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From: Paul H.Daventon
Subject: Turning The Page--10Disclaimer: This story concerns homosexual men and their sexual activities.
It was inspired by events that might have happened, but didn't. This tale
is entirely fictional. If there are any similarities to actual people,
places or events, it is purely coincidental. If you are under 18 or nude child nymphs
reading this story would be illegal for you in your area or if you don't
like the subject matter, please leave now. Otherwise read on and the
author hopes you enjoy it.Turning the Page 2002 by Paul H. Daventon. All rights reserved. No part of
this book may be used or reproduced in any manner whatsoever without
written permission of the author. If you are enjoying this story, write to
Paul at authorpaulmail.com or authorpaulhotmail.com.
Mike Keith, 28 year old Congressman from Ohio, and 18 year old Brian
Whitlow, former Congressional Page, fall in love in Washington. They travel
to Mike's lake house in Ohio, where Brian is assaulted by a high school
friend of Mike's with a grudge against Mike. Brian saves himself, but the
friend kills himself later in remorse. Police Lieutenant Nils Berger
investigates a possible bomb at Mike's nymphet sexually pics place. Brian's family retainer,
Adam McLeod, an occasional sex partner of Brian, comes to Ohio to help them
and falls in love with Nils. Mike and Brian worried about Mike's
reelection, that their relationship may be revealed. When Brian's father
died recently, Brian found out that Adam is his step-brother. Nils two
sergeants, Rocco Ferallini and Jenny Svenson, a young waiter, Joey Montoni,
Rocco's brother, and Ben Heskett, student at the college, complicate the
story. Mike was in Brian's little car when Rocco, who hates gays
viciously, and thinking Brian was driving, sideswiped the car, wrecking it.
Mike is unconscious, not hurt too badly, and Brian was at his hospital
Nils and Adam begin to realize that they love each other after a
fierce love scene between them. While Mike was in the hospital, Brian stays
by his side and meets Sean Pratt, Mike's nurse, who helps Brian in many
ways. Nils is very sure that his sergeant, Rocco, ran Mike off the road
and that he has been abusing his brother, Joey. Nils witnesses some of
that abuse, accuses Rocco who knocks him out and escapes in Nils' cruiser.
Nils takes Joey and Ben, the new couple, out to Mike's cabin to protect
them from Rocco who has disappeared.
(From the previous chapter) Brian looked at Mike, still in a coma after two days, tried to think
of some way to transfer his thoughts to Mike, make some connection to him
physically. Finally, he made his decision, stripped off down to his
briefs, avoided the IVs and catheter and carefully lay beside Mike, and
wrapped his arms and legs around his partner and lover. Quietly, he began
talking to Mike, "Mike, love, I hope you can hear me and understand what
I'm trying to do. Please wake up and join me, I need you, I love you and
no one else."
Brian lay his head on the pillow, pressed his body to Mike's, and
tried to send his thoughts into Mike's soul.
In the cool, grey haze of early morning Mike's hospital room is dimly
lit, just enough light to see two forms in his bed, covered only by the
sheet. Silence filled the empty room, and Mike is fighting to break
through all the dim mental shadows which have held him captive for three
days since the accident in Brian's car. He is awakening finally, and unable
to comprehend why he is in bed and being held down by a solid naked body
lying mostly on top of him.
He speaks for the first time in thee days, in a soft raspy voice,
"Would you please let me up? I'd like to get up." Mike can't move since
his arms and legs are being held by the person on top. He is fairly weak
after lying in the bed for three days without moving and his efforts to
dislodge the oppressor weighing him down are almost futile.
Mike tried again, louder this time though still softly, "Hey, get off
of me, I can't moved!" He struggled even harder, but made no progress
until he shoved his hips upward against the nude body on him.
A familiar voice mumbled, "What's the matter, what's going on .... "
Brian blinked his eyes a couple times, clearing his vision, then he
exploded, "Mikey, is that you talking to me, Mikey?"
"Brian, my boy, I'm trying to get out from under you. What are you
doing on top of me, and why are you naked ..... " Then he laughed lightly,
"Now those are two dumb questions if I ever heard any."
Brian pushed up with his arms, soon looking down on Mike, his eyes
dripping tears onto his lover's face. "Oh, Mikey, you're back and I'm so
happy." He grabbed Mike tightly, squeezing him forcefully, "Mike, I've
been praying for your return for three days, thank you Lord, thank you."
"Just looking around I can tell I'm in a hospital, I've got IVs and
all sorts of machines around me ...... and .... let me up, Brian, I've got
to pee bad. Please, I don't want to pee all over the bed."
Brian laughed, "Mike, you've been peeing in bed for three days and you
can just keep on. You have a catheter in your penis which does a great
job." He giggled, "Now, just let go and all will be fine."
Mike sounded outraged, "You mean they put a tube up my penis, really?"
Brian calmly reported, "Yes, they did. Now, do you want to know why
you are in this hospital? I better get dressed before I call Sean, even
though it wouldn't matter to him, but he might bring others who sure would
Hopping down from the bed, climbing into his clothes fast, Brian
explained what had happened to Mike, that he'd been watching over him ever
since. deflorated girls nymphets Brian had a remorseful feeling come over him, remembering his brief
time with Sean, already regretting what had happened.
"Brian, the question now is 'when do I get out of here'," Mike was
becoming agitated, "I feel fine - oohh - except for a whale of a headache -
get me some pills, will nymphet oral
"In a few seconds I'm going to call Nurse Sean to tell him you are
awake. That will bring a whole flood of people into this room." He leaned
over Mike and kissed him hard on the lips, rubbing his tongue along the
tender flesh. "I love you so much, Mike, now just relax because it should
be over very soon. You'll probably be sore besides the headache, but there
is nothing serious wrong." He finished dressing, "Here I go."
The young blond pushed open the door and yelled, "Sean, Sean, Mike is
awake, he's awake and talking. Hurry Sean." Almost immediately thundering
feet sounded coming down the hall and Sean burst through the door. He saw
Mike was awake and turned to Brian, grabbing him in his arms.
"You did it, Brian, if anyone brought him back, it was you." He spun
them around and around, making Brian dizzy, but very happy. He'd had faith
that he could help wake Mike by his talking to him and being with him.
Letting go of Brian, Sean turned to Mike, "Congressman, I'll have a
doctor here soon and I'm sure you'll be out of here this morning. However,
I'll have to wait for his instructions before I can relieve you of all
those IVs and wires, so just hang on a little while. Are you hungry?"
"Don't either of you get too close, or I might take a bite - I'm
starving. AND, I want this tube out of my penis. NOW!"
"Mike, I can't even do that without orders. Anyway, you have to be
able to walk to the bathroom, so just chill for a wild nymphet bbs portal
while. Dr. Leonard will
be in soon. OK?"
