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From: Chris G
Subject: turnabout part 5The following story contains scenes of sex (and yes, even love!) between young
males. If this comes as a surprise to you, I can't even begin to imagine what
you are doing here. My hope is that you will enjoy my story, and that you will
let me know what you think at cgalt08yahoo.caTurnabout -FIVE-The big day had arrived. Otherwise known as The Return of Josh Barrett, Big
Man on Campus. This event had me more than a little worked up. Somehow, I
couldn't reconcile the two opposites. I mean, why should photo nonnude nymphet flattening the
BMOC in the hall in full view of his coterie of admirers, toadies,
yes-persons and general hangers-on be such a big deal for someone like me
who was so totally out of the social scene? And along with that, the image
that had seared through my mind just before Will had crashed through my
bedroom door: Josh's steaming hot prong just about to push through my lips.I'd called Will the night before to see if he could help me through
this. Not that I said anything about the second of these two
incomprehensible pieces of the puzzle, of course. I just put it to him that
there would be some sort of scene, and that I'd be the focus of it."Davy, you're obsessing!" came back Will's calm, reassuring voice.That word 'obsessing' had far too much to do with the second, unconfessed
piece. Before I knew what I was saying, I snapped back, "Well, thanks! Easy
to see it's not you facing this!"There was a pained silence on the other end of the line. So much for the
new, improved David Preston. I could have almost cried in frustration."Will, babe, I'm sorry!" I whisper-screamed nymphets tgp into the phone. "This has got
to me big time and I really don't know why!" I semi-lied."Davy, man, just try to relax. I mean, what do you think he's going to do
to you?""Well, come on, you know what a big wheel he is. Just getting himself
knocked down like that in full nymphets ukrainian pictures view of everybody was bad enough, but to get
a three-day on top of it has really gotta hurt! There's gonna be some kind
of payback for sure!""Look, I'll be there with you all day long. I'll make sure he doesn't get
you into any dark corners."That immediately brought up images that had nothing to do with
punishment. I laika cp nymphet
thanked Will and said goodnight. I didn't tell him I loved
him. I lay in bed for hours before sleep came, thoughts of vengeance and
hot sex clashing and banging through my brain.So there I stood the next morning in front of the girl nymphet models
school's main doors,
taking a deep breath before going in. And there was no sign of Will, which
was unusual on most days and even more so now. I urged myself forward.No hint of anything in the lobby. I moved towards the stairs to the upper
floor, where my locker was located. No Josh. No Will. I still wasn't
breathing normally when I rounded the corner and saw him. Josh Barrett,
surrounded by his gang, stood right in front nymphet nudes tgp of my locker. The girls formed
sort of an outer perimeter, with the guys semi-circled around Josh, who was
lounging back against the locker door."Well, well, well!" drawled Josh, "look who's here!"The best I could manage was "Josh, I . . . stories nymphet I . . . I. . ."This stuttered opening was cut off by a short, sharp bark of laughter from
His Nibs, echoed at greater length pthc illegal nymphets by the supporting crowd."Well, is that all you . . . you . . . you . . . have to say for yourself?"
Josh mockingly inquired.By now, I could feel myself turning into my usual embarrassed, bright-red
lobster color, and my forbidden nymphet incest
eyes sank to my shoes and stayed there. I drew a deep
breath to steady myself, and, addressing my shoes, I said, "Josh, look. I'm
sorry for knocking you down, and nymphets little youngest pussy I'm even sorrier you got suspended."A hand shot out, grabbed my upper arm tightly, and yanked me
forward. Another hand clamped itself under my cheek bones and forced my
head up. I was eyeball to eyeball with Josh. "Oh, you're sorry
alright. You're just about the sorriest specimen this school has to offer."
