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From: Paul Daventon
Subject: Turning-The-Page-15 TURNING THE PAGEDisclaimer: This story concerns homosexual men and their sexual activities.
It was inspired by events that might have happened, but didn't. nymphets models toplist This tale
is underage lo nymphets
entirely fictional. If there are any similarities to actual people,
places or events, it is purely coincidental. If you are under 18 or if
reading this story would be illegal for you in your area or if you don't
like the subject matter, please leave now. nymphet rompl thumbs This is a fantasy story in a
time with no sexual diseases, a time which will probably never happen. Take
care. Otherwise read on magazine nymphet sex and the author hopes you enjoy it.Turning the Page 2002 by Paul H. Daventon. All rights reserved. No part of
this book may be used or reproduced in any manner whatsoever without
written permission of the author. If you are enjoying this story, write to
Paul at or Story Up 'Til Now ........Mike Keith, 28 year old Congressman from Ohio, and 18 year old Brian
Whitlow, former Congressional Page, fall in love in Washington. They travel
to Mike's lake house in Ohio, where Brian is assaulted by a high school
friend of Mike's with a grudge against Mike. Brian saves himself, but the
friend kills himself later in remorse. Brian's family retainer, Adam
McLeod, an occasional sex partner of Brian, comes to Ohio to help them and
falls in love with Nils. Mike and Brian worried about nymphets in the nnude Mike's reelection,
that their relationship may be revealed. Nils two sergeants, Rocco
Ferallini and Jenny Svenson, a young waiter, Joey Montoni, Rocco's brother,
and Ben Heskett, student at the college, complicate the story. Mike was in
Brian's little car when Rocco, who hates gays viciously, and thinking Brian
was driving, sideswiped the car, wrecking it.
Mike awakens and soon is back to work. Mike is accused by his Party
County Chairman, Bradford Stone, because of rumors he'd heard somewhere, of
Mike being a homosexual.
Roy MacLean had come from Washington to help them with financial and
legal matters, and he's staying with Sean in his fancy apartment. Rocco,
Joey and Ben also make up, but Rocco hits the drug house on his own and is
severely wounded, later dying in Joey's arms. The threat against Mike's
reelection grows.
Nils meets Jake, a friend of Jack's at the airport. Jake is an
undercover agent with the DEA who is under The Boss, trying to identify him
and get evidence. Jake had called Mike to warn him about what The Boss is
plotting. Roy and Sean have become partners, living together. Ben and Joey
visit Nils at home and they have a hot threesome. Joey reports the huge
amount of money he will receive as Rocco's heir for him and for Ben, too.
Mike and Brian meet the boy, GB Gunn, who has sex with The Boss and
overhears his plans. Mike and Adam help GB catch the drug boss. Joey and
Ben have a sex bout with Nils. Ben stops his Dad from committing
suicide. The drug boss is captured with the help of GB who goes back to
Mike and Brian. GB wants to see his friend, Pete, whose parents took him
away sex video japan nymphets
from GB, an evil influence, they thought.>From the last chapter ...... child naturist pictures nymphets Brian and Mike were almost asleep when they felt a small body climb
onto their bed, wiggle until he was between them, well protected and safe.
The two older men winked at each other in the dim light, soon all three
were in a deep sleep. The morning was bright and warm, sunlight filling the cabin, edging
into the bedroom where Mike and Brian slowly awoke, looked at each other to
show winsome, sweet smiles as they also looked between them to see GB still
asleep. When they tried to move, they russian nymphetz
were shocked to realize that GB had
a firm handhold on them because his small hands were holding onto their
hard cocks, one in each hand. He wasn't moving his hands, just gripping
solidly, not about to let go. Neither Mike nor Brian felt they wanted to
remove his hands from their dicks.
Mike spoke their thoughts softly, "Let's just try to sleep some more,
Brian, until he is ready to wake up." He breathed contentedly, "He
deserves all the comfort he can get." He closed his eyes, laid his head
back on the pillow against Brian's, then softly said, "Hey, Brian, we never
heard who the man was who was abusing GB. Guess we'll just have to wait."