Gritting his teeth, Mike grudgingly said OK. Then his eyes turned on
Brian and immediately turned loving and grateful, "Thanks Brian for your
help. I'll make it up to you later," he grinned.
Leaving the room, Sean watching the two lovers and smirked at them
holding hands and kissing. "You might want to hold that when the doctor
comes in. He's sympatico, but he doesn't approve of public displays, still
he is a friend!" Sean smiled broadly, tacitly admitting to knowing the
doctor particularly well. Around 11 that morning, Mike was seated in a hospital wheel chair and
was delivered to Adam's big pickup by Nurse Sean Pratt. Dr. Joel Leonard
had appeared in Mike's room around 10 am, examined Mike thoroughly and
pronounced him well enough to go home. Dr. Leonard was medium height, dark
hair, well-tanned with great teeth and a brilliant smile and a great
bedside manner. He had an athletic walk with a relatively small, but
physically developed body.
"Congressman, I want you to take it easy for a while. Your head has
suffered a severe shock that will take time to recover." He leaned over
and whispered, "By that, russia little nymphet
I mean that you should refrain from any sex," he
winked and glanced at Brian, "and since I know that little xxx nymphet will be impossible, and
I don't blame you, let him do all the work. OK?"
Mike reddened with embarrassment and nodded, "Ok, Doc, I'll be
careful." Geez, how many people knew he and Brian are gay. He smiled,
"Thanks." Mike didn't know about Sean's orientation and that he knew about
them from Liz Crouse. Now he knew Sean and Joel.
When he knew what time Mike would be released, Brian had called Adam,
explained that Mike was awake and able to go home about 11 and would he get
his pickup monster to the hospital at that time.
"Hey there, Mike, how ya doin', man," Adam greeted Mike while giving
him a gentle tap in the shoulder, "I'm glad to see you walking about."
Adam helped Mike up into the big truck, then grinned at his friend,
starting the truck and heading for the cabin.
Mike looked at Adam, "And I understand I have you to thank for saving
my butt, my friend, and I want you to know how very much I appreciate your
help." Mike held out his hand toward young nymphet images Adam, waiting until he placed his hand
into it, squeezing it firmly , his emotion close to the surface. But he
only smiled into Adam's face, receiving the same glowing smile from Adam.
Brian, sitting in the minuscule young nymphets cp back seat of the mammoth vehicle,
leaned over the front seats, patting both men on their shoulders, saying,
"Well, Mike's back, and now we go full force toward the election, right?"
He grabbed Mike's hand from his lap, holding it tightly in his own, trying
desperately not to cry, he was so thankful to have Mike back.
Mike answered, "That's right, Brian, and I know I have the best
support group ever, and I mean you guys." He continued, "Let's get home and
start working on it." He squeezed Brian's hand, giving him a loving look,
remembering the naive young man who threw up in Mike's Washington apartment
after drinking too much at a party there. Tears were building up in his
eyes, too, but didn't flow, though he wanted Brian so badly. They would
have a chance to be together soon, maybe that afternoon. Very carefully,
he thought. nymphets models board The big pickup, on tires as big as a Volkswagon bug, stopped by the
cabin. Before Adam could shut the engine off, two squirrely young men ran
from the front door to the truck, opening the passenger door to underage nymphets photos
let Mike
Like twins they said, "Welcome, home, Mr Congressman, welcome. Glad
you're better."
Mike smiled, "Thanks, guys. I've heard a lot about you two, all good
by the way, and I've been wanting to meet you. And I want you to call me
Mike, please. Let's see, you are Joey Montoni, I've eaten at your uncle's
restaurant." Turning to Ben, "And you are Ben Heskett I've been nymphets no nude modles told."
Ben smiled and make a correction, little naugthy nymphets "My real name is Ralph, but I
decided I liked Ben much nymphet boy sex
better so that's what it is." He laughed in his
Both boys shook hands with Mike, very impressed to be shaking hands
with a congressman, especially this congressman since everybody said he is
one of the 'good ones'. They chattered around Mike, exactly like a pair of
squirrels, or maybe chipmunks, asking lots of questions while they walked
into the cabin.
Adam was surprised to find the cabin completely cleaned up, swept,
beds made and everything in order for which he needed to thank the guys.
He was considering the bed problem, who was going to sleep where, now that
they were housing five people. Mike must have been thinking of that
problem, too.
"Adam, I'm going to suggest that Joey and Ben stay in the spare cabin,
just for sleeping since they'll eat with us and party with us. That will
give them some privacy and also protection. What do you think?"
"Good idea, Mike, and how about we get another car for Brian since you
destroyed his other one," he chuckled at his remark as did the others,
"then he can get Joey to work and Ben to the college. I think they can go
there, staying around other people until Brian can bring them back here."
"Adam, you are always one step ahead of me. That's great, can you see
to the car and I'll get some rest while Brian shows Joey and Ben the little
Joey rushed to speak, "Mr. Congr ... I mean Mike, Adam has already
shown the cabin to us last evening. That will be great with us. We
appreciate all that you've done for us."
Ben dittoed, "That's right, we appreciate everything, Mike."
"Ben," Mike spoke quietly, "I understand you have been caught up in
Rocco's vengeful attack on Joey, and also that you and Joey have become
partners, is that right?"
Ben's face reddened, but his eyes looked directly into Mike's dark
ones as he admitted to those facts, "Yes, Mike, I have Joey to thank for
helping me with my problems, and I'm happy to do anything to repay him for
"I also understand that you had a chance to escape from Rocco's
whipping Joey, but you stuck by him and got some of the belt yourself.
That takes a real man to show nymphet girl photos
just what he is made of." Mike paused, then
acquired a crooked smile, "How does your butt feel now? Should we put
something on it to help?"
Ben got even redder, but still stood up to Mike, "Well," he simpered,
"I have to admit to a little stinging still, but not bad any more." He
joked with Mike, "Thanks for asking."
At that, everyone laughed at Ben's banter. He was quickly making
himself a significant part of this group of intelligent, congenial and
active men, so similar and yet so individual.
"Ok, Ben and Joey, why don't you take your bags and settle into the
other cabin since you know where it is. You will find intercom near the
sink which will ring a bell here in this cabin. There is no phone between
the two, but you can explain what's happening and we'll come running, you
believe it!" Mike hoped nothing threatening would happen to the boys,
nothing more than they had already endured. "When you are settled in, come
back here and lunch will be ready. At least I hope it will be ready,
right, Adam?"
The two young men started toward the door but stopped when Adam spoke,
"Wait a minute, guys, I have something for you." He moved quickly to the
bathroom, emerging with a bag which he gave to them. He smiled broadly,
"Ok, now you can go." Adam had a shrewd idea that Ben would be losing his
virginity very soon.