The tittering which had begun with Josh's strong-arm tactics swelled in
volume at these remarks. "You're going nymphet nude galleries to go on being just as sorry as you
are now, and maybe nymphette photo freee we can find a way to make you even sorrier. We might
have to work real hard at doing it, but we'll try, won't we guys?" A chorus
of encouraging comments came immediately from everyone around us.Josh shoved me away from him, hard. I staggered backwards into one of the
guys. "Hey! Who you trying to knock down now, shithead?" He in turn
propelled me forwards into one of the other guys. He offered a variation on
the same comment, and before I knew it, they were having a game of
dodge-ball with me as the ball. I was starting to get seriously roughed up
from the action. Then . . ."Hey! What do you guys think you're doing?" It was Will. Oh great, I
thought. nymphets nude teacher Now he's in for it too."Well if it isn't Wee Willie Winkle!" Josh obviously remembered his nursery
rhymes. "You got a teen nymphets pedofilia pics problem?""Yeah, I got a problem, fuck face! And you're it." The gasp which rose from
the hangers-on was almost gratifyingly cliche. I youngest nymphets xxx had been abandoned
momentarily in a corner while everyone's attention was focused on Will. My
admiration of Will's daring was mixing with an alarming, sinking feeling as
I realized that there was no way he was going to get out of this. I opened
my mouth to try to pull their attention away from him, but I couldn't get
anything to come out.Will ls nymphet magazine
kept the initiative. "You know, those three days you were gone, it was
a lot easier to get around the halls. We weren't always slipping in all
that drool your toadies leave from trying to lick your ass!"My still-open mouth enlarged as my jaw dropped even lower. Josh's face
became a deeper shade of red. I had just enough brain power left to best nymphet pics notice
the toadies trying to figure out what 'toadies' meant.Will plowed on. "Man, it was like the nymphet 100 toplist night of the living dead around here,
though. These guys," he gestured dismissively at the toadies, the one
movement of his arm indicating how worthless they were in his estimation,
"were wandering around here with their knuckles dragging on the ground and
their nymphet masterbation mouths hanging open. . . just didn't know what to do with
themselves."It was a masterful performance. I'd rolled my eyes and made all sorts of
sarcastic comments when Will had gone in for that theater arts class at the
beginning of the year. It had obviously paid off.But what was also paying off, and not the way I would have wanted to see
it, was his barrage of put-downs. The 'toadies' had finally figured out who
he was talking about and were obviously just waiting for the signal from
Josh to start something. Honestly, it was just like looking at a pack of
hunting dogs.Josh finally got himself together. "You piece of shit!" he snarled, and
suddenly threw a fist into the pit of Will's stomach. I heard the air come
out of him, and the pack surged forward. I still cowered in the corner, my
paralysis complete. I figured Will was done like dinner until one of the
peripheral girls shrieked, "Teacher!" and the crowd evaporated.I too had been galvanized by the warning, and dragged the still-gasping
Will into the boys washroom which was just behind us. The door closed real nude nymphetssweet russian 6 nymphets as
the teacher passed by.Will leaned against the wall, now just breathing deeply, and rubbing his
injured abdomen. I leaned beside him, trying to get my head organized."I don't think you should have done that," I offered."No shit, Sherlock?" Will came back. He'd obviously been listening to me
too much, and it was starting to rub off. "What was I supposed to do? Stand
back and watch?""Well, jeez, Will, nymphet hq galleries how were you going to do anything with all that crowd?
