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Subject: New Story - "TURN OVER" by MM (m/m)
Date: 3 Sep 1996 23:52:48 GMTWARNING: The following text contains scenes of textual nudity and graphic
sex between consenting adult males. If you are offended by such material,
or are under the legal age of consent to read such material, please do not
read any further. All persons and events depicted in the following story
are entirely ficticious. Any resemblance to littl models nymphets those living or dead is
purely coincidental. * * * "TURN OVER"
By Mikey Mark* * * One of the best sexual experiences that I ever had was with a
quiet young blond guy that I met in a bar a few years ago. I pretty little nymphets
was about
twenty-five years old at the time, working 9to5 and living in a small
bachelor apartment in the downtown core of a major city. Friday nights
I would meet with my regular friends my little sisters nymphets for a few beers and to shoot some
pool. nymphet bbs post
Saturday nights, being single, I would go out to the gay bars. One such Saturday night I was feeling rather confident. I had
just cleaned my apartment and model nymphet ukranian stocked up with food, liquor and other
essentials. I had purchased some cool new clothes only the week before
and had just washed them so they were ready to be worn. Thus attired,
I nymphet model mania
went out to the local gay dance club. I ran into a few friends there, we danced and naked nymphet bbs
talked for a while.
Then I noticed a cute young guy standing alone in the corner looking
very bored. A few words for my friends, along with a raised eyebrow or
two, and I was off. black nymphets I went to nymphet cunny
the bar next to the boy, turned to look at him and
smiled. From a distance of about ten feet I offered to buy him a beer.
He screwed up his face by closing one eye and tilted his head to look
at me before accepting. With the beers in hand I joined him in the
corner and introduced myself. His name nude nymphet model was David. He was rather quiet and difficult to get to talk, sticking to one
word responses to everything I said. Nevertheless, he didn't seem to
mind my company, and he turned out to be rather cute upon closer
inspection. little nymphets art gallery He was about 5'9" tall, a few inches shorter than myself,
and quite skinny. Probably weighed no more than 140 pounds. He had
shoulder length dirty blond hair, blue eyes and galleries nymphets arina black eyebrows nymphets younger that
contrasted with his hair. He looked hairless nymphet pic to be about seventeen years old,
but I assumed he was 19 since he had gotten past the bouncers. After a couple of beers I was emboldened to invite the silent boy
over to my apartment for a drink. To my surprise, bbs model nymphet the boy responded
"sure" accented with a shrug of the shoulders and a squint. We
finished off our beers and left. It was only a couple of blocks to my
apartment and the boy followed along silently, not inquiring at all as
to where I was leading him. I remember getting very excited as we
walked along beauty dream nymphets
silently. I was leading a shy young passive teenage boy
home to my apartment. I thought I was going to fuck this boy. Little
did I know. Once inside my apartment, after he had accepted a beer and a new pixx nymphets B-52
shooter, I managed to get a rather sexy smile out of him when I chided
him about only saying only one word at a time. I didn't care, he was
young and cute and skinny and smooth and tanned and I wanted to fuck
him. He smiled as though he read my thoughts. Emboldened by his passiveness, I sat down beside him on the couch
and touched his legs. He smiled at me and hid his face with his long
hair and spread his legs a bit wider. I rubbed the inside of his
thighs through the denim of his baggy jeans. It didn't take me very
long to find his erection. When I did, the boy just moaned and began
to lay back on the couch. If that wasn't an invitation to suck his
cock, I don't know what is. pretenn nymphs
I got off of the couch and got down between his knees. I undid
the buckle of his thick black leather belt, then the little nymphets desires button and fly
of his stylishly baggy blue jeans. He had plain white underwear and a
nice thick cock pointing real nymphets no links up towards his hip. I rubbed it a few times before
pealing back lebian nymphet kid the elastic band to reveal arina bbs nymphets a beautiful thick bullet shaped
circumcised cock. Once I had it standing straight up in my hands I
estimated it to be about seven and half, maybe eight inches long. As I
said, David's dick was bullet shaped so naked nymphets underage it made going down rather easy.
The head wasn't that large, but by the time you got half of the way down
his shaft it was almost two inches thick! I lovingly sucked away on this boy's beautiful prick until I thought
he was going to cum. Then I stopped and asked him if he would like to
go to the bedroom. He merely nodded his head and stood up, pulling up
his pants and stuffing his hard cock back into his underwear. He followed me into the bedroom where I proceeded to undress him.
