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Subject: Turning Point Chapter 8 Gay College Section It was decided that Matt and I would move out at east to attend
college. I would start naked little nymphet photos in January and Matt would start take a couple
classes through correspondence throughout the winter and summer months young nymphetes and
we would both start our second year together in September. The remaining days before the Christmas holidays were extremely
hectic, as we not only had to get Matt out of the university, which
involves breaking the news to his folks, but also find a place to stay in
New Brunswick, once January hit, and make up young nymphet exploited for lost time, through the
time small nymphets topless we were separated, and the couple of weeks that we would be apart for
the Christmas break. Also, I couldn't forget that I still had exams to
study nymphets video models for, as did Matt. However, the only thing that I wanted to do at that
time was to be with Matt. Also, it was important to Matt to be true to his
word. He did come out to the people close to him, and proclaim that we were
a couple. First, it as our floor mates and a lot were disappointed. They
were happy for us, but sad, as most of our floor was top site nymphet nude female, and they all
wanted a piece of him. Sadly, ladies, he is all mine. The intimate times I had with Matt were too nymphets galls few and far
between. Our exam schedules were similar, but we have totally different
techniques of studying. I need things to be verbal, and hear them out load;
Matt just needs to read in quiet, so study time had to be apart. Between,
the phone calls to potential landlords in Moncton, studying, saying
good-bye to the friends we had made, through various functions and such,
there was very little alone time. The only time we truly had together was
right before we went to sleep and right when we woke up each morning. Matt had the ingenious nymphet pics underage
idea to convert his room as the sleeping
area, where we took the mattress of my bed and put it on nymphettes erotic art the floor next to
his bed for extra comfort. Then we converted my room into a study/work
center where Matt could quietly study or make phone calls or hang out with
people. The sanctity of Matt's room however was to nymphet nude ru be our little piece of
paradise. For my final three weeks at the University of Ontario, I am
pretty confident that no one was in Matt's room. He was quite insistent on
this be our place. One evening, Matt went out with his football friends, to break the
news to them, that he wasn't returning after Christmas, and that nymphet feet tgp we were an
item. I personally tried to convince Matt that he just had to tell them
that he was leaving, but Matt wouldn't hear of it. He claimed that they
were close to him, and little russian nymphets
they deserved to know about the most important
aspect of his life. nymphet pics legal Any will to argue with Matt over this point was
lost. He left telling me not to wait up, as he probably would have some
drinks with the guys, and that he would try not waking me upon his return. nymphets pedo pic
Later that night, must of been close to midnight or something, I
heard a whimper in the washroom. At first, I thought I was hearing
something maybe across the hall or in the hall, but suddenly it got a
little louder. I knew it was coming from the washroom, and this concerned
me. So I got up and walked into the bathroom, and saw Matt standing at the
sink just staring at himself, tears coming form his face. "Oh, hey Jared, sorry did I wake you?" as Matt was rubbing the
tears away, trying to clear up the redness, nymphets magazzine
hoping that I wouldn't have
"No, don't worry about it, is everything ok with you?" serious
concern coming from my voice.
"Yeah, I'm fine; just stub my toe on the corner here." He was
lying. He was such a pathetic liar. I walked over and hugged him. Not a
lover's hug, you know what I am bbs little nymphet talking about, but more like a comfort hug,
a mother hugging a child when the child had a nightmare.
"Are you sure, I mean, Matt, I know something is bothering you and
I just want us to be honest. Did something happen tonight? Are you hurt?
Did the guys take your news well?"
"You can see right through underage teen nymphet me, can't you Jared (Ah ha!)? Yeah, I
was having some drinks with the guys, having a good ole time just shooting
the shit with them and the subject of next semester came up. I thought,
wow, this would be a perfect segway into the big news I was going to tell
the guys. Anyway, the guys didn't take the news of me leaving very well,
especially once they found out why. The names they called me, I mean I
can't nymphet teenie fuck pic
get over how many derogatory ways that they called me gay, the terms
they used, and then they just started to yell to everyone that I was a
fucking faggot. It was horrible." I stood there in terror as Matt was
telling me all this. "I just had to get younger nymphet
out of there, and I left, but I
didn't want to come back right after, as I thought you were studying or
sleeping, so I just walked around for a bit, just thinking of everything,
but that only made things worse."