As they nodded their heads, Joey and Ben took off for the small cabin,
absolutely overjoyed to have someplace to be together that was private and
also safe, so they couldn't keep from smiling broadly, and laughing
together. They would laugh more when they get to their cabin and open the
bag Adam gave them filled with condoms and a jar of Albolene!
Mike went into his and Brian's bedroom, deciding he'd had enough
activity for a while and needed a restful nap. Brian went along to keep
him company, ignoring Adam's smirking grin, knowing that he belonged with
Mike now, nowhere else.
Adam watched Ben and Joey race out of the cabin on the way to their
new personal space, and he couldn't help visualizing the wild time they had
last night in his bed. Even though Ben had practically no experience in
man to man sex, he showed no reticence to joining their games, in fact he
demonstrated a genuine natural affinity to loving the male body, thoroughly
enjoying giving and receiving.
Adam's main objective was to have Ben make love to Joey with his help
and show Joey that having a penis up his ass could be a most wonderful
sexual experience, since Nils had told Adam about Joey's forced sex by his
brother, Rocco.
After Adam had carried Joey and Ben from Mike's bed and had thrown
them on his own bed in the living room, he grabbed each of their nymphet nude model cocks,
already hard and swollen since they had started their own playing in Mike's
bed. The two pricks were not twins, but were very similar, both
circumcised and about 6 inches long, medium thickness, both with a dark
pink head and lighter skin on the shaft. As Adam worked the two cocks,
they drooled pre-cum from the head and dripped down the sides allowing his
hands to slide easily over the soft, satin skin. Soon he knelt between the
two boys, boys who were 18 and actually boys growing rapidly into men, bent
his head over their crotches. His tongue thrust from his lips, lightly
tipping the juicy heads, fully swollen and pulsing with their heartbeat,
finally wrapping itself around one head, then the other.
Moans and groans projected from Ben's and Joey's throats while their
bodies squirmed and twisted under Adam's caressing of their cocks, up until
Joey turned toward Ben and grabbed his head pulling Ben's lips onto his own
lips. They kissed with such lust and desire, juices flowing between their
tongues and mouths, that their pricks expanded even more, filling Adam's
grip with hot, naked dick flesh. Both boys humped their hips upward trying
to sink into Adam's hot, moist mouth to find that torturing tongue.
Adam moved the boys apart and got between them , lying on his back
with one arm around each boy, embracing them to his hot body. He felt a
need to talk to them so they understand what was going on and what he
desired from them.
"Do you both realize how beautiful you are? How sexy you look? How
attractive you are? Just in case you don't, I'm going to tell you. Your
naked bodies are so similar even though your features are quite different.
You are slender, almost thin, but yet so solid with defined muscles giving
you really hard bodies."
As he stopped, he noticed both boys were red with embarrassment, their
eyes lowered in confusion and chagrin. He smiled broadly and turned to
each face in turn, giving both a really sloppy kiss, nipping their lips
softly with his perfect white teeth.
"Don't be embarrassed, please, I think you two are the greatest and my
fondest hope is that you will become partners like Mike and Brian .... oops
..... oh well, I guess you knew that, didn't you?"
Ben answered, "Yeah, Adam, we had that all figured out." He looked at
Joey and after they grinned at each other, said, "And, Adam, we also have
something else all figured out ... about you." They broke out in
tantalizing laughter while their older friend tried to tickle their ribs to
stop their laughing.
Putting a serious face on, Adam asked, "And just what would you know
about me, you little guttersnipes, you babes in the woods."
They continued to laugh and giggle until Ben could control himself and
"We know that you and Lieutenant Berger are in love nymphets cartoon sex - don't deny it,
we've both seen you two together, pretending to ignore each other. And
..... we think it's cute."
Ben and Joey again broke into gales of laughter, but this time they
pressed their naked bodies hard against Adam, rubbing his chest and abdomen
muscles, finally gripping Adam's hard cock like the handle of a baseball
bat, pretending to fight over who won the turn.
"If you will be more careful with my precious interstellar rocket, I
will talk about it."
Calming their vigorous assault on the magnificent 8" prick of Adam's,
they agreed to be more patient.
"First, none of this goes beyond you two, tell no one else. Nils is
concerned about his police position and how that might be affected.
Agreed?" They nodded.
"Ok, yes, we are seeing each other and I, especially, am hoping more
will come of our relationship, such as it is, since we haven't been
together much. That's it." He waited a moment, "Joey, I realize that your
brother has been abusing you, especially fucking you when you don't want to
be fucked. What I want to do is show you that having anal sex can be the
most beautiful thing. Can you tell me if you ever climaxed while Rocco was
screwing you?"
Remembering what he didn't want to, he blushed and nodded
'yes'. "Sometimes."
"You know what I think, Joey, I think you need someone who loves you
to make love to you, to fill you with his devotion and adoration, pulling
you into his affection and emotion." He paused, looking into Joey's eyes
kindly, sympathetically, "What do you think?"
Adam noticed that Joey looked directly at Ben, deeply into his eyes,
smiling, smirking and sniggering, and said, "Yeah, Adam, I specially need
that. And I have a candidate for the job."
"Hmmm, I wonder just who that could be, could it be ... ah .... maybe
.... this great big dick right here?" He grabbed Ben's still solid cock,
straight and tall and pulsing, also drooling a flood of his pre-juices,
"Could it be?"
Joey smiled bashfully, "Yes," he stuttered, "I wanted to ask him to
screw me last night, but even I knew he wasn't ready for that. Maybe you
can help us? Huh, Uncle Adam?" He giggled again adorable nymphet teenagers at his juvenile title for
Ben joined in the giggling, still holding on to Adam's cock. "Say,
Joey, is Adam's cock bigger that your brother's cock? Is it?"
"Hell, yes. That's why, even though I'd like to have it, I'm not
suggesting that Adam push that thing up my rear, it's too damn big." He
grabbed a piece of the subject of their conversation, "How about you Ben,
how'd you like that thing up your rectum. Wouldn't that be neat?" He
laughed again, "What I want, Ben, is this!" and Joey reached over to hold
tightly to Ben's nice six inches, jacking it to greater proportions.
"Ok, kids, let Uncle Adam talk now." He poked each of them in the
ribs, quieting them down, "Ben, you watch how I set Joey up to prepare him
for your cock. Then, I'll leave and let you two go at it. Joey, you know
how much I'd love to love your ass, but I'm too big, too old and too much
of a man for you." He started smiling at Joey who frowned at him, but
abruptly pulled Joey into his arms, hold the naked boy against his mature
man's body, speaking softly, "Joey, you are a man's dream come true, and
I'd give a lot to make love to you. It's no wonder that your brother was
always after you, you give any man palpitations of his sex rod."
After holding Joey for a moment, during which Joey also held and
rubbed this vigorous, vital man's nude body, he again whispered, "And now,
I want you to nymphet boards think of your sensations and nerve impulses as they are
stimulated and enjoy all that happens. Give your whole body to me, put
yourself into my hands." He kissed Joey lightly on the lips, savoring the
sweetness of his mouth and excited breathing.
