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From: Chris G
Subject: turnabout-two-eightHere is the eighth chapter of the second series of Turnabout. The preceding
series, plus all the previous chapters of this series are on the Nifty
Archive (to whom much thanks).-Eight-"Joshua, I need a few words with you."Josh and I had just come crashing through his lttle russian nymphets front door, both still
totally foolish from our session at the park and the little nymphet galley astounding discovery
that the two of us freeyoung nymphets had been operating with the same intent on our two
love-sick admirers. His father's voice brought us to a quick and painful
halt.There it was again. "Joshua". The use of that name boded no good. Josh
turned slowly to me and said, "David, just go on down to my room. I'll be
there in a few."I nodded and moved away without saying anything. Josh went up to his father
who was standing in the door of his study. I went into Josh's room and
flopped nymphets nude model down onto the beanbag, my favorite place. I picked up the remote
and started idly flipping through the satellite channels. So many beautiful non nude nymphette choices,
so little to see. What was going on between the two of them was all I could
think about. The images and sounds being presented to me had a hard time
making it through.The door opened and Josh came in. Well, he did, but how to describe it? It
was naked nymphets forum downloads kind of like a cross between one guy on his way to the execution
chamber and another guy about to set out on a search and destroy
mission. I'd never seen two so contrary emotions combined in one person."What's up?" was all I could muster by way of a greeting."The game, I think," was Josh's teeth-clenched reply."Huh?""Debbie called Dad.""Oh.""Yup.""And she said...?""Oh, she said quite a lot, I guess." Josh was so worked up he hadn't come
to a stop since he'd entered the room. His feet must have covered every
square inch of the floor that wasn't occupied by something. He was moving
fast, and wasn't showing any sign yet of slowing down. "Yeah, a lot. Thing
is, the way Dad was talking to me, I think she must have lost her nerve or
something. I mean, about saying nymphet ring anything straight out. The clearest thing
she was saying was that you were interfering in her relationship with me.""Wow. What did you baby rompl nymphets
say to that?""I said, 'What relationship?' And he started in on me about how important
it was for me to have a connection with 'some suitable girl'. And I asked
him what made Debbie so suitable. Of course, he started going on about
social position and all that crap..."He still hadn't stopped. I was afraid to interfere with him. It was as
though if I stopped him, he'd explode or something. I confined free nymphet models myself to
prompting, "And...?""I lost it. I said, if she's all that suitable how come she doesn't behave
any better. And he asked what that meant. So I... I told him what happened
at the party she'd invited me to.">From his hesitation, I immediately realized how much it had cost Josh to
tell his father that. The kind of revulsion he'd felt to Debbie's moves I
could understand, but I wondered if his dad could. I had nymphet free russian
to know. "So, how
did he react?"Josh finally stopped his pacing and stood staring out the window, his back
to me. "He asked me what was so wrong with that." The babble of the TV was
all that was left in the room. I killed the system, and heaved myself up to
go stand behind Josh. I put my hands gently on his shoulders, nothing
more. I didn't say anything. I just offered my presence.I don't know nymphets bbs portal how long we stood there, silent. Josh's body russian nymphet nudist started to
tremble. "He was laughing, David. He was laughing in that kind of
lecherous, old-guy way. You know, like that Monty Python "nudge-nudge,
wink-wink, say-no-more" thing. He thought it was really cool!" Josh went
on, his voice filled with disgust. "I was so mad I couldn't even say
anything nymphets incest bbs pedo
for a while. And then I just turned around and walked out without
a word."He continued to stare out the window, without saying anything more. His
hands started to clench and unclench themselves. He was obviously working
up to something. His breath started teen nymphet pictures
to come more rapidly. It was as though
he were getting ready to incest porn petite nymphets
do some really difficult move, like in gymnastics
or something. Suddenly he spun and grabbed me by the shoulders."David, how much do you love me?"I gabbled. God help me, I stood there and sputtered for what seemed free young nymphet like
minutes on end, but which was probably no more than seconds. But I failed
him. When he needed me, I failed him. His hands dropped and his face,
which had had a determined, almost severe look, fell. He went over to the
beanbag and just dropped into it.All right David, you stupid fuck-up, ukraine nymphets porn now go and fix this. And get it right!