Brian didn't open his eyes, just gave a brief, "Hmmm." CHAPTER FIFTEEN
The warm morning sun filtered into Mike's and Brian's bedroom,
reflecting the sparkling wave patterns of the lake where this morning they
are accompanied by GB Gunn, of late a neophyte boy prostitute, who has been
helping Lieutenant Nils Berger and DEA undercover agent Jake Bailey
discover and trap The Boss, head of the drug syndicate in this area of
Ohio. GB had climbed into their bed when they were almost asleep last
night, needing the security and comfort these two men, new friends of GB
whom he trusted and liked almost immediately, could tenderly give him.
Brian had originally tucked a naked GB into Adam's living room bed, but he
obviously didn't feel safe there.
The two young men had awakened that morning early, not remembering
that GB's naked body was wedged between their bodies, also naked. On their
sides facing each other, Mike and Brian woke simultaneously to look into
the other's eyes with love and devotion Realizing something strange but
pleasurable was going on in their groins, they looked down to a surprise,
GB was still fast asleep, but was also holding an erect cock is each hand,
Mike's and Brian's.
Mike looked up at Brian, then whispered, "I have to get going if I'm
going to get to Columbus by 11. Will you stay with GB, maybe even get more
rest and then take care of him?"
"Sure," Brian whispered back, "He and I'll be close as brothers."
Mike snickered quietly, "Well, maybe not that close, lover!"
Pulling his pelvis back until he gently removed his hardon from GB's
grasp, Mike got his shower, shaved, then dressed in his political, trimly
smart suit. He walked quietly to the bed, leaned over the two silent
forms, placing a light kiss on the forehead of each. A glance at his
wristwatch told Mike he had to get moving and fast, he certainly didn't
want to be late for the meeting. One last look at peaceful and innocent
Brian and GB had to keep him sane until he returned that evening. Nearly an hour after Mike had left, GB bit by bit awoke, slowly
realizing just where he was and how and why. GB and Brian were nymphets young first time
both lying
on their left sides with Brian spooning GB in front of him, Brian's turgid,
thick penis was pressed between him and GB's butt. This situation came to
GB's attention as he pushed back against Brian, wishing that his ass could
be filled with Brian's cock.. Ah! he thought. I can do that.
Guardedly and carefully, GB pulled himself up toward the head of the
bed. As he felt Brian's cock slide down his ass to the right position, GB
pushed against Brian and slid gradually lower toward the foot of the bed
until he felt Brian's cockhead squeeze between his butt cheeks, aiming
toward his asshole. Brian's cock was drooling precum by the quart, great
GB's breathing had accelerated rapidly as he was close to his goal
with the cockhead being forced into his asshole, pushing the sphincter out
of the way and penetrating the entrance to GB's rectum, sliding all the way
in as GB shoved himself against Brian. Just as GB reached his goal Brian
groaned a little and scared GB for a second, but Brian didn't wake up in
fact he even seemed to thrust himself against GB harder. GB just went to
heaven! He was totally skewered on Brian's very rigid, hot thumping cock,
a large cock to be thrust up the ass of a rather small boy, a boy not large
in body, but with a huge capacity for male pokers in his ass.
GB tried to pump Brian's dick with his behind but found it
difficult. What he needed was Brian awake to ram the steely prick in and
out of nude nymphets galeries his asshole, an asshole that was spasming sporadically, clutching
the invading sex organ, so hot and excited. But GB was afraid that if he
woke Brian, the older man would pull out and stop any sex between them.
That would not please GB, now that he had a big cock up his ass for the
first time in days, especially a cock that belonged to someone he liked,
maybe even loved.
"Oh, my god, GB, what are you doing? Hot damn, you're fucking my
dick." Brian woke and held GB even tighter, his arms wrapped around GB's
naked chest and crotch.. He felt GB's erection, stiff as a board, maybe
four or five inches long. "Geez, GB, I shouldn't be doing this ... " he
breathed heavily, " .... Oh, god, you've got to get off me!"