"Hey baby, I am so sorry that happened to you. Are you okay? teen asian nymphets What
can I do to help you? "
"Can you hold me?" Wow, every night as we sleep, Matt is always the
one to hold me. He spoons me, I rest on his chest, and this was a real role
reversal in the way we had been since us started our relationship. Whatever
it was, I was going to do what ever it took for Matt to feel as safe as he
always makes me feel. With that we stripped down to our boxers naughty little nymphets
(no nothing
sexual here) and I spooned Matt to make him safe.
"How's this buddy?"
"Great! This is exactly what I need. As attracted as I am to you, I
love the nurturing, kind side of you even more."
We just laid in the bed, not saying a word, I rubbing Matt's bare
chest and six-pack abs gently with my hands, feeling nymphet gymnastics the tiny hairs on his
chest, just trying to relax him. Working real hard, to keep my ever present
boner down, as it was not the best time for Mr. Happy to make an
appearance, but Matt's nice firm ass made that extremely difficult.After about an half hour later, I heard Matt sniffle...
"You ok?"
"Jared, I am scared? (He turned around to look at me.) Is this what
we are going to have to face out east? Is it going to be this hard, this
secretive, this 'abnormal'?"
"I am not going to lie to you Matt. Moncton, maybe a city, but it
isn't Toronto. Even though I haven't spent much time there, the enlightened
people who think gays are equal hasn't hit the east coast in
abundance. There are a lot of people that are totally against gay marriage,
and did some protests and stuff, and a lot of the MP members being
conservative, were the one's trying to go against the idea of teens art nymphets equal
marriage. Moncton, I think is quite liberal in its thinking, young nymphette models gallery but no matter
where we go we are going there will people who suck. (wow, where is this
coming from?" However, Matt, as long as we have got each other , I can say
'screw off' to those who don't like it, and just be nude nymphet photos
with you. Is that's
what is bothering you?"
"Yes, well, no, not really. While I was walking, I was trying to
figure out how to break the news to my folks and grandparents about moving
out east."
"What?!? You haven't told them yet. We are finished in little over
a week. We do you expect to nude nymphets oreteens tell them, as you are going to the
airport. 'Hey Mom, just thought I would tell that instead of flying to
Ottawa, I am going to switch my ticket in a move to Moncton. See you
later.' I mean, how are you going to explain all the gear you are going to
take back with you?"
"I know, naked skinny nymphettes
I sexy teen nymphets know, but I am scared to tell them. I mean, I never told
them that I like guys."
"Wait, I thought you had a serious boyfriend in Toronto, and that
everyone knew?"
"Everyone except for my family, or anyone who would tell me
family. Jared, I told you that I wasn't very close to my family. That we
were rich, cold and distant. Well, in my family, we have a 'reputation' to
uphold. It is more of a don't ask don't tell. It goes from the money that
my grandparents have, the business they run , the nymphet lingerie models
one I nude nymphettes am supposed to run
as soon as my Grand dad retires in about 5-10 years. They are very powerful
people in Toronto, and I am quite certain they are not going to take the
news good."
"I am sure that they will Matt, or at least not punish you for it."
"Oh, I disagree. First off, I am leaving my granddad's alma mater
to a school out east where very little interest is given to their
students. I leaving the place where my family donates a lot of money too,
and moving out east with the MAN I love, as that is nymphets portal sex where he is going to
school. I have heard, my mother and grandmother's talks about this 'friend'
of her's son who is gay. I mean, to them it is just like having leprosy or
something. They are not going to take this well. Wait, what am I going to
do. Once I tell them, there's a good chance I may be banished, or cut off
financially or something. It's not like they are an emotional pillar that I
rely on, but deep down, how they feel does affect me"
"Matt, are you having second thoughts about us, about moving out
east? " I stated in concern. I didn't want to worry him any more, but the
direction of his speech was starting to scare me.