I went over and knelt young nymphets sex beside him. No useless excuses were going to work
here. Go straight to the issue. "Josh," I said, putting a nymphette 3d firm grip on his
bicep, "what do you want to do? Whatever it is, I'm with you."He looked up at me, then put both arms around me and pulled me down onto
him. naked nymphets toplist girls
His cheek rested against mine as I buried my head in his
shoulder. "Oh, God, David! I'm sorry I did that to you! Only a couple of
days and I'm putting all this pressure on you..."I pulled back a little. "Josh," I said, and looked square into his eyes,
"you know I love you. How much is not an issue. I just... love you. Now,
what do we do?"He teared up. I put both thumbs gently under his eyes and brushed the tears
away. "It's you and me, man. All the way," I nymphette teens
whispered and kissed him once,
gently.He pulled me into a bear hug and then lightened the hold. "I want us to
talk to Mom."I let that sink in a moment, and then said, "You mean, about us." A
statement, not a question.He hesitated just for a second. "Yeah.""OK."He pushed me up so that he could look me in the eyes. "OK? Just like that?""OK. Just like that.""Wow," he breathed."Now," I said, trying to sound almost business-like, "what do we do after
that?"He hesitated longer this time. "Dad.""Ohhhh, man," I whispered. Then I gave my head a shake and went on. "You're
thinking that if we can get your Mom on side, she'll help take care of your
Dad?""You got it. Thing is, David," he said, pushing me up and way, and then
getting up himself, "thing is, I've got to get him off me. This whole
social-position, right-girl, right-job crap has just got to stop. It's not
me. It's not who I am." He started pacing the room again, looking prettens pedo nymphet more like
a caged tiger than before. "He's got to understand that.""So basically you're going to throw your being gay in his face?"That stopped the pacing. He turned toward me. "You say that as though you
don't think it's a good idea.""Oh, I think it would work, all right," I said. "But are you prepared for
the other consequences?""What other consequences?""Look, you want young nymphet russia
to be your own man, do your own thing, get out from under
his thumb, right?""Yeah.""OK, so why complicate that with a side issue?""Being gay is a SIDE ISSUE?" His voice actually broke it went so high."To the thing between you two right now it is.""So how do I explain how I reacted when nymphet in diapers he thought pretty little nymphet Debbie groping me was
way OK?""Maybe that you have taste and he doesn't."Josh snorted with laughter. "Yeah! That'd take him down a notch! I like
it!" He sobered up quickly. "Man, I just don't know what to do! I have to
get him off my nymphets nude video
back!" It was becoming a mantra."Look, Josh. I think talking to your mother is a good idea. I think we can
pretty well count on her to be cool with all the stuff about us. little nymphets fucking Let's talk
to her, the sooner the better. But let's ask her what to do about your
Dad. How about that?""David, you've done it again. Man, nymphets webcam 14 without you I'm never going to be able
to get through life."I went up to him and put my arms around him. "And I believe more strongly
every day that I'll never be able to get through life without you."We stood there for I don't know how much longer, just nuzzling each
other. If you've been in love with someone, you'll know what I mean. If I
put it down in words, what we were actually doing to each other I mean, it
would just look so stupid. About the closest thing you could compare it to
would be two animals getting used to each other's scent or whatever it is
they do when they're socializing. young model nymphets
Sounds kind of like those nature shows
when you put it like that, but that's actually what it makes me think of.Anyway, we finally let go of each other and set out to find
Mrs. Barrett. Josh started looking kind of spooked the moment he set foot
outside his door, but we made it to the front door without incident. No
sign of his Dad. He figured his mother would be in her suite of offices
over the big garage building, and he was right. We took the set of outside
stairs up to the second small nymphets nude level, and as we climbed we could hear her voice,
obviously speaking to someone on the phone.We walked into her office as quietly as possible so as not to disturb her
conversation. She swiveled around in her chair and gave Josh and me a
cheery wave, then made a grimace of distaste and that 'yak-yak-yak' motion
with her hand and actually pulled the phone well away from her ear before
bringing it back. We grinned at her and then at each other. She started
making that circular motion with her hand, seemingly to encourage the other