Josh is young little nymphs
out for his pound of flesh, and he's going to get it.""He's trying to get it, but are we going to just cut it out of you and hand
it to him?" I noticed the 'we' and felt a warm glow through me. I laid a
hand on his shoulder in recognition of his support. Will turned slightly
toward me and copied my gesture, our bodies now linked by our hands on each
other's shoulders."We're in this together, bud. And, although he doesn't know it, Josh is the
reason we are together. I feel I owe it to nymphets boy the piece of dogshit to show my
appreciation.""Piece of dogshit," I repeated. "You know, that theater arts class is
paying off after all!" I told him, ls girl nymphets voicing my thought of just a few minutes
ago."See, I told you!" he replied, grinning at me rather dopily. He held my
gaze, his features softening into something altogether different than the
boyish clownface he had just shown me. His hand slid along my shoulder and
onto the back of my neck, pulling me forward. The next thing I knew, our
lips were locked together.The time and place nymphet model 14 years
vanished, and I was nowhere but in the strong grip of
his two arms. Each of us moaned at the same time, and the kiss became
fiercer, our tongues thrashing together with the nude schoolgirl nymphets passion that washed over
us. It slowly ebbed, and reality came back. Will pulled slightly away, and
then started landing little butterfly-kisses on my cheeks, my eyes, and
finally the tip of my nose."We're gonna be alright, guy. It'll be tough for awhile, but this will be
gone soon enough. You've got me with you all the way."I hugged him quickly, and we moved out of the washroom to nymphet nude free
start the day. As
we parted company, I was asking myself two things: What had I done to
deserve Will, and what was Josh going to nymphets nude moodel do next?*****It was a miserable week.The actual physical harassment which had been our introduction to it had
not reappeared, but in every other way Josh and the toadies (I loved Will's
word for them) made our lives as uncomfortable as they could. Will and I
had few classes in common, so we could only compare notes about what
happened during class time. Each of us was surrounded as we left one room
to go to another. Although this was no big deal in itself, as our school
provided little time between classes, the constant verbal buffeting was
kind of like a Chinese water torture. At any one time it was nothing much,
but the overall effect of the repetition each and every time we moved was
building things up to the point where we were starting to get acutely
paranoid.Lunch time was no better; in fact, worse. They sat all around us, and it
was like continuous shelling on a battlefield. Comments flew from all
sides, just an ongoing stream of abuse ukranian naked nymphets
expressed, I might add, in a very
limited vocabulary. Nonetheless, it all added up to a situation where we
were about ready to scream. Fortunately, there was a way gentle angels nymphets
out of that one:
Will and I decided after the second day to bag it, and from then on had
peaceful, intimate lunches hidden in the trees behind the school.Friday.I'd had it. Which was probably why, in gym class, the breaking point
came. Interestingly enough, all of my other classes featured none youngest nymphet pussy pics of Josh's
tribe. Gym class contained two of them, and the sad part of it was that
they were the two most pathetic. Let's put it this way: to say that they
were "number than shit" would be unreasonably complimenting these guys on
their intellectual ability.The two bozos huddled through the first half of the class, which being
Friday afternoon last class and therefore not high on Coach's list of
priorities was basically just a "do what you want as long as it's physical"
time. Obviously these two clowns figured it was up to them to carry on the
Master's great scheme of flattening me to absolutely nothing, but they were
having a tough time coming up with a modus operandi without him to tell
them what to do.But eventually, and inevitably, it came to them. I was over in a corner
doing about the only physical thing that I like to do, which was lifting
weights. Not that I'm a body builder, thank you very much. I just like to
do something to maintain and perhaps slightly develop my musculature
(sounds impressive, doesn't it?). Plus, it's something that lets me do what
I want when I want, and doesn't require teamwork (yecchh!).So there I was on a bench doing nothing more strenuous than leg curls, when
the dynamic duo came slinking up and found a way to drop a weight on my
foot.I had two 12 y o nymphet almost simultaneous reactions: a) scream; b) land a punch in the
mid-section of the closer of the two at that precise moment.Upshot: a stern lecture from Coach, with the entire class gathered nymphets castle in a
circle, me and him in the center of it, on the art, science, and ethics of