GB moved one arm behind Brian to grab his ass and tried to calm him
down, "Chill out, Brian, cool it," he soothed, "I heard Mike lock the house
when he left, and besides, I heard him tell you to take care of me, and
that's just what you are doing. Right?"
Brian cuddled closer to GB, "Oh, GB, you are so right, I can't tell
you how much I love this, and you. Are you sure you aren't hurting, my
cock it pretty big, you know."
GB laughed, "Damn right I know, duh, it's stuck all the way up my ass,
and I love it, you are great, man, all over, but especially this hot rod,"
GB said as his ass squeezed Brian's dick with a series of tight grips.
"Come on, Brian, before someone comes, fuck me. Please fuck me."
Brian just couldn't resist. He panted, shoving his pelvis against GB's
velvet buttocks, small but solid, "No, GB, I'm not going to fuck you, I'm
going to make love to you." He pumped GB's five inch cock with two fingers
and his thumb, sliding over the tender skin using his own precum, rubbing
gently from the small swollen head to cock base in the midst of a few
sparse pubic hairs that GB must have recently gotten. His other hand
caressed GB's tightly muscled chest and abdomen, playing with his nipples
along the way. He kissed the top of the boy's head, lovingly.
GB gasped, "Brian, do my nipples, nobody's ever done that to me." He
was breathing fast and irregularly, shoving his ass hard against Brian's
crotch, swallowing again and again as the huge spear rammed up his ass,
feeling the soft rigidity pressing against his prostate, not quite as high
voltage as it will be later on, but still sending shocks throughout his
nervous system.
"God, Brian, 50 top sites nymphets
give it to me - shove it harder, punch me out with that
monster pecker." GB gave a loud 'ugh', "It's coming, Brian, rub me harder,
In a moment Brian could feel the fast pulses of GB's cock and ass.,
the effort of a young cock in reaching a climax, shooting sperm.
"That was beautiful, GB, and I came along with you. In case you
haven't noticed, your ass is full of my semen, my sperm and all, seeping
out of your asshole, giving you an important part of myself." He spoke
tenderly, "And that, GB, makes us tied together forever, don't ever forget
that, I won't." He kept his relaxing dick inside as long as he could,
holding and fondling GB's small body, small but tight and well shaped, and
his five-incher, by that time shrunken and covered with his almost-clear,
yet thick semen.
GB pushed back against Brian's full-grown, muscular body, loving the
smoothness and warmth, the strength and solidity of the man called Brian.
GB was so happy with Brian, but he still missed Petey so much, he started
to cry, hard sobbing gripping his chest, seizing his heart.
Brian soon realized what was happening, "What is it, GB, did I hurt
"No .... ah ... I ... m ..... mm .. missing Petey so much, I love
him so. I miss him doing what we just did ---- he and I used to take care
of each other, " he paused to breathe, "and I just can't get used to him
not being with me." His sobs started again, tearing his body to pieces in
hard throbs and gasps.
Brian held him tightly, "I'm here GB, I'll hold you. I can't replace
Petey, but I'll do my best." He thought a moment, "GB, do you suppose
Petey has done what you did, look for men to fuck and suck him. Do you
think he would have done that?"
Brian could lovely sweet nymphets
feel GB nod his head, "Yes, we talked about that the last
time we saw each other, we decided then that we would do it. So I bet he
"GB, we have to get up very soon. We never know who might visit and
we don't want to get caught like this, wouldn't be good for either of us."
He let his softened, shrunken penis pull away and slide out of GB's
asshole. "And, GB, no can know of what we just did. Understand?"
"Yes, Father, " he said sarcastically, "I know, I know. I would
never, ever tell. You should know that."
"GB, sorry, sweet nude asian nymphets
I just needed to be sure you knew. I'll treasure our time
together forever, but I'm Mike's, you know." He had a thought, "Hey, GB,
would you like to go sailing? Mike has a nice sailboat here on the lake
and he lets me sail it. How about it?"
"Brian, I'd like that a lot. I've never been sailing, please take
He placed a tender, loving kiss on GB's small lips, then turned the
boy toward him and held them together in the ecstacy of his soul and GB's.
