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Subject: Turning A Dad: Part 9Turning A Dad: Part 9
By Damien JamesThis story is complete fiction, and is not meant to offend anyone.Send Emails or Questions to (if you really want to be like
the whores in my story send me pictures of your pussy, ass spread so I can
see it, I would appreciate it and it would help me write. Only if your 18+
years old)(I've gotten a lot of feed-back asking me to continue the original story,
so here it is...)Since my recent fucking of Coach Keller and his son, Mark and Jack were
getting a little cock crazy. Jack dropped out of school, so his cunt would
be ready for me at any time. There also seemed to be some competition
between the father and son. When I would get home from work, or after
seeding Coach Keller, they would be bent over across from the front russian nymphets forum
pussies greedily twitching, begging me to tear them open. One day I came home to them both holding open there asses,
noticing that Jack had bruises along his body. I walked over and lifted his
face toward me. He looked pretty beaten up. nonnude litle nymphets
"What the fuck happened to you," I asked angrily. Nobody
fucks with my pussy. dark list nymphets "I got in a fight," he said softly, as his hands moved
around the outline of my cock inside my pants. charming angels nymphets
"With who," I asked, turning his head roughly back to face
me. nymphet video bbs innocent nymphettes
"John, but it was his fault," he said looking down, his
hands still trying to feel me up in desperation. I began to laugh picturing
my two whores fighting, trying to win over my seed. "Did you hurt him," I asked. "Probably as much as he hurt underage rompl vombat nymphets me," he said. "Don't do that again," I said. I picked him up, my right
hand finding its way inside his tight wet cunt. I brought him to me with my
finger lifting him, as his cunt took it in. He began to moan excitedly, and
with a little pain, after not having been fucked in about a month. I could
see Mark wasn't happy, as he tried to spread his son for my hardening cock. I dropped Jack back down, russian acrobatic nymphets
and took hold of Mark's nymphet fuck pic manly
face. I pulled down my pants over my fat long nude model nymphet cock, and as he tried to take
it in his mouth, I turned around to expose my sweaty ass crack. underage little nymph "Eat my top 50 photo nymphets dirty fuckin asshole, you fuckin whore," I yelled,
pulling his large head into my ass. He ate it good, not trying to enter
it. He knew a real man's ass could never be entered. I suffocated his face
with my hairy ass, making him take it in. I then turned back around,
placing my big whore onto his back. Jack was about to leave, when I called
him back over. I had already entered Mark's hole, which felt like a virgins
after the couple of months of not being fucked. "What do you want me to do?" Jack asked. "Sit on this whores bbs land nymphet face," I said. Jack came over, bending
over his father's face. He pulled his big balls sac onto Mark's face, his
cunt easily accessed by his tongue, and clearly visible to me. I liked
fucking his father, while his father licked his cunt. I could see Mark was
having a hard time eating his son's ass, but he did what I told him
to. Jack moaned loudly, as his cunt juice mixed with Mark's spit messily
onto his face. I pushed my own large man fingers, alternating between cunt
and mouth, making sure Jack got a little bit of a fuck. I could tell I was soon going to cum. I made Jack and nymphets teens nudes his
father lay, their legs spread wide apart like the whores they were, teenie russian nymphet with
their cunts touching. I stood over, and kept fucking Mark. When I started
to unload heavy gushes of cum, I naked child nymphets stopped midway through my cuming, and
stuck my cock roughly into Jack's pussy. nymphet nude pic I seeded both my whores at once,
as they young art nymphet rubbed their slutty assholes together, bonding in the man cum they
each shared. preeten russian nymphets "Thank you daddy," Jack said to me, taking my big toe into
his mouth, worshipping my big manly feet. I sat down next to them, all
three of us teen models nymphets naked and sweating in the hallway, still across from the front
door. We didn't even move when Kyle came home from school, his father and
brother's cunts pressed tightly together between my fingers. lola nymphets sex tween nymphets
"Do you have to female models nymphet cp fuck Keller?" Mark asked me. erotic nymphet pussy "What the fuck do you care. Keep your whore mouth closed,"
I said holding my large cunt juice covered hand over his face, so he