person to get to the point. It was one of those demonstrations of the fact
that it's sometimes a good thing that video phones are still a very rare
feature."Yes, I'm sure that would be lovely." Mrs. Barrett had finally gotten a
chance to speak, and she didn't waste it. "You know, we should talk about
this some more, but I've just had some people come in I absolutely must
deal with right away. Listen, I'll give you a call and maybe we can get
together for lunch and have a chance for a really thorough discussion. All
right? Fine. Goodbye!"She hung up and leaned back dramatically. "Finally! I thought I'd never get
her off the phone! Thank barely legal underage nymphet you so much for coming to my rescue so I didn't
have to outright lie to her!"Josh seemed a little tongue-tied, so I answered for him. "You're very
welcome, Mrs. Barrett. I know what that sort of thing is like from watching
my parents deal with customers. When they're home, I mean."That last sentence came out in a way that made Mrs. Barrett's eyebrows pull
down, removing the laughter from her face. "David, it really pains me to
think that your parents ignore you as much as they do. Josh, do you feel
that way about your father and me?""Absolutely not!" he answered right away. And you could tell he meant
it. "You're always there when I need you. And, I really need you right
now," he rushed on. You could tell that tgp nymphets movies he'd been really nervous about how
to start things going, and underground nymphet gallery he'd seized the opening like a drowning man
grabbing a life jacket. When he said, "I really need you right now," the
'you' came out with very heavy emphasis."This sounds serious," said his mom. "You'd better grab some chairs and sit
down."We moved a couple of chairs up close to her desk, and Mrs. Barrett wheeled
hers out from behind it so that we were all sitting together quite
closely. "Now, what's all this about, Josh?""Well, mom, it's about... I mean, I haven't been feeling... Well, it's
really this thing with Dad... but, before that... God, I can't do this!"
His hands were pics of nymphets clenching the sides of his chair. "I don't know how to do
this!"His mother reached out and stroked his arm, then took both his hands in
hers. "Don't try so hard, Josh. It's probably complicated, but we can sort
it out. Just try this: what's the most important thing that you want to
tell me?"Josh took a quick look over at me, then looked back at his mother. He
swallowed. I saw his hands tighten around hers. His mouth opened, then
shut. His gaze dropped to the floor. He tried again to speak, choked a
little, and then said very quietly, "I love David."I was frozen in place. I mean, sure, this is what we had come to talk
about. I just don't know if I'd have come at it quite that plainly quite
that fast. Josh had been saying that I was the direct one, but he sure put
me to shame with that move.Mrs. Barrett didn't say anything right away. Josh was still gripping her
hands tightly, still looking down at the floor. I could see her tightening
her grip to match his. Without removing her gaze from him, she said, just
as quietly as he had, and very slowly, "Josh, do you truly mean that?"That made Josh look up. He'd kind of hunched down when he'd made his first
statement but under his mother's gaze, which was at the moment completely
open, without showing any kind of reaction at all, he straightened his back
and took a very large breath. "Yes, I do really mean that. David has been
the best thing that's happened to me in a long time."She nodded slowly. "Yes, I understand. I've been thinking the same thing
myself." At that, Josh's gaze slid over to me. He looked a little startled.Mrs. Barrett's gaze also swung to me. "And how about nymphet panty pictures you, David? What do
you feel about my son?"Her saying "my son" that way kind of unnerved me a little. I started
thinking about mother tigers and stuff like that. You know, that protective
instinct and how mother animals will protect nubile little nymphet
their cubs... Why I was on
this animal kick all of a sudden, I don't know. But that's just what I was
thinking."Well," I started, and then choked. While I was clearing that up, I thought
about how Josh had just dived in, and figured I might as well too. I didn't
want to let him down again. "Mrs. Barrett, I love your son very much. It's
been a real surprise to me just how much, because until a few days ago I
had no idea really what love was. And now I've found out."Josh's attention was fully on me the moment I started to speak, and by the
time I was finished and snuck a peek at him, his eyes were
shining. Mrs. Barrett spotted it too."David, I have to thank you again for what you've done for Josh. You know,"
