pete," Grant said, "What are you doing?"I didn't answer him, but licked his cock and I saw Grant shiver and hiss.I licked his cock up and down, going to his balls, and finally swirled my
tongue around his tip as I jerked him off slowly.He grabbed me and pulled me up to him, "Pete, I'm gonna cum too soon if you
don't stop.""Grant, I want you to make love to me," I said seriously."What?" he asked in shock."I love you and I want you to be my first. So I'll always remember you as
my first," I said and I kneaded his chest muscles."Pete, I never, I mean, I don't want to hurt you," he said, "Isn't it
supposed to hurt?""I'm sure it will, art angels nymphets virgins
a little, but we can go nymphet lotita slow and take our time. No one
will be home for awhile," I said smiling at him.Grant looked at me and finally nodded, "Ok, but I want you to make love to
me too. I want you to be my first also, if not only."I smiled at him, "Wait here baby," I said and he smiled at me.I walked into the bathroom and found some lotion and then I went into
Blair's room, searching for condoms, knowing he had them somewhere.Sure enough they were located ls nymphetes
in his top drawer and he had a whole bunch. I
guess Blair was good for something.I grabbed a few and walked back into my room where Grant was laying right
where I left him.It was a wonderful sight to see his naked body on my bed. I wish I could
see him like that forever.Imagine coming home from a long day of class at NYU and walking into your
room and seeing Gant without clothes.God, I would miss Grant."Got the goods," I said laughing as I got onto the bed beside Grant.He looked nervous and was licking his lips a lot.I leaned over to kiss him and nibbled on his lips, "Don't worry, this will
be good."I took the condom out of the wrapper and rolled it onto his member and then
applied some lotion to him.He shut his eyes and moaned slightly."We have to switch positions," I said and I lay on my back with my knees to
my chest and Grant knelt behind me."Now what?" he asked with an adorable confused look on his face."Stick your fingers in me and try to loosen me up," I instructed.I winced when he stuck one finger in."Sorry," he said starting to pull out his finger, but I stopped him."It's ok, but go slower."Grant nodded and worked one finger in and out of me slowly stretching my
hole.Then he added a second and started thrusting in and out of my hole while
wiggling his finger to stretch me out further.This time his fingertip brushed against my prostate and I jumped a bit off
the bed."What's wrong?""Nothing," I answered with my eyes closed, "Felt really good.""Yeah?" he asked with slightly more confidence in his voice."Yeah," I replied and I moaned as his finger touched that spot inside me
again."Oh Grant, shit, it feels so good."He kept teasing my button for a while and then he added a third finger."Grant, now," I said through my teeth, "I need you now."I could feel my cock leaking pre cum all over my stomach, pooling in my
belly button and I was aching with desire. My cock felt so hard and I
desperately needed release, but I didn't want to jerk off. I wanted him
inside of me.I nude nymphets jpegs
saw Grant take a deep breath before he positioned himself behind me and model nymphet pic I
felt the tip of his cock at my entrance waiting there."Push in thin teen nymphet sites
gently," I said softly as I pushed out, having read that in the
past.His head popped in through my ring and I gasped at the sensation.Grant young nymphet pedo pics looked alarmed, but I shot him a reassuring look."It's ok, we're taking it slow Grant," I said. The poor guy looked
terrified of hurting me."Give me time to adjust and move forward when I tell you to," I said
licking my lips and he nodded.It took about ten minutes overall for me to get adjusted to the stretched
and full feeling whenever he sank more of himself into me.There was some pain as this was the first time I ever had something up in
there, but it was a dull burning and throbbing, but nothing horribly bad."Are you ok?" he breathed out once his balls tapped my ass.I nodded and felt myself sweating, "Yeah, it's not so bad."I smiled at him once I finally felt ready for him to move."Ok Grant, make love to me," I said my hands moving up his hard stomach to
his chest where I gently massaged his nipples.Grant sighed and moaned, "Pete, I love you," he murmured as he took himself
out and then pushed back in slowly.That was the tempo of our lovemaking, long and slow.It soon got faster though as I got more relaxed and stretched out while he
got more into it.I couldn't stop moaning as he continually rubbed against my prostate.I looked down and saw my hard leaking cock bouncing around as our bodies
moved together.I gasped and breathed heavily, gripping his forearms which were tensed as
he supported his weight above me."God, Grant, you're making me feel so good," I whispered as my eyes rolled
back and I moved my head along the pillow.I could feel every exhalation of Grant's breath as he went in and out of