Adam had Ben by his side as he flipped Joey on his stomach, admiring
his tapered back, narrow waist and full melon buttocks which he rubbed and
licked and kissed, slowly working his way between the globes, sliding his
wet tongue along the split and into the chasm. Ben was helping by rubbing
Joey's back and shoulders, lying by his side and kissing his face and hair
with devotion and love.
Adam was then holding Joey's buttocks apart revealing his pink bud, a
little darkened by his recent treatment from Rocco though the bruising was
fast disappearing. He started with his tongue on Joey's perineum between
his legs, touching the wrinkled scrotum, wetting that then drawing it
slowly toward his anus, closer and closer, then sliding over it until he
reached the coccyx at the lower end of the spine. Adam repeated that
slippery slide about ten times, until he heard Joey moaning quietly, then
not so quietly.
Now that he had Joey's attention, Adam formed his tongue into a point
with which he pierced the boy's anus, feeling the softness and some of the
hardness of the sphincter, repeatedly penetrating into the boy's rectum.
Joey was now pushing his butt up into Adam's face, wanting more and more,
noticeably hyperactive and impassioned, loving Adam's tongue just where it
"Ben, would you hand me that jar of Albolene just under the bed on
your side."
"Thanks, now watch Ben, how I apply some to Joey's anus, it's very
slippery and not so messy as most," he bent over and asked, "Is it all
right so far, Joey?"
"Adam, it is so all right, I may cum very soon."
"No, you can't do that, Joey, let me know if you are getting close and
I'll move back."
Adam motioned Ben to sit on the bed beside him between Joey's legs and
put some grease on his finger to enter Joey's anus and rub around the tight
circle. This he did and Joey said he loved it. Adam told him to keep
greasing and adding fingers until his lover felt discomfort which is when
he should let them know.
Ben slowly and gradually added more grease and more fingers until he
had four nymphets defloration pics
fingers in Joey's rectum, turning and stretching the anus and
sphincter. Now Ben's fingers weren't very thick though they were long, but
since four of them didn't give Joey any trouble, Adam thought he had enough
extending and told Ben to wipe his fingers on his dick, then get behind
Joey who had lifted his butt high above two pillows Adam had put under him.
"Now, Ben, you are going to do this very gently, slowly and with great
concern for your partner. You love him and don't want to hurt him, which
you could if you don't take care."
Ben placed the bulging, red head of his cock just against Joey's anus
and bent over his lover, "Joey, you know I love you, and I want you to
consider this your first and only anal sex - anything that went before is
forgotten. OK?"
"Ben, you know I love you, now ease that slippery rudder into me, into
my guts and show me that you really love me. Cum inside me, nymphets nude pedo bbs Ben, do it!"
Ben grasped Joey by his hips, holding his body steady while he thrust
his own hips forward between the two guardian mounds of his hole and his
cock slipped into Joey's rectum with no trouble at all. Ben damn near came
but was able to hold on while he pushed all the way in. Joey's loud moans
showed his passions were at new heights, excitement he'd never felt
before. He later said he'd never felt so complete and at one with anyone as
he felt with Ben inside of him and pouring the torrents of pulsing semen
into his innards.
Suddenly Joey shouted, "God, oh God, I'm coming, Ben, I'm
coming. Hurry, man, hurry, come with me, inside me."
Ben started humping as fast as he could, setting up a rhythm he'd
never tried before, but that came automatically to him, shoving his swollen
prick slickly into Joey's anus and up his rectum, so excited and so turned
on that he then yelled, "It's here, Joey, it's here, I'm shooting inside
your body." He reached under Joey, found his bouncing cock and used his
hand to pull the cum out of him, out onto Adam's bed, splashing Joey's
white, clotted seed into puddles on the sheets. Ben came and came, in a
sexual daze, unable to control his emotions or movements.
Joey's knees relaxed and the two of them fell onto the bed, Ben on top
and still penetrating Joey's ass with his big cock. They panted and sweat,
holding each other, kissing the swollen lips and fluttering the slippery
Adam tried to control himself, but when the boys exploded, his body
reacted so heatedly and hot-bloodedly that he came all over himself,
running to the bathroom shower before they came back to reality and notice
how much he was affected by their climaxes. . Later, all three having showered, they sat around the table with
coffee and doughnuts, Joey and Ben basking in the glow of their own
satisfaction and happiness, deeply involved in each other. Adam tried
making conversation, wondering how they felt, how they liked the
experience, but any answers received were monosyllabic. Joey loved it and
so did Ben. And that was that.
Adam answered the phone to hear Roy MacLean, their accountant, ask for
"Sorry, Roy, Brian is at the hospital with Mike, he's still
"Adam, I'm very sorry to hear that."
"We're hoping he'll wake soon, otherwise he's fine. Brian thinks
he'll wake tomorrow, but they just don't know. Brian might just be a bit
over confident.
Roy explain that he needed to see Brian and Adam right away, with the
present financial condition of the country, he needed to talk to them.
"And now don't tell me to do what ever I think best. I have to have
some direction now."
Adam thought, then suggested, "Roy, we just can't come there now. How
about you hop a plane tomorrow, use our credit card, and get here as fast
as you can. Can you carry enough papers to work from out here? Also, we
have plenty of computer power and internet connections."
"I guess I can, not much going on around here, Adam. Oh, by the way, I
just found out that I passed the bar - so I'm now a legal eagle for real."
"Roy, that is the greatest." He tried to sound annoyed, "I suppose
now you'll want a raise or something."
Roy laughed loudly and justifiably proud, "That's something else we'll
have to talk about. I'll get the next plane out to River City in the
morning and I'll call with my ETA. OK?"
"Fine, Roy, see you then. And thanks." Adam watched Mike and Brian enter the bedroom and shut the door,
hoping they get a restful sleep together. He knew that Brian has spent
many waking hours beside Mike's bed the last three days, worried about Mike
and their future. Since they only had breakfast at the hospital, he
decided to make a decent lunch for them, they probably would appreciate
At the River City airport Nils was at the main desk, running through
the recent flights and passenger lists to see if Rocco might had escaped
them by getting a jet to anywhere else. So far he hadn't found his name,
or one that might be a fake name, when he overheard the conversation next
to him. He had noticed a young man, looking anxious, wandering around the
information desk, a great sight for Nils' roving eye, medium height,
dressed up but still not disguising his hot physique, and that proud butt
that drew Nils' attention immediately.
"Can I help you sir,?", the information clerk on the desk asked the
"Yes, I just got in and was expecting to be met, but think I've been
stood up," he smiled. "I'm supposed to be meeting with Congressman Keith
and I guess I need some directions .... "
Nils had looked to see the tall young man, late 20s and spoke up, "I
might be some help, I'm Lieutenant Berger of the city police. I know Mike
very well."