Then they showered, had breakfast and began their day of sailing and fun,
GB sure deserved that..
Sean and Roy lay in their king-sized bed in Sean's plush apartment,
Sean's hard and hot cock still wedged in Roy's rectum, still oozing semen
into Roy. Sean tiny nude nymphets
hugged Roy and soon rolled onto his back, pulling Roy over
with him, Roy's head nestled between his neck and shoulder, while he rubbed
Roy's strong back and tight, full buttocks with his hard hands, loving his
He was almost asleep when he realized that his shoulder was getting
wet, Roy was crying and his painful tears were soaking him. He waited to
see if Roy would stop, but he didn't.
Sean held Roy's head in his hands, holding it up to see him, gazing
tenderly into the two red rimmed eyes, tears streaming down his cheeks
through tremulous lids. "What is it, babe, what is the matter? Are you
hurting or just feeling bad?" He kissed Roy's eyes and forehead, "Please
tell me, man."
Roy snuffled a few times, cleared his throat noisily, nymphet sexe "Sean, I just
can't keep doing this, I just can't." He sobbed nymphets thaimisc dreamwiz again, but continued, "I
can't be gay, Sean, I'm so sorry, but I just don't want to be gay. I've
tried and tried, I don't want to be known as a gay man." He lay his head
on Sean's shoulder, dripping more there.
"Roy, tell me the truth, now, I'll bet you called your parents and
told them you are gay, now didn't you?"
Roy clutched Sean's body to his, again sobbing loudly, talking between
sobs, "Yes, Sean, I know I said I wouldn't, but I just had to. I didn't
want to lie to them any more. I wanted to be free of all that, to live my
life as I know it should be lived and be happy. So I told them. Sean,
they yelled at me, screamed at me, called me a pervert, a queer, saying
that I wasn't their son, that if I was gay they'd never see me again."
Sean held Roy tightly, rubbing his smooth skin and hard muscles,
trying to console him.
"You should have heard my parents, Roy, they threw me out of the house
with nothing, and I've never gone back. I knew they would do that, but I
guess you thought your parents would be more understanding, right?"
"Yes, I've never heard them talk down homosexuals, curse or ridicule
them. This was a complete surprise to me, but Sean, I just have to go home
and get them to change. Either that or I just can't be gay, I'll have to
deny my inner self and my truth. Will you please help me pack? I'm flying
this afternoon so I can see them tonight. I'll try to call sometime."
Sean was stunned, numbed and unable to accept what Roy was saying, but
he knew it would be no use to try to change his mind. He could only hope
that Roy's parents would make their demands impossible for Roy to meet,
which he expected would send his Roy back to him.
Adam pulled his monster red four-door truck in front of a large two
story house, part of a very prosperous neighborhood in the small town of
Highland, about 20 miles from River City. He hoped this interview would go
well since he had promised Mike he would find Pete, GB's former close
friend whom he missed desperately, but who he felt deserted him.
After his ring, the door was opened by a beautiful, forty-something
woman, looking as if she fit into this neighborhood perfectly, a suburban
soccer 'Mom'.
"Hi, I'm Adam MacLeod and I called yesterday." He smiled broadly, "I
hope I'm not bothering you and that this is a good time."
Mrs. Withington also smiled, "Hi, sure, come on in and we can talk."
She moved back so Adam could pass by her into the beautifully appointed
living room. After she shut the front door, she moved ahead of Adam,
sitting beside the fireplace, indicating he should sit opposite.
"I'm very pleased that you would see me, Mrs. Withington, we are so
concerned about GB's mental and physical health, and his whole outlook on
life. As I told you, I represent Mike Keith, the congressman from this
area, who became acquainted with GB who as a young boy is in a very
difficult legal situation with the police." He held up his hand when she
started to talk. "He is not in any trouble himself, but could have been if
he continued as he had been."
"Mr. MacLeod, my husband and I like GB very much, and of course Pete
was devoted to him, but his father and brother were terrible influences on
them which is nymphets nude galleries why we wouldn't let Pete go to GB's home any more."