David was lsland bbs nymphet obviously either a nervous virgin or he wanted me to think he
was. Either way, little nymphets photos
it suited my purpose. I wanted to fuck him and he
seemed willing. Once I had him naked, I admired his slim boyish build
and smooth tanned skin. He had a distinct black bush of pubic hair at
the base of his huge prick and practically no other body hair. He laid
back on the bed silently and watched me remove my clothes. Once I was naked, I climbed onto the bed and laid down beside the
boy. We immediately began to kiss and caress each other's body. He
tasted very sweet and yielded to my tongue. I climbed on top of him
and rubbed our dicks together. I loomed above him, bigger, taller and
darker, nymphets srx though the sexy passive boy did have a bigger cock. That
didn't matter, I wanted to fuck him and he seemed to want it. We rolled over and the boy took the first initiative since I had
met him. He began to work his way obediently down to my raging
hardon. Once there the boy began to suck on my dick and played with my
balls. He wasn't as inexperienced as he seemed. It didn't take him
long to bring me close before he copied my earlier tactic of stopping
before I came. Then he moved delicately down to my balls and began to
lick them nymphets model legal
in earnest. My head was spinning, I absolutely love having
my balls licked. Lost in the pleasure of his tongue, I didn't realize that David
had both of my knees raised and his tongue was getting ever closer to
my ass. When he stuck his tongue out and licked my asshole I nearly
freaked out. I couldn't believe that this young guy was trying to
stick his tongue up my asshole. That is when I heard him say, "turn
over". Two words! The most he said forum schoolgirl nymphets all night! I could hardly believe
it, but I did what he told me to do. I rolled over. The boy had
pushed the magic button. q nymphet models Lick my balls, then lick my ass, and I am in
heaven. To my utter delight the boy kneeled down between my legs and
spread the cheeks of my ass wide open and proceeded to give me a serious
rimjob. It was fantastic. I was moaning away in nymphet nude pussy
complete bliss as the
boy worked over my ass. I squirmed when he pulled his wet tongue away
and teased my asshole with his probing fingers. When I felt him lay down on my back and began breathing into my
ear, I nymphette little nude
knew the boy was going to fuck me. He had spit on his cock and
the head of it was probing the crack of my ass. When he stuck his tongue
in my ear, I completely lost it and gave in to him. I sprawled out nude russian nymphet and
spread my legs for him. He pulled back from me and spit directly onto my
asshole. It felt really weird but it nunde nymphet
also excited me more. It was so
very crude. Then he laid down on top of me again and slid his spit-slick bullet
dick into my ass. I silently screamed into my pillow as his thick cock
made its way deep inside me, but I didn't resist. The boy knew what he
was doing. I could not resist. I wanted him to fuck me. I resigned
myself to my fate. Despite his obvious experience, his certain ukrainian nymphets top list youth prevailed, and
it did not take David very long before his breathing increased along
with the rhythm of his thrusts. My asshole had relaxed and I was
beginning to match his thrusts. When I thought him getting close I
pushed back until he was fucking me doggy-style. He fucked me like
that, hard and fast for a couple of minutes more and then with a deep
and wicked final thrust, he shoved his dick in all the way to the max
and collapsed upon me, filling my ass with his orgasm. I could only lay there, enjoying the sensation of his light sweaty
frame upon my back and his still hard dick up my now well greased ass.
I could feel his dick slipping around a bit, lubricated with his own
jism. He kissed free nymphet models pictures my ear and got up off the bed. I rolled over to
watch his cute little butt disappear into the washroom. When naughty nymphets David came out of the washroom, I noticed that he had photo nymphette youngs teens
his long hair. He looked beautiful and angelic with his smile and
still half hard cock. I still wanted to fuck him. I had not come yet
so I was still horny. When he sat down on the bed I reached up to give him a massage.
He obediently laid down on his stomach and allowed me to give him a
thorough going over. Needless to say, it did not take me very long to
find this beautiful little rosebud. I slid my tongue in his hole as I
massaged the cheeks of his small round butt. He loved it. I felt my
own erection and began to moisten it. I copied the boy's technique and
spit on his asshole. lil nymphetes He illegal little nymphets squirmed nymphet star nude like wild when I stuck my wet finger
up his ass. Once I had my dick all slicked up I aimed it straight at
his nasty nude nymphets puckered little hole and slid it in. Again, I was certain that this boy was not a virgin. I encountered
no resistance as I mounted him all the way. I went slowly at galleries of nymphet first,
but then began to increase my pace. As I went faster and harder, the
boy still showed no resistance or sign of pain, so I began to really let
him have it. I was rewarded with a single word, "yessssssssss" when
I got to the height of my frenzy and began to explode. toplist nymphets vagina I tried to shoot
each thrust of my orgasm deeper inside him. Once I had finished, I
laid down upon him and began to lick his ear. He smiled at me and
we fell asleep like that. I was awakened around dawn to the experience of getting fucked.
David had obviously awakened before me and had taken the opportunity to
relieve a morning erection. It was one of the strangest experiences of
my life. Waking up because russian wild nymphet there is a big thick cock sliding in and
out of your ass is an almost indescribable sensation. I laid there,
and took his all too quick nymphettes nudes
orgasm up the ass. After he came, with his
dick still inside me, David reached around and jacked me off quickly
and efficiently. I don't think I really woke up. I just got fucked
and jacked off and fell back asleep. Some time later, we finally both woke up and to my astonishment,
David again had an erection. I asked him if privat nymphets models he was always this horny,
but he just shrugged and began playing with his dick. I leaned over
and took him into my mouth. David however, had other plans. I could feel
him leaning around me trying to stick his wet finger up my ass. He
made no mistake erotic nymphetes
about. He wanted to fuck me again. I couldn't believe
it. His finger worked my tender asshole impatiently while I tried to
swallow his morning hardon. This boy was one seriously horny little fucker! When I lifted my
mouth models girls nymphet from his glisteningly beautiful dick he smiled at me and
immediately climbed between my legs. I just surrendered and allowed
the child nymphets boy to lift my knees and pin them back to my shoulders. It
surprised me how strong the boy was. This time I was able to watch him
when he leaned over to spit on my asshole. I don't know why, but it really
turned me on! With a second gob of spit on his dick, he skilfully planted
his dick into me yet again and proceeded to fuck me silly. I was probably babbling like an idiot, but all I know is that it
was one of the best fucks of my life and I remember actually asking him
to fuck me harder and harder. Sweet blond David did what he was told
and gave me the ride of my life. He fucked like a rabbit. All hunched
over and going for speed. When he finally blew his load, we were both
covered in sweat, and I was jacking myself off deliriously. After a shower and breakfast, David left. But before he did, he
wrote his phone number down on a pad of paper. I crawled back into bed
to rest my weary body. Shy little blond David wasn't so passive nymphets pics gallery after
all!End of file.
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