teamwork (double yechchh!), cooperation, and all- round good
sportsmanship. I lost it. He, of course, had seen nothing of the incident,
nor did he wish my report on it. The two bozos, gifted by nature with a
look of complete, dumb-ass innocence, looked completely guileless, whereas
I was guilty of the twin crimes of lack of control and unsportsmanlike
conduct. After Coach's remarks, intended as a one-side-only magisterial
lecture, I made so bold as to riposte with a statement from the minority
viewpoint.I won't bore you with its contents. I wasn't proud of it after the
fact. But it led to my having myself a good old-fashioned after-school
work-oriented detention. To be specific, cleaning the grouting of the
shower stall tiles with a toothbrush. "Give you time to think about what's
right!" growled Coach smugly, congratulating himself on coming up with such
a brilliant plan at such a late hour on a Friday afternoon.What made it worse was that Will had to go off somewhere right after school
with his parents, so that I was left all alone. Of course the upside was,
being Friday, everyone else cleared out right after school. Even the two
bozos weren't interested in hanging around to watch me work off my penance
in the smelly, ancient locker room.That grouting had undoubtedly never received the going-over it got that
afternoon. I took out all the pent-up feelings I'd been storing away over
the week on my work, and I was still scrubbing away in a fury half an hour
after starting. Suddenly, the bang of the outer door being thrown open
(that closer had weakened considerably over the years of abuse from
show-off jocks) echoed through the empty room."Oh shit!" I thought to myself. "I wonder which one of them it is." I
resolutely turned my back and kept on scrubbing. Maybe it was just a
fanatic sportsman staying behind for some extra practice who would just
grab his clothes and head home to shower. No such luck. After a few
minutes, I heard steps approaching the shower room. They came to an abrupt
stop."What the ." It was the voice of Josh Barrett."What the fuck are you doing here?" The 'fuck' was practically a spitball
smacking me in the back of the head.I saw red. I had had it. I was done being the miserable nobody Josh Barrett
believed me to be. I was going to give it to him with both barrels, and
fuck the consequences. Right here, right now. Just him and me.I was on my knees at the moment, scrubbing away at the lower tiles in one
corner. I had paused a moment when he flung his arrogant question at me,
but I quickly resumed my work. I didn't turn around, just raised my voice a
little so he would be sure to hear me."Good afternoon, Mr. Barrett. Coach kds bbs nymphets
and I had a little discussion about the
state of cleanliness of this facility, and we agreed that something should
be done about it. Particularly foul in our estimation was this shower
room. We didn't want our school's fine athletes, such as it might be
yourself, contracting any illnesses as a result of the lack of good
standards of hygiene. He was of the opinion that I was the best person to
attend to the matter, and I agreed that it was of such urgency that I would
begin immediately. Thus, here I am, and hard at work. Aren't you proud of
me?""You. dumb. fuck!" There was that spitball again."I'm glad you appreciate the importance of what I'm accomplishing here. You
might be well advised to go get your shower at home, however, as I haven't
quite finished my efforts in bringing this facility up to an acceptable
standard of cleanliness."I heard the sound of bare feet coming up behind me. I tensed, but I didn't
turn. I kept on scrubbing away with my toothbrush. Next thing I knew,
cascades of cold water were pouring down on my head, thanks to Josh's quick
twist of the water knob right above me. I leaped to my feet, moving aside
out of the spray and turning to face him.He stood there smirking, completely naked, arrogantly resting his weight on
one foot, hands on his hips. I momentarily forgot my anger and just stared,
water running off me. It was just like sweet nymphets bbs
the picture I'd been creating during
my jerk-off session that day that Will burst in on me. Long, strong legs
were topped by a perfect V torso. The pecs domed out, accented by two
large, pink nipples whose chocolate-colored aureoles were at least twice
the ordinary size. His waist was unbelievably small and tight. And below
that waist . . .His cock hung, uncut, full and fleshy, veering slightly to his left, over
two large balls. There was no hair on them, and just a neat triangular
patch of blond hair above the generous equipment. A faint trail led up to
his navel, but apart from that, the only other hair on his body was a light
dusting from his knees to his ankles. I erotic nymphet drawings drank him in.His next words brought me back to reality, sharply. "So it's like that, is