couldn't speak. little nymphets planet "He just wanted to tell you that you can fuck Kyle if illegal nymphette model nude
want," Jack said to me, holding my big finger against his cunt, trying to
finger nude sexy nymphets
fuck my cum inside him. "I will fuck him. nymphets squirt Why the fuck do you think I stay here," I
said getting up from the floor, kicking them out of my way. "But not yet," I said heading to my bedroom. summer camp nymphets The next night, Coach Keller brought his nephew to my
house. I sat in my bed like a king, as the coach brought the teenager in to
me. The boy was dressed in a soccer uniform, and had just come from
practice. "Make him bend over and show me his fuckin pussy," I said
to the Coach. He smiled back at eternalnymphet
ameteur kid nymphette vids me as he pulled little nymphets pics
down the boy's soccer
shorts, exposing his little ass. I didn't know his name, and was happy I
would seed him this way. He wore a jock strap around his ass, and his
cheeks were big enough that it was hard to see his hole. "Go wait in the car, I'll send him out when I'm finished
with him," I told the Coach. He seemed disappointed, but listened
anyway. Without taking his shorts off all the way, I bent binaries nymphets his leg up
penetrating his ass with my face. I was going to make love to a pussy like
this. His hole was tight and pink, and he gasped perfectly, as my tongue
rubbed roughly against his hole and taint. "You like that boy," I growled, playing with his taint in
my fingers. He could only moan like the virgin whore he was. I ate his
little hole for an hour, completely tiring him out. His hole was raw, and
slightly puckered open, wet with my nasty man spit and his own sweet pussy
juice. The bed under him was soaked. Now it was time. His amateur teen nymphs eyes went wide, his face no longer tired when he saw
the size of my cock. nymphet pic "It's too big," he gasped moving back slightly as I bent
over his small body. dark nude nymphets "Be a good boy, and let daddy in," I said rubbing his cunt
roughly under my fingers, looking seriously into his eyes, as he went numb
in submission. I shoved it in to the base, as he cried out in pain. He took
it all in one swift motion, as his pussy was forced open. It resisted natural nymphets teens bbs
cock, but couldn't hold it back, I was a man. I held my hand over his mouth
as I fucked him forcefully. He loved it, buckling under the pressure of my
large body. nymphet lesbian We fucked for another hour, when Coach Keller came in,
tired of waiting for me to be done.I continued fucking as I screamed, "Get the fuck out of my room, NOW, or I
will never fuck that nymphets girls gallery old whore ass again". It didn't take him 5 seconds to
leave my room, as I stayed fucking this new virgin cunt that was his
nephews. Then finally, I blew, shooting deep inside his tight sweet hole. I
looked down at his raw beat up cunt, satisfied private nymphet
with how I had turned him
in."Don't let my cum out of you, do you dark nymphets portal understand," I told him. He nodded,
obviously unsure of what free little nymphets pics to make of this. I knew he was now my whore, just
like the hundreds of others who couldn't live without my cock. "So are you
graduating next year," I asked."No," he said picking up his shorts, which were now on the other side of
the room."Did you drop out"."No," he toplist nymphet angel porn said simply again. Suddenly I felt something in the pit nymphet young naked of my
stomach, and knew something didn't feel right."How old are you?" I asked eyeing him suspiciously."I'm 12," he responded pulling up his loose shorts over his spent, cum
filled ass that he now land of nymphets top squeezed to make sure my load stayed
inside. Suddenly I felt sick, I had never fucked someone under eighteen
before. And nymphets real young I didn't just fuck him, I did loita nymphets it harder than I ever had before,
I completely used his cunt.(Preview to Part 10) Even though I had taught Coach Keller a lesson, I couldn't
get the idea of his foot ball team fucking my pussy Jack. I kept
remembering that night when they filled him elegal nymphets up with their young hormonal
football player seed. This was just added to the fact the Coach Keller
never told me the age of his nephew. So I made sure to make a surprise visit to one of his
practices. I walked to his office, yanking his large body into the locker
room while his players dressed in their uniforms. They looked on their
coach in shock as he spread for me like a whore, his bare nymphets angel
cunt stretching
open for me.
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