Roy MacLean turned to Nils and smiled, "Oh, yes, Lieutenant, Mike has
mentioned you a tiny shaved nymphet number of times. I'm Roy MacLean I caught this flight early
this morning and left my arrival time on his voice mail, which he probably
hasn't heard, as usual."
The two men smiled and shook hands, obviously sizing up each other,
making some quick judgments about each other's physical attributes and
looks. A wave of sensual interest shook Nils to his toes, even though he
was in love with Adam, he couldn't resist the voluptuous shock to his
nervous system. This man was hot, hot, hot! While still shaking hands,
Nils felt his photos nymphets cock push up inside his briefs, thrusting out of his foreskin
to emerge above his underwear against his abdomen near his belly
button. Fortunately his jacket covered the snake's movement.
Roy released his hand from their handshake more quickly than Nils and
turned to find his bags on the floor near his feet.
"Roy," Nils spoke quickly, "I am almost finished with my business
here, if you can wait just a few minutes, I'll run you out to the Keith
compound." He smiled at Roy, pleased to find a return smile on Roy's face,
a smile that included the depths of his eyes.
"Thanks, that will be great." Roy turned away from Nils, looking
around the airport waiting room, walked a nymphets in pantyhose
few yards away to search a rack
of magazines. Nils' eyes left the flight lists he'd been inspecting to
follow the young man with the body, especially a very proud butt, narrow
but full and ripe for the picking. 'Hmmm,' Nils thought, 'wonder if it has
ever been plucked.'
The uncut cock in his pants insisted on swelling to a record length
while Nils continued to undress Roy's slim, obviously sturdy body, just
waiting for someone to awaken him. Nils doubted that Roy was gay, just a
hunch, but also felt that maybe Mr. MacLean had never been seriously,
expertly approached by a earnest student of the art. His mind had dropped
the tight khakis to his feet, exposing those glorious half globes of hard
buttocks, lightly spread with fine dark hair which carelessly slipped into
the split between them. That chasm was shadowed with darkness from the
depths with an air of mystery about them.
Nils' mind overdid its abilities by imagining Roy bending over, hands
practically on the floor, just so he could penetrate the dusky nether
regions to see the pink wrinkled orifice that was his asshole. With that
thought Nils' cock again surprised him by pouring forth a stream of
pre-cum, dampening his abdomen, shorts and pants with its slippery
slickness, caring not a nymphet naked pictures bit about embarrassing its boss.
That overgrown piece of his anatomy sometimes acted as is were the
tail wagging the dog, just taking over his mind and senses, as it did now
by assuring Nils that he could easily slip between those sublime butt
cheeks to penetrate and ravish that nymphet galleries nude ass to the hilt. Nils took a deep
breath and finally succeeded in regaining control of his feelings. Almost
too late. The blond cop had damn near cum just standing there watching over
a hot ass.
Suddenly, Roy turned around, catching Nils staring directly at his
behind, but appearing to be in a fog, though he quickly recovered, coughed
a little, then tidied up the papers which he handed back to the information
clerk. "Thanks, Jack, but I had no success. If you can remember anything
else, let me know." Nils smiled at the young man, shorter and lightweight,
but his jeans were packed tightly in the crotch with some impressive
equipment. 'Jack Hertz looks like someone I should "investigate" later
on', he thought. Nils Berger has taken to this gay life with a large
helping of wandering eyes, finding sexy bodies all over the city. One
experience with the sex guru of River City, Adam, set him off on the road
to extreme male passion.
Turning his mind off sex for the moment and onto Roy again, "Well,
Roy, let's get on the road." And he thought, 'maybe this damn cock with
whither away on the trip, but probably not.'
They heading out to Nils' cruiser, becoming better acquainted along
the way. Roy asked, "Do you know how Mike is, has he wakened?"
"Yes, he went home this morning, " looking at his watch, "not very
long ago now. I would imagine he's resting, but I'm sure Adam is busy
taking care of Brian and Mike."
Roy nodded to that, "Adam would be taking care of everything, that's
his way." He paused, "Brian and Adam are actually my clients, but since I
knew they were with Mike, I assumed finding Mike would be the easiest way."
Nils unlocked his cruiser to let them in and once on the way to
Mike's, "Roy, Adam called me last night after he'd talked to you. I
understand that congratulations are in order, passing the bar is a huge
step in your career."
"Yes, thanks. I think Adam is mostly afraid that I've automatically
become much more expensive for them. I'm their financial consultant, too,
and I know he can afford me easily." Roy laughed, "And I know just how much
to hit them up for. Even more, I think Mike will be a client, too. Keep
it all in the family, so to speak."
"Good idea." Nils glanced at this young man, not really handsome, but
nice looking. And his body appeared to be in great shape, somewhat in the
order of Joey or Ben. A full head of very dark hair complimented his
creamy white skin, still with a blush on his cheeks, belying his age. Nils
was committed to Adam, but would like to get to know this attractive man if
only as a friend.
"So, Roy, you do live in Washington or Arlington?"
"I live in Arlington in a loft I've been working on for 4 years so
far, trying to make a very large single open room into a home." Roy
laughed, "I'll probably finish it within the next five to ten years, if I'm
"I'd love to see it sometime, Roy, I have an old farm house on which
I've spent a lot of time and money restoring to its former glory, well,
former appearance. I'm going to have everybody out soon for a party."
Roy looked at Nils, smiled his appreciation, "Sounds good, but I don't
know how long I'm going to be working here in River City. "
By the time Nils and Roy drove in the lane to Mike's cabin, Adam's
lunch was ready and fortunately he had make plenty since the new arrivals
were rather hungry. Roy had been amazed at the view of Mike's cabin, the
lake and surrounding woods, the colors, the peaceful stillness and scents
of pine, cedar and a slight tinge of bass.
"You know, Nils, a man could spend a long time absorbing the beauty,
the virtue and the merit of all this," he swung his arm illegal nymphets models in a circle,
indicating the apparent glories of the local nature., "and I may be tempted
to do it."
"Good idea. Come on, Roy, lets meet the local natives and the one
foreigner besides you, that's Brian, of course."
When Adam's generous lunch had disappeared gratefully, the
conversation turned to Roy and his prospects for staying with them a while.
Mike, looking better all the time, said, "Roy, I'm afraid we've run
out of space here in the cabin and the little cabin, but I'm sure we can
find ...."
"Hey, Mike," Brian broke in, "why don't I see if Roy could stay with
Sean in his big apartment. It's very nice and has plenty of room. And it
is close to the campaign headquarters if that helps."
"He showed you his apartment?" Mike asked.
Brian looked at Mike unabashedly, "Yes, yesterday afternoon I was
completely flaked out, and he took pity on me and let me stay there to get
a good rest. You weren't making any progress toward waking up, so I
accepted." He thought a moment, "I guess I must have gotten 3 or 4 hours
sleep. Really needed that." Anything else that happened during that time
he put out of his mind.
