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Turnabout Interim ChapterAttached is a chapter written by lo party nymphet one of the people who
has been writing to me about my story. I asked his
permission to post his work, and free nymphets angels he has agreed. We
have written a joint introduction to it.As always, if you're not supposed to be reading this, then don't.Chris: Hey, everyone. I know you're anxiously waiting for Turnabout Series
Two, but that'll be a while yet. In the meantime, thanks a lot for all the
great feedback! It is much appreciated, and has so stimulated the creative
juices that episode one has already been written. But in the meantime, one
of my correspondents by the name of Michael actually went ahead and created
a chapter of his own, which he has agreed to share with you all. Here he is
to tell you more about it:Michael: Okay first off I would like to thank Chris for giving me the
creative freedom to write a chapter for him. I don't know if he will treat
it as a "What if" chapter [Chris: yes!] or actually integrate it thumb nymphet cp
into his
own story. [Chris: no!] I kinda ragged on Chris for giving Will the raw end
of the stick so this is my chance for the "underdog" to shine. For those of
you that may recognize the style of writing, yes I am the same Michael that
writes Greg (and yes I know I am little teen nymphets taking a long sabbatical on writing it),
and A Halloween Story (the first one not the recent very little nymphet sex ones with the same
title mine dates back to 1998). Anyway, I hope you enjoy the "turnabouts"
in this chapter. Feel free to drop me a comment at mriffontelcomplus.netTurnabout: What If?I lay there staring at the ceiling. How could he do this to me? I thought
he loved me! Why is David with cp nymphet Josh? Those three ideas rolled over and over
in my head as the tears continued to flow. Then the knock at the door and
the soft voice of my mom."William, honey, it's dinner time."Just by the sound of her voice I asian nymphet teenies
could tell my mother was concerned; she
could always read me like a book. Yet how was I gonna tell her that I just
lost my boyfriend to the asshole that had been tormenting us for the past
week? I sighed and called out to her."Okay mom, I'll be nymphet xx teen down in a bit."I pulled myself off of the bed and looked at my eyes in the mirror. They
had gotten xxx little nymphets
too swollen to wear the contacts, so I had to put those damn
thick glasses back on. David's words echoed in my head as I looked at
myself: 'Total geek and three parts dork'. I made my way downstairs to join
my family; I could feel their eyes on me. They knew something was wrong,
but how could I tell them? God, I needed someone to talk to; someone to
listen to me. I just sat down and ate in silence, nodding or giving the
appropriate answer when any question came my way.Dinner ended uneventfully, thank goodness. I think I would have snapped if
one more question were asked. This is something else; why have I become so
violent lately? I closed my eyes as the fear in David's face passed through
my mind. I sat there hugging myself, the guilt doubly strong at the thought
that I sweet nymphet nude photo
had made him feel illegal nude nymphet that fear twice. The tears came back; sleep
followed them long, long after."Honey, wake up. One of your school friends is here!" chirped nature little nymphets my mom.I looked over at my clock and wondered two things: one, how can anyone be
so annoyingly chirpy at 8 in the morning, and two, what school kid in his
right mind would be up at 8 o'clock on a Saturday morning? I rubbed my eyes
and called out to my mom on the other side of the door."Who is it?""It's David, William."Her reply sent a chill down my spine. Part of me was happy, part of me was
furious. And even another part of me afraid. I called out that I would be
down in a bit.I think subconsciously I tried my best to take as long as I could getting
ready in hopes that he would just give up and leave. But there he was in
the kitchen, eating toast and drinking juice with my mom. She is such a
good hostess. I looked at him. He looked at me. I tried my best to read
him, but it was no use; my emotions were too raw. I managed to get out a
few commonplace words through a locked jaw."Hello David. How are you this morning?"I think my mom could feel the tension in the little nymphets nude pics air; she quickly got her
coffee and the morning paper and left. I kept my eyes on him as I stood in
the doorway."What are you doing here?"He sat there for a while not moving; he actually looked like a deer caught
in headlights. I must admit part of me enjoyed how I could produce that
much fear in him, but for the most part it hurt me to know that we had come
to this."Will... look, Will..." I watched as he paused. "Look, Will, I still care
for you as a friend. I know this hurts you; it hurts me too. But I saw a
side of you I didn't like and I saw a side of Josh that I didn't know
existed. I can't explain how my heart works, but it's telling me to be with
Josh. I'm sorry, japanese schoolgirls nymphets Will."I watched as he tilted his head down. My mind was reeling; I wanted to go
hurt him as love nymphet models bad as he had just hurt me. I had given him my heart, and this
is what he had done with it. He had used me and then discarded me as soon
as that high school jock showed him some affection. I could feel the
redness boiling into my face and my fists starting to clench. I knew things
were gonna get ugly. But as much as he had hurt me, as much slutty nymphet as I hated him,