it?" he almost purred."Like what?" I snapped."Like 3d nude nymphets what you see?" he riposted."I usually don't go for shit," I sneered, and turned to go back to my work,
ignoring him and the fact that I was dripping water. I heard the steps come
up behind me again. I leaped away to the other side and whirled to face
him again. He held his hands out nymphets litle from his sides in a gesture of innocence,
which was marred only by the evil smirk on his face. "Hey, I only figured
that since you were down there."He let the sentence trail, leaving me to figure out the implication. I
decided that no protests of innocence from that charge were called for. I
didn't know where the bravado was coming from, but one part of me was
ice-cold while another part was still in awe over the picture in front of
me. However, I was determined to slap back anything he threw at me without
hesitation."Like I said, I don't go for shit." This time I didn't turn away, but
remained staring him in bbsnymphet video
the eyes. I forced myself not to look at any other
part of him.He too held my gaze, and took very slow steps to narrow the remaining
distance between us."You know you want it," he almost whispered. The mocking smile still played
across his lips."I don't think I'm the one who wants it, Josh," I said, matching his
whispered tones but lacing them with all the sarcasm I could
muster. Then-and I don't know to this day where my next move came from-I
reached out with my forefinger and drew it down his jaw line from ear to
chin.He jumped back as though he'd been burned. The red flushed from his chest
up to his hairline. His breathing quickened. I threw aside any remaining
hesitation and moved forward. He backed up further, startled. I followed. I
had him on the ropes.The wall stopped him. He stood, back against the chilly tiles, seemingly
frozen into place. The smile was gone, his eyes widened and fixed on
mine. I felt. I'm still not sure what it was I was feeling, but it was like
I was convinced at that moment that I was invincible, that I could do
anything I wanted, anything at all, and I wouldn't have to pay for it.I planted my palms flat against the young nymphets nn pics
wall either side of his head, almost
touching his hair. I was glad to see, now that I was this close to him,
that I was actually an inch or so taller. It added to my feeling of
superiority. I moved my head towards him and stopped mere inches away from
his face. He seemed to want to push the back of his head through the wall
in order to keep away, but seemed incapable of any other movement. My eyes
bored into his."Now you listen to me, king shit. You think you're the main man in this
school. Well, that's just ducky for you. And for all I know, you could be
right. Seems like you've got enough people telling you so. But this is me
talking to you. Me: David Preston. And what I say is, I don't care. You
can be king shit all you want to be. Just don't count me as one of your
subjects. Fine, I ran into you by accident and you went down. I told you I
was sorry for that, and I meant it. You ended up looking foolish in front
of your so-called friends, and I'm sorry for that too. I know just what
that feels like. It's bad enough for us ordinary mortals; it must be ten
times as bad when you're king shit. Then you went and got suspended, and
you want to blame someone for it. I'm the obvious one. Well I don't give a
flying fuck if you want to feel better at my expense. We both know how you
got that three-day: by shooting your mouth off. There's only one of us to
blame for that, and it's not me."Now you're taking every chance you can to get back at me. Some kind of
pathetic, petty king shit you are! You want to be mad at me, be mad at me!
You want to pretend I don't exist, fine! I won't lose anything by it. But
this whole hate campaign thing just shows how small you are. And now you
want to make out like I'm some kind of faggot or something? Well, I wonder
why?"And where this next thing came from is still a mystery to me. Like I said,
I was almost touching him I was so close. I was drilling those words into
him, my eyes like two diamond-tipped bits boring into his. They never even
blinked through the whole speech. But when I said, "Well, I wonder why?" I
took one nymphet sex photo
hand away from the wall, and never losing contact with his eyes, I
drew the forefinger down the center of his chest, followed the lower dark nymphet pics curve
of one pec, and came up onto the nipple and circled it without stopping.He started breathing heavier, and squirmed against the wall. I smiled
mockingly at him and slowly lowered my head to telegraph to him that I was
going to deliberately look at his cock. And when I did, I got the biggest
shock of my gateway nymphet life so far: it was twitching and swelling.I looked back up, my finger still twirling on his nipple, and smiled more
broadly still. Then I echoed his own words from our first encounter that
week. "Well, well, well!" I drawled. "Look who's hard!" And I reached down
