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From: Lacie
Subject: Turned SissyThe following story contains graphic sexual scenes between two men. If
material illegal nymphets pictures of this nature offends you then you should not read this story.
Additionally, if you are under 18 years of age in most states you are not
allowed to read this story by law.This story is purely a work of fiction. Any resemblance to person's living
or dead, or to nymphets stories xxx
events that may have occurred, is purely coincidental.
Additionally, the actions nymphets y o of the characters in this story are in no way
intended to show approval of, or give sanction to, their actions.The author claims all copyrights to this story and no duplication or
publication of this story offhost nymphets is allowed, except by the web sites to which it
has been posted, without the consent of the author.
Comments are always welcome and you may e-mail them to
laciemanyahoo.comTurned SissyHe looked at Rick. Rick was easily 25 years older than Steve. Gray hair
and beard, this would be a man you'd suspect was a man who had held a blue
collar job most of his life and was nearing retirement. Easily, Rick had a
kindly way about him, much like a nice uncle in your family.Steve, the junior was just over 30, a young, casual executive type. A good
guy to work with, he would help his co-workers overcome problems and worked
to make life better for those around him.Both are married, with kids and have a secret. They both love lingerie.
For both, a curiosity that turned into a fetish that both men had nurtured.
In secret, they would wear and get off while wearing. But over time,
simply wearing was not nearly enough. Both men went to the web and through
some searching came across stories of and then pictures of men that also
wear. Seeing that so many other men shared the fetish gave them comfort --
knowing that they were not part of a small fetish but what seemed to be a
growing fetish.The men that shared the fetish were all very lollypop nymphets similar. A majority of them
are happily married. These same men do not share the fetish with their
wives normally. Out of fear or out of embarrassment, they decide to keep
it to themselves. A few decide to be adventurous and talk to others via
chat rooms and groups that cater to this fetish.These men find comfort in talking to others that share the fetish.
Masculine men that age nymphets under
wear lingerie are more common than some would think.
The funny thing is, when men start to wear lingerie, they generally become
attracted to other men that wear. The sexual desire nymphette topless they have had
privately becomes something of an open discussion in these chats. In no
time, men are chatting about what they want to do if they could only meet
another that wears and wants to be together.Steve and Rick were these nymphette teens models kinds of men. Two who met online and talked
about meeting. Fittingly, when they met, they hit it off. Both were
curious and had desires that they talked about and others that they kept
secret. It's hard to share your deep fetish after so long -- there's
always a secret to keep.After meeting in a public place, they decided to find a motel room -- to
see if they could really experiment with some man to man sex. It hot nymphet tgp
was not
something that either had experience in but they figured that being in nymphets fashion
motel with another man, dressed in lingerie, they would figure out things
naturally.Meeting during the middle of the day is a challenge they had not
anticipated. Most motels/hotels are in the midst of cleaning and prepping.
Few, if any rooms are ready to be rented out. Fittingly, the only place
they could find was a seedy motel room just a nymphets private
few doors from a strip tease
club. The room they could get right away was rented by the hour. It made
both men laugh as they got the room, knowing that the clerk had seen so
many get the room in the past, they wondered how many "guests" had been two
men in lingerie.Entering the room, both men felt their hearts pound. Rick had a small
duffel bag and went to the bathroom to clean up and change. Steve was
wearing under his slacks and golf shirt. When Rick came out, he watched
Steve take off his male clothes, revealing a black satin cami top, black
lace garter and thigh highs with lace panties. All were in black.Rick smiled as he looked Steve over. This young man looked amazing to him.
His cock got hard as he started to disrobe as well. Rick had to change and
slid on a similar outfit that was all white. Once changed, both men looked
each other over, unsure of what to do next. Rick and Steve stepped closer
to each other and Rick reached out and rubbed Steve's hard cock in panties.
Both men let out a groan of approval.Steve trembled slightly as he let this man touch him in his panties. top list pedo nymphets It
was tasty nymphets a total rush cute nude nymphets to be with someone in private this way. He was so turned
on that he just moaned as com nymphets ukrainian Rick felt him up. Out of instinct, Steve reached
for Rick in return and rubbed his hard cock. Both men found the sensation
of touching a cock exciting. It was familiar but different since they had
different shape and sized cocks.Rick took charge of the situation and reached into Steve's panties.
Gripping the younger mans cock; he smiled as he watched Steve's eyes close
and his mouth open and moan. Rick whispered nymphets sex to Steve: "oooo yeah, that's
hot, hot cock you've got, feels good to ls nymphet models play with."Steve stood motionless like a lust filled statue as Rick played with him.
It felt so good to have a man stroke him. Rick gently led him to the bed
and told him to lay back. As he stretched out on the bed, he looked up to
see himself, in a full length mirror, "nice touch" he thought. Looking in
it, he saw Rick join him in a 69 position.Both men began stroking their partner's cocks. The gentle moaning the two
men made softly filled the room as they felt how hot both nymphets gratis
were. Steve
looked at this cock so close to his face and slowly stroked it, watching
the head expand with each tug. Rick could bbs links nymphets not take it any longer, his
desire russian nymphet virgins got the best of him and he put Steve's cock into his mouth. A jolt
of passion shot through Steve as he felt the warm, wet mouth on his cock.
Groaning loudly, Steve leaned forward and took Rick into his mouth as well.
Both men made muffled moans as the sucked cock together. Two panty men
sucking cock for the first time, if their wives could only see them now.The continued to slowly suck. Each stealing a glance in the overhead
mirror, like they were watching a lingerie porno for men. Rick pulled off
of Steve's cock and told him to stop nymphets defloration as well.Steve stopped and looked up. Rick told Steve nymphets stories
he perteen nymphet pic wanted nude nymphet pics to suck him off and
hear him talk dirty when he did. Not one to complain, Steve sat nymphets first sex back as
Rick repositioned between his legs and started sucking him in earnest.