I couldn't fight with him again. I used what shreds of my heart I had left
and spoke."Get out. Just get out now," I said through clenched teeth."But Will, we need to nymphette non nude
talk this out."I took in a breath and spoke again. "David, I will not tell you
again. Leave now before I do something we both will regret."I stood there and stared at him coldly. He could nymphet stars tell I was serious, and I
could almost smell the fear in him as he slowly stood and backed
away. Moments later I could hear the sound of that Trans Am pulling out of
the driveway.The rest of the weekend was a blur. I was either crying or punching
something. It started to come to a boil when I snapped at my mother. The
next thing nymphets pics tgp
I knew, my father was in my bedroom. He looked more intimidating
than usual. We had a stern talk; rather, he talked and I just replied with
"yes sir." He went through his normal spiel about respect, about coming to
them when I had a problem, about not being to old to be put across his
knee, and then the famous closing of all of his talks, the threat of
military school. When he finally finished, my punishment was immediate
bedtime. I wondered how much more pathetic my life could become.I woke up on Monday morning and went through my usual dull routine, but the
anger and pain were still there. I couldn't shake them; it was as if each
was feeding off the acrobatic nymphets pedo other in a vicious cycle. I arrived at school and
secretly prayed that I wouldn't run into either Josh or David. My day was
actually going smoothly until lunch when Craig young nymphets ru
showed up. If Josh were
famous because he was a jock, Craig would be the only one that could rival
his fame.Oh, Craig wasn't a jock; he was very much the opposite. He was the meanest,
toughest, and generally most hated bully since sixth grade. Even nymphets toplist nude
a few
adults were afraid of him. The only reason he ever passed a grade was cause
no teacher wanted to have to deal with him another year. He decided that I
was overdue for some torment. It started with the regular tripping and
other pranks. Now, everyone knew little nymphet thumbs
that the best way to deal with Craig is to
do nothing at all. He would soon get tired of you and leave you alone."Hey, Little Willie, you think you aren't legal nymphets model a nerd tender nude nymphets
now cause you don't wear
your glasses anymore? Well, guess what? You still are!"I couldn't take it today. Maybe it was all the anger that I had built up
against David and Josh. I don't know. The next thing I knew, Craig and I
were on the ground trading blows. I was able to take him by surprise. He
wasn't expecting someone with about 30 pounds less muscle to come flying
over a table at him. I was doing well, but even I knew the tide was
starting to turn as someone in the crowd hollered out, "Teacher!" We were
pulled apart. I came out with a bloody nose, and from what I could tell so
did Craig, and from the looks of it the start of a black eye too. photo nymphets com
We were
sent to the Vice-principal's office while a teacher collected our books
from the lunchroom.Mr. Parker's standard sentence: a three-day suspension for both us. Fuck!
Military school, here I come!When I got home my mom was waiting for me. She was pissed. It's scary to
see her pissed. I think I get my temper from her and not my dad. She let
loose with countless questions and remarks, never giving me a naughty nymphets site chance to
speak. Finally she paused, and gave me a chance."Well, young man, what do you have to say for yourself?"I sat there and stared at her. I was trying ukrainian nymphets pictures portal hard not to get angry, but her
words had cut deeper into my already raw nerves. I didn't want it to come
out this way, but artistic nymphets out it came anyway, shrilly, picture of porno nymphets
briefly, fatally."You wanna know what's wrong? Your precious little boy is a faggot! He just
got dumped by someone he wanted to spend the rest of his life with for a
stupid damn jock!"To say that she was left speechless would be a lie. But after she'd made a
few brief, rambling attempts to start a response, I could tell that somehow
she'd already guessed something. She stopped trying to speak, and just got
up and left the table. There I was, left alone, at 1 in the afternoon,
after having just told my mom the biggest secret in my life. Funny thing is
I felt better; some of the weight of my life had been lifted. I got up and
went upstairs with my backpack. I threw it on the floor and just collapsed
on my bed and used the precious moment of silence in my head to rest.It took me a few minutes to register the soft knocking at the door and the
equally soft voice."William? William? It's your mother; can I come in to talk?"I sighed and looked over at my clock. I had slept for two hours, which
meant that it would be another three hours before anyone else would be
home. I looked at the door and knew it was time to pay the piper."Yeah."She entered softly and I could tell she had been crying. God, it made me
feel like shit to know that I had caused her to cry. It seemed that I was
causing everyone I cared for pain. She sat on the edge of my bed and patted
the place beside her. I obeyed and scooted over to her. I was shocked at
what came next. Without warning she wrapped both arms around me and hugged
me tight as she cried. I don't know what it was, but I hugged her back just
as tightly and cried too. That was another thing I seemed to be doing a lot