Adam nodded, "Yes, I understand your problem there, but GB is now in a
foster situation with the Congressman and has been removed from the home."
He certainly wasn't going to tell her that GB had been selling his ass on
the street. "We have talked with GB quite a bit, and I can say that his
life is in a precarious position right now. To be perfectly candid, GB is
desperate to see Pete or at least to talk to him."
She looked at the floor between her feet, thick carpet under brasilian nymphets them,
while she considered her next move.
"At the time we felt a complete break between the boys would be best
for both. That's why we destroyed letters from GB and Pete's letters to
him. We didn't read them, that would have invaded their privacy for no
good reason, but a complete break was necessary."
Adam looked into her eyes, directly, no blinking, "Will you tell me
frankly how Pete has been since you broke their friendship apart?"
Mrs. Withington placed her palms covering her face. Adam noted her
shoulders were shaking a bit and decided she was crying, silently, without
any movement.
"Mr. MacLeod, " she finally lowered her hands and spoke so softly,
"I'll admit that even yet Pete seems lost, depressed and indifferent, we
are at our wit's end trying to work with him. School will be starting
soon, but we honestly wonder if he can manage to function there."
"I have a suggestion to offer here, Mrs. Withington, I hope to help
both boys, yet not disrupt your direction in teens bbs russians nymphets raising Pete." He paused,
then decided, "I don't know if you and your husband realize it, but those
two boys honestly love each other. At least I assume that Pete would still
feel that way." He stopped to judge her reaction to that assessment, but
she made no response. "Boys at their age are just in formative stages and
little about them is cast in concrete. They are primarily trying to find
their way, which may or may not meet with your approval."
Mrs. Withington had reddened, she seemed embarrassed, reticent, but
finally spoke, "Mr. MacLeod, that was part of the reason we decided to
break them up. We didn't like what appeared to be the direction of their
relationship. I know it was hard on them, but necessary."
Adam spoke directly, "Yet now we have two boys, previously very happy,
who are now almost basket cases in need of counseling, acting like zombies
instead of playful, active twelve year olds. I think something drastic
needs to be done. And soon!" Adam was pulling no punches now, somewhat
angry at these parents who destroyed a loving relationship because they
couldn't understand what the boys needed.
"I am going to strongly suggest that we let the boys meet in a public
place with you and me and hopefully Mike Keith and your husband to let the
boys know the other is still alive. And, also to let them know that they
were not doing anything wrong or bad, that millions ru nymphet and millions of boys
enjoy similar friendships without any lasting detriment to their bodies or
He stopped to allow his body to relax and let the steam in his head to
dissipate, not wanting to alienate this woman, but still get his point
"I assume you are afraid of the homosexual suggestion that might
arise, but I think you can see already that an even more disastrous effect
has occurred. I think we need to alleviate their anxiety and fear and
assure them that we will help them find their way, whichever way that might
"I was going to suggest meeting at Sea World which virgin nymphet sex movies
isn't far and could
be a pleasant day for all of us. Would that be a possibility for you and
your husband?"
Mrs Withington stood up, walked to the other end of the living room
and back to stand with her hand practically clutching the fireplace mantle.
"Mr. MacLeod, I do realize we must to do something for our boys, but
I'm not sure that a day at Sea World would be a solution." She looked at
Adam, almost daring him to disagree. "Maybe if we just sat around our
dining table and talked to them."
Adam almost burst every vein in his head, his blood pressure off the
chart. He couldn't understand this stupid woman, or rather, woman in
denial, and her ability to ignore what was so obvious to him.
"Mrs. Withington, in my opinion little teen nymphet
that would be worse than useless, it
would be hurtful to their whole condition. The boys could only listen, not
interact with each other. Please listen to me carefully, these boys almost
need psychiatric care, possibly committment for treatment. Believe me, I
don't want that for GB, nor nymphet babe
do I think you want that for Pete.