"Hell no! Jared, why do you go right for that. I know I left you
once, but get this through your head. I am with you for the long haul. I
love you more than my own life. You make me feel like nothing I have ever
felt before. COMPLETE. Do you understand that?"
"I do, but what happens if your family doesn't take it well?"
"I don't know, and that what scares me. What if they cut me out,
then I can't afford to go back to school, and will probably be a financial
burden upon you, which in itself sucks as you don't have much either."
"But we'll get through. I know a thing or two about squeezing a
penny. I didn't have the luxurious life that you had. I fought for all
that I have, and my folks have done the thing. We may have a small fixed
income, but we can do it Matt."
"I know, but it doesn't make it any easier."
"Well what if after our Calculus exam, we go to Toronto together to
break the news. I have three days after that exam before can pick up the
U-haul to take my stuff home, and if things go terribly, you can come back
with me."
" Not exactly."
"What do you mean, Not exactly?"
"I haven't told them, but to be honest I wasn't sure if I was."
"Well, you see, my parents have never met you, so I was going to
call you my roommate out east, once I got settled, and claim that we met
there. I am sorry, but the relationship with my folks is a wee bit
different from yours. I have a loving relationship with them. We are very
close, and I rely quite heaving for their emotional support. I also know
the extreme religious background that they have, especially my mother, and
were hoping not pissing nymphets to come out quite yet."
"I am sorry Matt. I don't want you to think that I don't believe in
us, it's just as you are, I am petrified of nymphets your portal
being alienated from my
parents. I hope you aren't mad."
"Jared, I am not mad, a little shocked but not mad. It's just that
how are going to explain to very little underage nymphet your folks bbs archive nymphettes
who I am, if I come home with you?"
"I'll nymphets dark portal
cross that bridge when we get to it. I wasn't going to keep
you a secret for long. Matt, I love you with all my heart, and I feel that
we could be together for the long haul. I guess I just wanted to prolong
the inevitable."
"I understand."
"Matt, You are the most important thing in my life. I want you to
know this. If I have to come out to my parents sooner than I expected, so
be it. I will be at your side for as long as you'll have me, so it might as
well start with your folks. I know I will want you there when I tell my
"I amateur nymphet photos
can't impose you to go to your own funeral. little ladies nymphets If things go as I
expect, I can't ask you to stay for the verbal lashing and abuse that you'd
have to take."
"Alright, you're not asking then. I am demanding that I go and help
you. If at very least, I will be there as support. You can just reach to
me, when things are going rough, and I will stand by you, You will have
someone on your side. " Nothing more on the subject was said that evening. I looked at
Matt, mini nymphet still with a little worry in his face and kissed him. Yes, I did
instigate this kiss. It was a kiss of passion, of desire and of comfort. I
know Matt needed to be with me more than ever, and I knew that I needed him
just as much.
As we were kissing, I noticed that his cock was bulging out of his
fly of his boxers. I felt the flesh touch mine, and the hole in my fly was
open and our cocks seemed to mix as if we were. We both took off our boxers
and went back to the intense passioned filled kissed on each other. Our
tongues were wrestling each other for supremacy, but neither one was
winning, just love that all.
As we were kissing, I kept gently rubbing Matt's ass. Both cheeks
and his crack. He seemed to like that as I could feel the pre-cum drip out
of his oozing dick. Then a moan came out of Matt " I need you inside me."
We had never done this before. I was a complete virgin to the anal
sex concept, and as nervous as I was, I was so turned on by my lover that I
had to comply.
"Where's the lube and the rubbers?" I croaked out.
"Here wait, (he went to the bed side drawer and got the lube and
the box of condoms) FUCK!!! "
"What's wrong?"