"Well, we'll have to thank Sean, good man and a great nurse, too."
"Ok, let me try to get Sean, I think he's on break now." Brian walked
out onto the front porch and reached the hospital only to be told that Sean
had left on his break. After thanking them, he tried Sean's fancy apartment
and knew immediately he had awakened Sean from his "'Lo" into the phone.
"Sean, this is Brian."
Silence. But then a yell, "Brian, how are ya' man? You get Mike home
Brian chuckled to himself, "Yes, Sean, very well and he wants me to
thank you so much for everything."
"My pleasure. And thanks for your kindness, too."
Brian hesitated, "Ah, Sean, please forgive me, but I'm regretting that
very much now."
"Brian, listen to me. I admit I took advantage of you, you were so
tired, practically out on your feet. sex nymphet video You shouldn't feel guilty. I also
admit I was very attracted to you, but I also knew you and Mike were
partners. It's all my fault. Don't blame yourself."
"Thanks, Sean, I guess I feel most guilty because I enjoyed it so
"Isn't it better with Mike, though?"
His answer was simple. "Yes"
Neither spoke for a while. Brian said, "Sean, I have a request I'd
like to make of you. My accountant and financial consultant has flown in
from Washington and we are full up at the cabin. I was wondering if you
might put him up for a couple of days?"
Sean didn't answer right away so Brian continued.
"Sean, he's about 28 years old, dark hair, blue eyes and, even though
I haven't seen it, has a great body. He isn't gorgeous, but he is
good-looking and just passed the bar and I guess will be our lawyer, or at
least one of them."
"Man, Brian, you have caught my attention. Of course, I'd like to put
up your man. He does sound interesting. When can you bring him over?"
"Well, we'll working on our finances all afternoon, but will be
finished with dinner elite nymphets passwords about 7 so soon after that. Would that be OK?"
"Oh, man, just bring him on, I'll do my best to .... ah ... well, I'll
try to entertain him."
"Ah .... take it easy, Sean. I don't know much personal stuff about
him, but I think he is straight. Anyway, thanks a lot, Sean. Bye"
Adam left the cabin to head in to town. While climbing into his
truck, he happened to glance toward the little cabin in the woods and
thought he saw a couple very naked young men scampering through the trees
toward the photos pre nymphets lake. They were maybe fifty yards away, so his view was not
close, however he was pretty sure he saw what he thought he saw. Smiling
to himself, he hoped they would be happy and successful together. They
both deserved some good times.
He was headed for the city to find car rental and just remembered that
he should have someone with him to bring the car back. The appropriate one
would be Brian, but he was busy at the moment. 'Oh well, he thought, I'll
get them to deliver it. Probably cost a little more, but what the hell.' Mike woke first, seeing immediately in front of his nose his partner,
Brian Whitlow, still asleep, so attractive and tempting that Mike
desperately wanted to have wild, romantic sex with him. Thinking of
Dr. Leonard's orders when he left the hospital, he knew that some restraint
was needed. Each of them had stripped to their briefs when they lay on
Mike's bed for a rest without even a sheet on top of them. The room was
very warm, but still fairly dry, not muggy like Ohio summer days often are.
Mike was pleased when he noticed that Brian's cock was completely
erected in his briefs, stretched over one thigh toward his hip, with a wet
spot on the briefs where his cockhead oozed. Maybe he's dreaming of me,
Mike thought. Very carefully, Mike pulled Brian's briefs down to release
his cock which stood almost straight up from his crotch, then relaxed
slightly onto his abdomen.
Lowering his face to just above Brian's cock, Mike could see all the
minute veins of the prick, the fatter ones and the lower conduit
underneath, and could smell Brian's aroma, his own personal aura that Mike
loved so well.
Laying his tongue on the cockhead, the older man gently slid the
sensory tip over the red, swollen glans, under and around the flange,
detecting those vaporous scents that made up his aroma; some pee, some
soap, nymphet model photos
some perspiration, and something else undefinable. Sliding his
tongue up and down Brian's shaft, he sensed the soft, smooth skin against
which he pushed., then sucking all along the turgid rob. Mike also stuck
his tongue into Brian's blond pubic hair, trying to wind it around and
around, drooling his juices on the strands, making it lie flat on his
Mike couldn't see Brian's balls, still hidden in his briefs, but he
could handle them, rolling the egg shaped orbs in his fingers, being very
careful of them. His other hand clenched the rising cock, now fully taut
and rigid, slowly moving the supple skin up and down the length, pushing
the skin over the cockhead, then back to the base. Holding tightly he
began to speed up the movement, squeezing the strong muscle firmly. When
he sensed that Brian was ready to shoot, Mike slid his mouth over the
spongy head, then slipped it deep into his throat.
Brian's body had been gradually becoming more active, jerking and
snapping as his arms and legs responded to Mike's attention, yet not coming
awake. From the free gallery nymphet
increasing fervor of the movements, Mike believed he was
ready as he plunged onto the stiff pulsing cock, tonguing tiny nymphet incest the cockhead with
firm swipes on the spongy flesh. When Brian's body tightened into a rigid
bundle of muscles and nerves on the edge of explosion.
When he let go, his lover could hardly hold the amount of semen in his
mouth, swallowing as quickly as he could, thrilling with the taste of his
partner's juices, oozing down his throat but leaving plenty for his tongue
to savor.
As he let Brian's prick slip from his mouth, Mike realized that Brian
was awake and sobbing softly into the pillow, his body twitched and jerked
as his sobs become stronger and seemingly uncontrolled. Mike lay beside
his lover, holding him tightly, talking quietly to him.
"What is it, Brian, why are you crying?" He caressed Brian's hair,
pulling his head into his chest, petting his whole body. "Brian, if I did
something wrong, please tell me. I'm sorry if I did, I hoped I would make
you feel good."
Brian tried to talk, but whooped air into his heaving chest, "M...
M... Mike ... oh .. oh no, I can't .... " He started sobbing again,
holding on to Mike's shoulders and back, "You ... you .. you'll hate me.
I couldn't stand that, Mikey, I love you so much."
Mike's voice was terse and slightly impatient. "Brian, just tell me
what's happened."
"Ok, nymphets child kidz Mike", and he told Mike about his experience with Sean.
"Mike, I'm so sorry. I was so tired, scared and overwrought that I
didn't know what to do. I think I wanted forums pics nymphets russian someone to comfort me and I chose
the wrong person. Mike I didn't mean to have anything happen, I wanted to
be able to relax and rest. I did that."
Mike didn't want to say anything before he could decide what would be
"Brian, I love you just as much as I did 10 minutes ago, and I always
will." He looked at the clock, "Crap, I was supposed to meet with Liz in
15 minutes." He looked at Brian's tortured face, and kissed him tenderly,
"Come with me, Brian, and we'll talk about this later - maybe in bed
tonight, would that be OK?"