me, his thrusts still long, but harder and faster.I gritted my teeth and I'm sure my nails were digging into Grant's flesh as
he hit my prostate over and over again with more insistence."Oh god, I'm gonna," I asian nymphets biz started but didn't get to finish my sentence as my
words got caught in my throat as my body tensed and I felt my orgasm
rippled through my groin to my abdomen."Fuck!" I groaned as I felt my hot fluid shoot out of my cock and land onto
Grant's chest."Pete," he whimpered and from the way his body suddenly tensed, I knew he
was cumming."Pete!" he shouted as his hips thrust into me one last time and he gripped
my hips tightly, holding onto me.I watched through a daze as he threw his head back, his mouth open, gasping
for air, his tan skin coated with sweat.His eyes shut tightly as he cried out and moaned in pleasure, his blond
curls matted against his forehead.I felt the burst of heat in my ass and smiled, rubbing Grant's hips as I
waited for him to come down from his orgasm.He was perched over me still with his eyes still closed and he was
breathing hard. Gradually, I watched as his breathing became normal again
and his eyes slowly fluttered open.I smiled at him and caressed his face when I saw the beautiful blue shade."Pete," he breathed out looking at me, smiling slightly, "That was," he
paused, "Wow, that was just amazing."I chuckled, "Yeah, well, I thought so too."He grinned and began to laugh quietly. He leaned down and pecked my lips,
"I love you Peter Liu."I rubbed my nose against his, "I love you Grant Williams."Grant kissed me lightly and our tongues swirled gently little nymphets strawberry before he pulled
back."My turn now?" he asked his eyes sparkling.I laughed and pecked his lips, "Sure thing, beautiful."He eased his cock out of my ass slowly and I grimaced when I felt him leave
me. My hole felt wide and gaping and I missed the tight full feeling.Grant took my place on the bed and looked up at me lovingly."Let's just make out a bit, ok?" I asked, "I need to recover before I can
get it up."Grant burst out laughing and grabbed my face, immediately sticking his
tongue in my mouth.
When I made love to Grant, I was just as careful and gentle as he was with
me. I went slow and made sure he as ready for whatever I did next.I didn't want to hurt him either.He seemed to enjoy it and after we both came for the second time that
evening, I had to force him to get up.We couldn't risk falling asleep and getting woken up by the Ryerson's or
worse, Blair. It just wouldn't work.Grant looked disappointed that we couldn't cuddle but he understood my
reasoning."Can we take a shower together at least?" he asked hopefully, his eyes
wide.I laughed and kissed him holding his neck tightly."Of course," I said and I helped him off the bed.Nothing naughty went on during our shower. We nude nymphets 12 yo actually rinsed off and
washed our hair and bodies, but we cleaned one another and did it slowly
and sensually, lovingly, like lovers.And don't forget the kisses and soft touches.I enjoyed every minute of that shower.It was amusing to watch him get dressed, considering I ripped little nymphetts his shirt."Sorry about that, you know, the heat of the moment," I said sheepishly.Grant grinned and leaned down, kissing me softly, "It's ok Pete. I'm
flattered that you had to rip my clothes off my body. I must be that hot.""Indeed you are," I said returning his kiss."I'll just borrow one of Blair's shirts," he said walking through the
bathroom to get to Blair's room.When he emerged again he had on a white shirt, buttoned up."I guess I should get going, so I don't look suspicious," he said looking
downcast again.I walked up to him and hugged him, enjoying the warmth of his chest and his
strong arms wrapped around me."I have to find Blair at the hotel we're staying at, otherwise I'll never
hear the end of it," he added.I nodded, my face pressed against his chest.He kissed my neck, then my cheek, then my lips, "I love you, Pete.""I love you, too."I walked down stairs and out the front door and then to his car.I watched as he drove out of my street and out of sight.Then I slowly moved back into the house, as if in a trance, making it to my
room.I looked at my suitcases for a bit and then I kicked them, half out of
sadness and the other out of angry frustration.Then I looked down at the tangled sheets on my bed and I jumped onto it.I lay there, breathing in the smell of sex; a mixture of Grant's scent and
mine.I inhaled it, trying to imprint the smell in my mind.The sense of smell is supposedly the strongest sense out of all kiddy nude nymphets five of
them. It has the best memory trigger.I couldn't believe I was leaving.I couldn't believe I had actually fallen in love with someone from Texas no
less.I couldn't believe how much it hurt to leave behind my first love.I couldn't believe the turn of events of my young 18 year old life.*****************
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