she said, transferring her gaze back to him, "I've been very worried about
you for some time now. I just didn't know how to start finding out what was
going on. And just maybe you wouldn't have known how to tell me. But... you
mentioned your father, Josh. What does he have to do with this?"With attention diverted from our mutual declaration of love, Josh had no
trouble unloading all his troubles over his father's attitude toward
him. He went through all his pressuring about status, the right everything,
and then, with only a little hesitation, the incident with Debbie and his
father's latest conversation with him.As his recital wound down, Mrs. Barrett's eyebrows were again pulling down
into the "very disturbed" position."I thought that might be what it was. I've been noticing a few things over
the past little while, but that business with Debbie really bothers me. I
wish you'd come to me when that happened, Josh.""Well, I wanted to, mom, but it was kind of embarrassing and
everything... and I really didn't know if you would react the same way.""Well, you needn't worry about that now. I definitely do not agree with
tactics such as that, nor the kind of attitudes that lead to them. And if I
had that young lady here right now..."Just what I was wishing. What I wouldn't have given to see Debbie being
reduced to a puddle by Mrs. Barrett. She would be more than a match for
Debbie's snooty little bitch persona."David," she continued, "we've been leaving you out. As a person newly on
the scene in all this, what's your thinking?"I was momentarily flustered. Me? What I thought? After some initial
scrambling, I came up with what Josh and I had been talking about just
before we'd set out to find her. "So you see, with Josh feeling the way he
does about his father, which goes back for such a long time, I think it
might be better not to hit him with the news about... about us, right
off. Better to nymphettes sex fix the other problem first, if it's possible. And wait a
while before letting him know the rest. If possible. I mean, you never
know. If Debbie thinks she knows something, and gets desperate enough..."Mrs. Barrett was nodding slowly again. "David, I think you're right on the
money with this one. Josh, you and I are going to have a talk with your
father. And the sooner the better. This nonsense has got to nymphets gallery forum stop." Turning
to me, she said, "Mr. Barrett is ls model nymphets
really a decent man. But his father put
some of these ideas into his head when he was about Josh's age, and it's
pretty hard to shake off the years he's spent thinking that way. I've tried
to tone him down when he's made them obvious, but I think the time has come
for him to realize that his son's happiness comes first. As for Miss
Deborah Harkins... well, just leave her to me." And her mouth set into a
grim line.When I saw that, I made a mental note to be sure I got my tickets, front
row center, for the performance. There was no way I wanted to miss that
one.Josh got up and hugged his mother until she squawked a protest. She patted
his cheek and told him not to worry any more. "We'll get this settled, the
three of us. And don't be afraid to speak your mind when you do. It's your
life, and you've got to live it for yourself the best way you know how. And
David, I can't thank you enough for coming into Josh's life this way. As I
said to you before, it's just as though you've brought him back to me." She
actually teared up at that, and impulsively threw her arms around me and
hugged me. I hesitated only a moment, and hugged her right back.Then I let go, and threw my arm over Josh's shoulder, putting him into a
headlock. He flailed, and Mrs. Barrett called a halt. "Get out of my
office, you two, before you wreck the nymphet lollita place. Actually, David, it might be
best if you went home now so Josh and I can get this issue solved as
quickly as possible."* * * * *I'd told Josh not to bother driving me home, that he should stay back and
get himself psyched up for the talk with his Dad which, given his mother's
drive, nymphets movies pass would be happening very soon. I was totally psyched about what had
just taken place, and after Josh and I had hit ground level I'd yanked him
into the nearby trees for some more enthusiastic discussion. Well,
no. Actually, some more enthusiastic necking. I left sandra nymphet
him with a big smile
on his face and I more or less floated down the drive and came to at the
bus stop about a mile nymphet tween away from his place.I did remember to come out of my daydream in time to get off the bus at the
stop closest to my place, and came up the sidewalk toward my house
whistling and generally carrying on as though absolutely nothing could be