Brian nodded slowly, not quite ready to feel relieved yet. "Ok, let's
After a very fast trip in Mike's Mustang to his election headquarters,
they each exited their door when Mike spoke, "Wait a second, Brian, it's
going to be OK, believe me, but could you put a happier face on? It would
look more natural, more you." He grinned at his lover, and said, "We don't
know why Liz wanted me here or what the situation is, but always put on a
confident, pleasant expression."
Brian did smile, he felt better, "Ok, Mike, I'll do my best."
"That's my boy, you go ahead to your work when we go in, I'll see
what's going on." He put his arm around Brian's shoulders in a friendly
hug, then let Brian go first into the office.
The office was busy, the election would be held in a couple months and
those would be very hectic, frantic months full of expectations, hope and
fears, disappointments and reversals. But the candidate would have to
always present a positive, assured position, no question of failure or
As soon as Liz saw Mike come through the doors, she turned toward him,
her expression was one of welcome relief, yet showing an underpressure of
"Hi, Mike, glad you dropped in and glad you're feeling better." She
reached him and with a hand on his back, "There's someone waiting to see
you, Bradford Stone, our esteemed head of the party county council, and I
don't know what is up, but he doesn't look very friendly."
"Well, don't worry, Liz, I'll talk to the man and try to find out.
Like I told Brian, put on a happy face and we'll survive."
Mike walked confidently into the workroom, noticing as he entered, the
table and chairs where he and Brian had sex not long ago. However, one
look at Bradford Stone told him that he should put that out of his mind for
a while.
"Hi, Mike," Bradford Stone greeted Mike, "good to see that you are
recovering from the accident, though I nymphets pis guess it wasn't an accident, was
"Bradford (no one called him Brad)," Mike started to hold out his
hand, but the other man turned nymphet junior tgp
away quickly, "I'm glad to see you. How can
I help you?"
Bradford sat in one of the old chairs, indicating that Mike should sit
in another. Then he sat, looking at his hands, folded in his lap. "Mike,
some things have come up that you and I must address, quickly. There are
rumors floating around about you that must be contradicted by you, and
Mike calmly look Bradford in the eyes, "And I suppose you are going to
tell me what those rumors are all about, since I have no idea what they
might be. Something vicious, I imagine."
"Now, Mike, don't be busty young nymphets spiteful, just hear me out, please." Bradford
Stone was best at a sort of smarmy tact and wheedling attitude supposed to
bring any opponent to his side. He often had some success at it.
Mike nodded slowly, indicating he could continue.
"There have been rumors going around River City about you, about you
possibly being a homo, a queer, a fag, you know, one of that kind. You are
going to have a press conference to deny and challenge those rumors."
Mike stood up, walked slowly around the room while his temper cooled a
bit before he made an answered the party leader.
"Brad," Mike said that on purpose, "I can't believe that you are
talking to me about this. You say there are rumors. If there are, where
are they from, who told you, and mainly why would you believe them, enough
to face me with it."
Bradford seemed very confident, "I heard them around and we talked it
"What! Around where? Just who are the 'we' who talked it over?"
"Well, the party council, of course."
Mike looked at Bradford , stared at him with undisguised disgust.
"You heard some rumors and took them to the council and discussed
"Sure, why not?"
"You are spreading rumors, and now the council is spreading them too,
the validity of which you have no idea, which you have not investigated and
which you haven't even given me the courtesy of being the first to know of
your activities. I should have been the very first one to hear of your
'rumors'." He walked around the other man, closely, looking down at his
bald, shiny head. "Besides slandering me, you may be fouling up my - our -
chances in the election."
Brad looked up at me, "But, Mike, you know that a gay man can not be
elected to Congress. Whether you are a fag or not, if they think you are,
that would do it."
Exasperated with him, Mike sat on the table, close, and explained,
"Brad, you certainly don't know your history. Listen to these names:
Barney Frank (MA), Jim Kolbe (AZ) and Steve Gunderson (WI). Remember them,
Brad, because they are well known gays who have bbs nymphet magazine been elected to
Congress. And they did well in spite of all the hatred, malice and road
blocks put in front of them.
"About these rumors, I won't affirm or deny anonymous rumors, that's a
given. Also, you better get busy to squash the rumors, because if I'm
stabbed in the back with the election just two months away, you are going
to be stuck finding someone who can beat Harry (Hayseed) Hayward, even if
he is an asshole and pond scum."
Brad stayed nonnude nymphets models quiet, trying to figure out how he was going to get out of
this situation.
"Maybe I better give you some information. If some people are
concerned because I have two men staying with me at my cabin, these two men
are campaign workers from Washington whom I have brought here to help.
Their names are Brian Whitlow and Adam MacLeod, Liz can give you more
information if you want it." Mike leaned very close to Brad and whispered,
"These two men by themselves could buy and sell you and your council one
hundred times over without causing a ripple in their net worth. Check it
out if you want." He turned away from Brad, walking to the closed door,
"and no more about rumors or I'll really get angry."
"Mike, wait .... I didn't mean ... "
By that time Mike was out of the room, and across the large office to
talk to Liz. He explained to Liz what had been discussed, told her to give
him any information he asked for and it would be all free young nymphets porn
right, then walked
over to Brian and said they were leaving - now.
Mike put down the convertible top, wanting to let the air clear his
head from the trash stuck there by that bastard Bradford Stone. He
promised himself to see that Bradford Stone soon
would 'get his'. Mike told Brian what his conversation had covered and
how he had responded.
"Geez, Mike, won't that just get us into trouble?"
Mike had started the car, driving down the main street toward their
cabin, waving occasionally at friendly constituents on the sidewalks,
keeping up a happy face toward the public.
"I have to meet with a women's group later this afternoon, and I'd
like you to come with me." He looked at Brian and smiled, "You are so
beautiful, man, that they'll wet their drawers when they see you."
Brian giggled and blushed, "Aw, Mike, that's not true."
"You just wait preyeen nymphets sites and see. We're headed for the cabin to change into
good clothes. These ladies like to see us all spiffied up. We'll also be
having supper there." He laughed too, "Forget that bastard. He's not
going to cause any more trouble, I hope. I'm just worried about the
problems he's caused already. I really would shoot him if I felt I could
get away with it."
Brian was almost frantic with worry about Mike, wondering what he was
going to say about Brian's experience with Sean Pratt yesterday afternoon.
He thought, 'how could he have been so dumb, he just let the sensual moment
take over his brain and heart. Please, Mikey.'
Mike and Brian parked beside the cabin and weren't surprised to see
Joey and Ben lying on the beach on a large towel, asleep, gathering some
rays, but nymphet russian underage not touching. At least they were wearing something, very brief
swim suits. Brian snickered, "Mike, I bet I know why they are so tired,
cause they probably never stopped last night until they fell unconscious."