of lately.We stayed like that for a while, and than she spoke. Her voice was low, but
her words were caring."William, I have carried you in me, held you in my arms, and I am watching
you enter into manhood. I had so many plans for you, but now those are
gone. No matter what, I love you and will always love you. I don't
understand this, but I am willing to learn. You are my baby and I will
always see you as that: my beautiful baby boy."I cried a bit more as her hand stroked my cheek. We discussed a lot in
those three hours. We discussed how we should break this to dad and my
siblings, how long I'd known about this, many other things, but most
importantly we discussed my ex-boyfriend. My mom confessed that David
hadn't just shown up on Saturday; she had actually called him over hoping
that he would cheer me up. She apologized and my nymphet
chuckled a bit at that
error. She gave me some food for thought, I must admit, and I would underage nymphets fetish like to
think I did the same my18 nymphets for her. We both agreed that my father had a right to
know, but we had no clue as list nymphets portal to how he would take it.Finally 6 o'clock rolled around. My dad had a routine when he came home:
kiss my mom, discuss their day, greet all russian nymphet stories pictures of his kids and discuss his day
and their day, take a shower, come out dressed in jeans and t-shirt, watch
the end of the news, have dinner, and then spend family time with all of
us. Well, leave it to me to throw a monkey wrench into all that! Before the
shower, my mom cornered him in the kitchen and told him that she, he, and I
needed to have a long talk now. I could read my dad like a book; I was
convinced he figured I had smarted off to her again and this was the last
straw.We closed the doors to the kitchen and began. Well, I would like to say it
went as smoothly as it had with small nymphets bbs
my mom, but that would be a lie. At first,
my dad was furious nymphet 10yo pic
at me and then furious at mom. He actually blamed
her. The emotional temperature was soaring, but like I said, my mom was a
woman with a temper. At the ice in her eye and in her voice, he cooled off
quickly and retracted that part. Then, he looked at me and I looked back at
him. I could see the rift beginning between us. He just got up and walked
out of the room. I would love to say that in a few hours he and I had the
same heart-warming talk that mom and I had young nymphet top net had, but we didn't speak any
more that night.I think it was around midnight when I gave up on any attempts at sleep. forum nymphets photos Too
much had happened today. I had gotten into a fight with the school's
biggest bully, who was going to probably kill me; I had just told asian college nymphets free
both of
my parents I was gay and only one of them was taking nude nymphets pedo it well; and to top it
off, my mom made portal nymphets
me start to question my love for David. Should I maybe
even be happy for nymphet non nude model him and Josh? Or should I try my best to win him sweet nymphets back? I
just child nymphet pic shook my head on that last thought. I moved over to my backpack, and
started to search for the book we were supposed to be reading for
English. Reading always gets me sleepy. I continued to look through my
backpack for it. I just couldn't paranoid nymphet
find it. I started to get impatient, so I
just dumped my backpack upside down. A very nice-looking leather bound book
came tumbling out. I looked at if for a while; I already knew it wasn't
mine. I picked it free nymphet samples up and started to thumb through it. And the more I
looked, the more my jaw dropped.I couldn't believe what I was seeing: page after page of gorgeous sketches
of men and teens, all nude, some very erotic, some fantasy, and some a
mixture of both. They could put Da Vinci and Michelangelo to shame. The men
were sketched with such finely detailed muscles that they looked as though
they were about to move on the pissing nymphet pussy
page. As if that wasn't enough, a few had
poetry with them. Now, poetry is my secret passion; I love it, and love
poems are my greatest weakness. One of them stood out above all."There is a darkness in all of us. Some try to hide from it; some embrace
it, most try to fight it, but all do these in vain. The darkness cannot be
denied and cannot be embraced, yet I find myself like a frightened child
each day doing the best I can to hold onto it, cause I am afraid of the
truth. I know the truth is that I must seek out the light. The light of
love is nothing without the darkness of loneliness, and the darkness of
loneliness is only there to serve as a reminder of how powerful love is and
to be the drive for me to seek out the light."My eyes continued to scan that page over and over. Then it hit me. If my
draw hadn't dropped before, it certainly did this time. There was a drawing
of two young men on that page, nude and embracing each other as their hard
cocks leaked and rubbed against each other. They were kissing each other
passionately. But what shocked me was that one of illigal nymphets underage pedo
them looked a lot like
Craig. The other was also obviously me!The hard on in my pants argued strenuously against my mind and heart. My
cock was thrilled that it knew a secret about Craig, that he fantasized
about me. My heart wondered if it could care for Craig or not. And my mind
warned both that this was the guy who would surely kill me after our
three-day suspension was up. There was no way I was going to be sleeping
this night.
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