considered wrong or even doubtful in my world. I turned into my driveway
and looked up toward the house. Sitting on the steps going up to the front
door was Stu.Debbie, Stu. Debbie, Stu. It seemed as though every time we had to deal
with one, the other popped up. It made me think that we were going to have
to get one or the other of these guys out of our hair before they drove us
nuts, or worse. Oh well, into the fray."Good afternoon, Stuart." I decided to go the formal route. "To what do I
owe the pleasure of teem nymphets
your visit?""Knock it off, Preston. You and me's gotta have a talk."I winced at the ungrammatical presentation of his statement. OK, I'm a nut
about clear, precise communication. Sue me already."And what are we going to talk about?""Me and Josh.""And exactly where do I come into this?" Of course, I pretty well knew the
answer to that. But it's always safest, when you've got something to
protect, not to say too much or even to assume to much. Let the other guy
do most of the talking, is my rule."You know." Of course, the above rule doesn't work that great if the other
guy doesn't want to talk."Maybe I do, maybe I don't. Explain it to me." I've never played tennis,
but I think it's gotta be pretty much like this."What did you do to him?" A pretty fair forehand smash, that one."Stuart, anything that's happened with Josh he's done for himself." A soft
lob back. I didn't want to beat him too badly because I needed him for
Will. Yeah, I hoped."Yeah, but it all happened since you've been around, and it's happened
pretty fast.""So just what is it you think I've done?""Listen, man, stop jerking me around! You think you're such a smartass! I'm
going to knock you on your ass if you don't watch your nymphetpussies
smart mouth!""Ok, Stu. You probably could. Easily, in fact." He was certainly taller and
bulkier than me. "And once you did that, what would it get you?"He glared at me for a few seconds, and then it seemed as though someone child little nymphets had
pulled the stopper out of him, and he just deflated. With the last of the
air coming out was a breathy "Fuck!" But it had no life to it. It was like
a dying gasp. He stared at me a few seconds longer and then moved off the
steps and started slowly down the driveway.This was definitely underage innocent nymphets
not what I wanted. I free innocente nymphette called after him. "Stu! Wait!" He
just kept moving. I got brave. I ran up behind him and grabbed his arm.He swung around. "What?" he demanded."Stu, talk to me. Tell me what's bothering you. Maybe we can fix it."He stood looking at me, not saying anything. I decided to really try with
him. "Look, man, let's stop pushing each other, ok? I want to help
you. Really. Listen, come on inside." I could see him starting to waver,
and repeated, "Come on."He started to move back up the drive, and I fell in beside him. Inside, I
offered him something to drink. We went into the living room with our
glasses and flopped side by side illegal free nymphets
on the couch. I started in with my usual
directness. From the way he'd behaved in the cafeteria, I figured he'd like
that approach."Right, Stu. What's bothering you?""Josh was my friend Now he isn't.""Umm, Stu...""Yeah, I know what Josh said in the cafeteria. He's wrong. Look, Dave, me
and Josh were close. I don't care what he says now. We were close. We were
buds. We were together all the time. Now we're not. Ever since you came
along. You did young nymphet com
something to him. I wanna know what."Which put the ball squarely back on my side of the net, and I had to return
it. Somehow. I took a big breath. "Stu, all I can tell you is that I'm not
sure what I've done to Josh. I'd seen him around ever since I started in
that school, but the first time I'd ever talked to him was that day I
flattened him in the hall. Then he started all that revenge shit when he
came back from suspension. You know about that, cause you were part of
it. One day I had enough. He and I... had a discussion. I don't know. I
guess he saw the error of his ways. We moved past all the crap. If I did
anything to him, I guess that was it."Stu had listened with his head down, staring at the floor. I don't know
whether I'd talked too long or not, but when I'd finished, he was right
back with his answer. "There's got to be a whole lot more to it than
that. What you just said doesn't explain the way you two are now."Uh-oh. "What do you mean, the way we are now?""I've been watching you the last couple of days. You probably didn't
notice, but I wanted to know just what was going on, why Josh was so
different all of a sudden. I've noticed some stuff."Real big uh-oh."And I think I know what's really going on."
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