and grabbed the swelling cock, squeezing and pulling firmly.Josh gasped and went white. I could actually see the beads of sweat
breaking out on his forehead. I think back to this scene often, and I still
can't figure out where I was getting this totally insane behavior
from. There I stood, jerking Josh Barrett's cock slowly in my fist, feeling
it lengthen and harden, reveling in the silky slide of the foreskin, which
was something I'd never before experienced.I was dressed only in my gym clothes, tee shirt, shorts, and a jock which
were now soaking wet from Josh's impromptu drenching of a few moments
earlier. My own cock was stiff, and although held by the jock, the drenched
shorts would be showing the outline of it if Josh looked down. He wasn't
looking anywhere but into my eyes. His own were panic-stricken, and the
sweat was now about to run down his face. He swallowed massively and choked
out a few words."David, I. I. I.""Yes, Josh, you. you. you. what?" I mockingly responded. Boy, payback is
wonderful! I never stopped my slow, steady jerking of his cock."David. please!" he whispered, bent his head forward, shook it, and then
with a huge lunge tore himself away, making it only as far as the opposite
wall. He leaned against it, both arms stretched out in front of him, head
hanging down. The picture from the rear was just as exciting as the front
view, but I was more concerned at that moment by his other actions. He was
breathing with great, gasping breaths which quickly turned into sobs.My feelings of dominance and superiority quickly left me. This guy was
hurting big time, and it was more than I wanted. I moved over to him, not
close, and not touching."Josh? Are you OK, man? I didn't hurt you, did I?"The sobbing got deeper and gaspier. The next thing I knew, he was spewing
his guts all over the floor. There didn't seem to be any end to it; the
great, retching heaves went on and on. I was starting to panic. I figured
the next thing was that he was going to choke on it and nymphet free index then I'd have a
corpse on my hands.But finally he shuddered to a stop and stood still, in the same position,
still lightly gasping for breath. Somebody had to do something, and I was
the only somebody there. I took charge again. I grabbed him gently but
firmly by the shoulders, and swung him to face me. His face was now pasty,
slightly green, and his head hung. He had some of the vomit trailing down
his nymphets land links chest, and some on his legs."Josh, man, just lean up against the wall here. I'm going to run some nice
warm water and get you cleaned up. Then you'll feel better."I got the water at the right temperature and drew him under it. I was
getting another good soaking, but what the hell? I was wet through
already. I found a bar of soap and lathered my hands, then moved them over
his chest, washing away the stink of the vomit. I knelt and quickly did the
same with his legs, avoiding his now-subsided cock."There, I think we've got you back to rights," I said quietly. "Now, you
got a towel somewhere?" I was trying to sound as normal and matter-of-fact
as I could.He nodded and choked out, "In my bag. on the bench."I quickly went out and got it. I then wiped him down, chest, back, legs. I
didn't touch his head or younger nymphets his middle, just pressed the towel into his hands
and he almost automatically took over and did the rest. As he did, I got my
towel and dried off, climbing into my clothes quickly. Josh was moving so
slowly that I was completely dressed when he came out of the shower room
and went over to his bag.He stood as though lost in thought, and then slowly started getting into
his clothes. When he was sitting and putting on his shoes, I came over to
him. "Josh," I said firmly, but in what I hoped was an ordinary,
unchallenging tone, "what happened in there is not who I am and I hope it's
not who you are. I pedo nymphets tiny pushed you way beyond what was reasonable and I'm not
proud of it. The only excuse I can offer is that you've put me through one
hell of a week and it's built up to where I just totally lost it. I'm not
going to say a word about this to anyone. No one will ever know anything
about this from me. You'll probably never want to speak to me again and I
know you're not in the greatest shape right now, but if you ever do."I hauled a notebook out of my bag, tore off a scrap of paper from one of
the pages, and wrote my phone number on it. I handed it to him. He took it
gently from my fingers, stared at it for what seemed like a really long
time, and finally folded it and put it in his shirt pocket.He stood slowly, picked up his bag, and moved toward the door. He opened it
only far enough to nymphets teenagers
get through, and it swung gently closed behind him.I stood in the locker room, bemused. What had I done to him? What had I
done to tween nymphet me?
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