"I'm out of rubbers." He looked at me. I looked at him.
Maybe it was the horniness, or the lust but I said." Matt are nude photos of nymphets you
100% sure that you're clean?"
"Yeah, when we broke up a month ago I was tested at the clinic. I
knew it was time of my physical and since I have had sex before the doctor
performed the tests and I am clean. "
"But what about the girls you had in our room at the beginning of
the semester? under nymphet pics I mean some diseases may not truly show up for a year."
"I never fucked any of those chicks. I got some head, even some
lousy head, but I didn't go any further. What about you, are you clean"
"100%. I am a virgin, except for our blow jobs, I am a rookie to
the whole sex thing."
"Aww sweet."
I was horny, and he was making fun of me. I couldn't have any more
distraction when I said "Shut up and kiss me."
That's what happened. We started back up with the kissing, I went to lick
his tits when Matt said "ok, start loosing me up."
"What do you mean?"
"Put some lube on your finger and stick underage teen nymphets
it up my hot ass."
I did what I was told, put the lube on my finger and started
entered his ass.
"Amah ! so cold. Warm up the lube next time."
"Sorry Matt"
"Paybacks a bitch!" and he kissed me to know we were cool, and I
continued what we were doing. His ass felt quite different than I thought
it would. It dark links nymphets bbs wasn't gross, or disgusting. It felt warm and safe. I explored
it, and then Matt said " Stick another one up." I did what I was told,
remember to warm up the lube, and explored some more. then along the lining
I pressed onto this somewhat firm area, and with that a big 'AHHH" escape
I knew I found the g-spot as Matt's cock couldn't get any harder. "
Stick another one up." he said then, and with that, I had three of my
fingers up his ass. After a little more exploration Matt said, " I ready,
please go gentle."
"Let me know If I hurt you Matt, I couldn't stand it. "
I lifted his legs onto my shoulders and replaced his fingers with
my hard cock and slowly went into his ass. A third of the way in, I noticed
a little bit of resistance, and stopped that's when Matt said " keep going,
I need your hard fucking cock in my ass right now!"
Wow, that force, I couldn't disobey now could I. "Ok Captain!" with
that I continued in, and till I had pretty much all the way in.
"Just let me get used to this ok?"
We just stopped, gently touching each other over each other's chest
until he gave the go ahead. Then I started to fuck Matt, at first it was
very gentle. little nude nymphet ukraine I mean, I was too wrapped up with the warmth that his ass gave
to the cock, the pleasure it was giving me, and the beautiful look on
Matt's face, that I was really enjoying this.
I then started to going in and out of MAtt with shorter, faster
strokes. I was trying to eva ionesco nymphets jack Matt off at nymphet bbs portal the same time, but he pushed my
hand away as he was close to cumming and didn't want to go over the edge. I
kept fucking him harder, groaning loader, hearing the neighbours bang on
the walls, but it didn't stop us. We kept going at it, for several minutes
until I couldn't hold it in any more.
"I'm CUMMMINNNNNGGGG!! AAAH!" and I spewed my oozing goodness into
my lover's internal love track. nymphets preten As I was cumming, I rubbed the Head of
Matt's dick a young female nymphets couple times, and sent three or four big gobs of his cum onto
his chest.
It was the most amazing orgasm I had ever had. I mean I am not that
experienced, but this was much better than the great head Matt gives, and
for sure better than the wack jobs my right hand can give me.
My dick slowly left matt's ass, as it started to decrease in
size. No more words were said, as we went to sleep quite soon after. We
didn't even clean up after the sex, we just slept, with Matt in my arms
unknowing how the future naked nymphet photos is turning out. It didn't really matter. Matt is
all that I need in the future, and with t he love we showed each other that
night, I was sure that any future would be great with him.MORE TO COME!Next, the go to Toronto... (Darth Vader's theme music in underaged naked nymphets bbs
the background.)
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