Steve could feel Rick take more and more of his cock down nymphets kids his throat. It
was so hot watching this russin nude nymphets man, weather looking down at him or up at the
mirror as he sucked him in lingerie. Steve wrapped his legs around Rick's
body as he started to fuck his mouth.Groaning, Steve said: "Oh yeah -- suck my cock man. Suck on my cock Daddy,
you're so good."Rick would look up and stop for just long enough to say: "Oh I love this
sissy boy cock you've got. I want to suck you dry sissy boy."Steve smiled and groaned as Rick started back on him. It was so hot, so
intense to him. He could feel Rick play with his balls and tickle his
asshole. These were feelings his wife never ever gave to him. He couldn't
hold back as Rick did this to him. Steve began moaning, deeply at first
and then getting a slightly higher pitch as the intensity grew.Rick responded by gently inserting a finger into Steve's asshole. He heard
Steve moan more nymphets thumbnails message loudly as he did this and he teased it. Steve's hips would
rise as Rick did this, whimpering in pleasure as it swept over him. Rick
pulled off Steve's cock but kept his finger in him. "You like that don't
you sissy boy?" he fucking nymphet pussy asked.As if a truth serum was flowing through him. Steve pleaded with Rick: "Oh
yes, please don't stop."Rick returned to Steve's cock and felt it begin to twitch. He could tell
that Steve must be close. Steve's hand instinctively went to the back of
Rick's head as he started to thrust. His orgasm coming and he felt his
whole body tremble.With nymphets and boys
an explosion, he came hard in Rick's mouth. Rick was ready for it and
swallowed it eagerly. Both men groaned as Steve came, bucking his hips and
forcing nymphet pageants nude
his cock into Rick's mouth. As satin nymphets
Steve came, Rick inserted his
finger deeper into Steve's ass, tickling his prostate and forcing him to an
even more intense orgasm, like one he'd never felt.Rick sucked Steve dry. Steve thrusted over and over until he was out of
breath. Rick was up to the task, able to swallow all of what Steve could
provide. Lifting himself up and pt nymphets
sitting on his knees at the end of the
bed, Rick smiled at his sissy boy, lying on the bed, spent.When they had talked they had only mentioned oral sex. But Rick wanted
more; he wanted Steve in the worst way. Leaning back down, he put his legs
under Steve's butt and young sweet nymphets
lifted him and put his tongue to Steve's asshole.
This caused Steve to arch his back involuntarily with a gasp.Steve's head was spinning from the intense orgasm and this new sensation
kept him in ecstasy. Rick quickly moved his body closer and lifted Steve's
thighs up. Steve extrem little nymphets looked up in the mirror and saw Rick reposition himself.
As he looked at Ricks nymphet net
face he nymphette 12y o
could see an intense look of concentration.He felt Rick's finger on his asshole again, pushing to enter. Then Steve
realized that Rick was holding free nymphet incest both of his legs behind his knees, it was
Rick's cock! Steve groaned lightly: "Ohhhhh -- what are you..."Rick said: "Shhhh, be my sissy boy Steve, let Daddy elwebs nymphets
do this to you."Steve's mouth opened as he felt Rick's cock enter his ass. boy nymphets nude It hurt, but
had a pleasant nymphet collection feeling mixed in. It felt strange and different, but he
could not resist what Rick was doing. Rick pulled Steve's stocking clad
legs up to rest on his shoulders as he began to thrust into him slowly,
filling him.Steve moaned as it got deeper and deeper into him. He was being fucked,
and it hurt as he was stretched, but he got used to it. Looking up in the
mirror, he saw a hot scene of pantied men fucking and it felt better with
each stroke.Rick leaned forward and kissed Steve on nymphet galaries the mouth. His tongue forcing it's
way into his mouth and they had a passionate kiss. Both men felt tongues
mixing as Rick fucked his sissy boy Steve. They broke the kiss and Rick
grunted to Steve: "Daddy loves asian nymphets pics
fucking his boy, feels so good to fuck like
a sissy."Steve could see the intense pleasure in Rick's face as he took Steve's
cherry. "Fuck me daddy, fuck me good, I like being your sissy boy." Steve
said as he felt nymphets selected ls magazine young nymphets
hard cock fuck his ass.Rick's breathing sped up as he got closer to orgasm. "Gonna fill your
sissy ass with my cum, gonna give you Daddy's cum" Rick said."Oh yeah daddy, suck me and then fuck me, make me your boy with your hot
cum." Steve groaned -- and for the first time he wondered if the clerk
could hear what they were saying since he was just on the other side of the
wall at the young nymphet topliste counter, oh well.Rick made 4 quick thrusts and started cumming, filling Steve's de-virgined
ass. Both moaned as they felt Rick's cock slide with the aid of hot cum.
They kissed deeply again as Rick came, Steve's legs nearly bent back to his
ears, but he didn't care.Rick kept thrusting and kissing until he was spent. Gently, he sat back up
and pulled out of his boy's nymphet underaged pic
ass. Both lay on the bed, looking american nymphettes pictures up at two
men in lingerie, fresh from a first time experience. They smiled and let
out a laugh as Rick reached over and felt Steve's cock which was hard
again."MMM a hard sissy boy, need nymphet land
daddy to take care of ranchi nymphet this?" Rick laughed."Daddy, I think you can take of me whenever you like." He smiled.They both looked into the mirror as this lingerie Daddy stroked his sissy
boy slowly -- they wondered how they would ever be intimate with their
wives ever after this experience.As they walked out of the room and past the clerk. Steve winked at the man
who had a small smirk and likely an earful of what had happened, if not an
eyeful behind a mirror.
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