Mike smiled warmly, "I'm so happy for those two, getting out from
under a very bad situation, and I know that Joey will be a much happier
young man. He should be because he has a fine young man of his own. They
just belong to each other."
As they watched, Ben's arm reached out until his hand rested in Joey's
Brian looked at Mike, "Just like you and me."
Mike reached out and hugged Brian to himself, "Yes, Brian, just like
Coming back from the ladies meeting and supper, Mike twitted his
lover, "See, I told you, they couldn't keep their eyes and hands off you,
and these are women old enough to have sons your age."
Brian groaned, "There were times, Mike, when I wasn't sure if I'd come
out alive. They are real pinchers, my butt feels like it's on fire."
"I told you not to wear those tight pants. I'll kiss it later tonight
and make it all better," he broke out laughing. "I can usually keep my
distance from then, so I'm not bruised."
"Brian, you did very well in conversation with the ladies, I could
hear a few times. I think you have the making of a good politician, but
I'd rather you worked with nymphet tube
"Hey, look there." Brian pointed to the car parked by the cabin,
"wonder who is visiting. And, wow, that's a Mustang convertible too, Satin
Black. Let's see who is here."
Mike wasn't in any hurry because he knew the Adam had gotten Brian
that car at the rental place. Mike was happy too, he felt nymphets and little boys Brian needed
some bright spots in his life. Sure he was rich enough to buy anything he
wanted, but fortunately he wouldn't go crazy about money. Somehow, Adam
and Brian's mother taught him well, conserving finances and philanthropy,
plus being such a wonderful man.
Walking into the cabin, they noticed Adam in the kitchen, fixing
supper for himself and Ben and Joey who were already seated at the table,
waiting anxiously to be fed. Brian noticed that they were holding hands
under the table, and both hands were resting on top of Joey's well endowed
crotch, not playing but just resting there. No wonder, they probably
climaxed ten times last nymphets cartoons
night, 'it's a wonder they are even hungry', Brian
thought, laughing inside. He didn't want to embarrass the boys.
'Hey, Adam, have we got a guest for dinner tonight? That's a wild car
outside there."
Adam broke into a wide, glowing smile, "Yes, that's a wild car all
right, and I got that for you!"
A few moments passed before Brian realized what he'd said, "Adam, man,
that's great. I love you. In fact I'm going to kiss you right in the middle
of your casserole." He laughed again and immediately ran outside to see
his car. The men still in the house could hear the door open and shut, the
horn blare, the radio come on and a young man's voice, "Hey, Adam, where
are the keys?"
Mike walked out to see Brian with the hood up, examining the engine,
pointing at every item on the motor. "See, Mike, look at this engine, over
200 horsepower, and it's stick shift. I can't wait to try it." The young
blond bounced around the zippy car, patting the shiny metal and kicking the
tires, which were oversized.
"Hmmm, Brian, can you drive a stick shift transmission?"
"Well, sure I can, I'll be a real fireball and take this machine
... uh, well .... nude nymphette bbs no, I can't, Mike. Would you show me? Please?"
Smiling deeply and concerned, "Brian, after I get some dessert we'll
go for a drive. I saw a home baked pie in the kitchen, you know Adam's
pies. That crap at the supper we had to eat was terrible., I just couldn't
finish it. Had to plead being too full."
Brian leaped to Mike's side, grabbed his arm and pulled him into the
house where Adam was ready to serve them both a piece of his pecan pie,
special recipe. Mike had taken Brian to a large parking lot he knew of which would be
empty at this time of day, the company closes at 5:30. After a half hour,
Brian was shifting fairly well, but Mike wanted him to practice more before
going on the road. Mike drove them back to the cabin to find that Adam was
out (they knew where he was) and Ben and Joey had disappeared into their
little cabin down the way a piece. (They knew what they were doing - they
both thought, 'what have we done?') Inside the cabin they walked into the kitchen, selected a soda from
the refrigerator and sat on the couch in the living room. Mike sat right
beside Brian, wrapping his arm around the young man's shoulders, pulling
him against his body with calm, caring strength.
"Brian, you know I love you?" The boy nodded. "You also know I am in
love with you?"
"And I'm in love with you, Mikey, as I love my soul, I'm so sorry
about Sean."
Mike put his hands of the sides of Brian's head, turning his head and
pressing his lips again Brian's, softly at first, then more passionately.
"I hope you won't do it again, Brian, but I can understand the stress
you were under, with me being unconscious for so long, worrying about me
and our future. And, you hadn't been sleeping much, wearing yourself out.
As I say I can understand, I really do, top nymphet stars
but still I feel a little let down,
but I'm sure that will go away as we keep going and busy. Do you
understand me?"
Brian grabbed hold of Mike's body, swinging around in front, burying
his head into Mike chest, not crying, but breathing heavily.
"Mike, believe me, it will never happen again, never. Please, I love
you so much, don't go away from me, I couldn't stand it."
Mike grabbed Brian who was almost his size by then, and pulled him up
on his lap, clutching him tightly, enjoying the feel of Brian's butt on his
"Brian, I am not going away, repeat not. I don't want to leave you,
or have you leave me. We love each other too much not to be able to rise
above this situation. You know the old saying, 'Love Conquers All', that's
our motto, we'll make it, we will."
Brian grabbed Mike's head and planted a real smooch on his mouth,
inside and out, loving his partner to much lls nymphet video it was filling his soul with
thankfulness for their relationship.
"Mike, why don't we go to bed. I'm sure we are both tired and just
need to be together and rest.? Hmm? How about that?" He illegal russian nymphets
looked deeply
into Mike's eyes, "And, we could even sleep in the same bed .... ah
... just to ... ah ... keep each other company. Hmmm? What do you think?"
Mike held Brian even tighter and started laughing, laughing hard,
while he swung his lover back and forth. He laughed so long that Brian
joined him in the hilarity of the moment.
"Brian, you take the cake, that pleading tone of your voice is
perfect. You know I'll never be able to refuse you anything, don't you.
Don't you?"
"Mike, I don't know what you are talking about," looking very
innocent, "I must swear I didn't have any ulterior motive, believe me."
At that Mike started tickling Brian as hard as he could, finally
getting Brian to break up. At that point, Mike just stood up holding Brian
in his arms, walked them to the front door, "Would you be so good as to
lock the door, lover?"
Brian reached down, locked the door, then put his arms back around
Mike's neck. He still wondered whether their relationship would ever be as
before. Though he didn't show it, Mike was concerned about the same thing.
He also was worried about his re-election, too.
The two men stripped naked in the bedroom, preparing to lie down in
Mike's bed. If you are enjoying this story, let me know:
authorpaulmail.com or authorpaulhotmail.com.

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