"If your porno underage nymphets
are so worried about homosexuality, if these boys are going
to have a gay orientation, which wouldn't be known for some years, there is
nothing you can do about it. If one boy is homosexual, it won't rub off on
the other. The great odds are that neither of them would end up as a
homosexual. The odds that both of them would be heterosexual are huge.
However, I feel that their growing up years should be without such fears
and anxiety." He also stood up to face her by the fireplace, "Would you
please talk to your husband tonight and let me know tonight whether Sea
World is a viable option? Call anytime, here is my card with cell phone
and home phone." He waited to decide just how to say his next thought,
"I'm pleading with you to help our two boys in this way. I don't think you
will regret it."
Adam turned, made his way to the door, gave her one last look,
pleading but almost forewarning, too.
Adam turned into Mike's drive to the cabin, as always becoming calm
and relaxed by the beautiful scenery of green trees, the blue, sparkling
lake and the natural atmosphere surrounding the whole property. He noticed
Mike's sailboat on the lake near the other side. He wondered just who was
sailing. When he saw Mike's car parked by the cabin, he hurried inside
only to find Mike busy on his phone talking to supporters and complainers.
Fortunately the former far arina nymphet out- numbered the latter. So far, from Liz's
figures, the campaign is gaining ground as expected, building support for
Mike throughout the five counties of his district. Whether that trend will
continue is nymphet breasts their hope, but certainly not assured.
Mike finished his last phone call for the time being, looked at Adam
questioningly as he held up an empty beer bottle, standing up and moving
toward the kitchen. Adam had nodded agreement that he'd like a beer, so
Mike pulled two from the cooler.
"Mike, I damn near lost it this morning with Mrs. Withington. She
doesn't like the idea of Sea World for the two boys and us, suggests that
we sit around their dining room table and discuss the situation - with the
boys there too. I told her I didn't think that was wise, but had to leave
before I really lost my temper." Adam was quiet for a moment, "I"m sorry,
but I think you will have to talk to them. Maybe I could call and suggest
a meeting tonight when Pete's father would be available."
Mike considered for a moment, then, "That's a good idea, Adam, try to
set it up. If they won't agree, I will call." He mused, "I have another
thought. How about calling Nils to see if he can check with the sheriff of
any reports concerning Peter Withington during the last few months, you
know, out when he nymphet illegal shouldn't be, anything that might have been reported
since they had lived in Highland. I'd bet some bucks that Withington's are
covering up for Pete, in denial of his actual behavior. OK?"
"Yeah. Hey, man, I saw your sailboat tgp nymphet movies out, who's out pubescent girls naked nymphets sailing?"
Mike smiled, "That's Brian and GB. They were out when I came home,
but I got out the binoculars and checked, looked like they are having fun."
Mike started from the room, then turned suddenly, "Hey, Adam, did you
hear who The Boss that Nils trapped was?"
"You mean you know? Nils wouldn't tell me last night," he snapped,
"OK, who?"
"It was our dear friend, Bradford Stone, honored county leader of the
party. How about that? That fuckin' son of a bitch." Mike rarely swore,
but he was really incensed at the nerve of that man, on the surface being
so perfect and good and underneath a drug dealer and also a pedophile.
"I'd kill him myself if I could get away sweet little nymphet with it."
"Mike, do you remember what Joey told us, not long before Rocco died
that he said to Joey something that sounded like 'it's .. tone, it's
.. tone', remember? He must have been saying 'It's Stone' who's the drug
dealer. But we couldn't figure that out. Wouldn't have believed it
Mike agreed, "You are right, Adam, we wouldn't have."
"Did Nils say anything about the arrest, indictment and all?"
"No, but I don't think he's too worried. Stone's lawyer will probably
cry 'entrapment', but that doesn't negate the crime and Nils set the whole
thing up with a judge's approval. Send him to jail as a rapist and child
molester, at least he'll be out of the drug scene. I guess they also found
a hidden, secret room in Stone's carriage house, filled with drugs of all
Late that morning, Joey and Ben were just leaving their bed after some
wild sex between them, a passionate sixty-nine and then Joey was still able
to slam his slender, steely dick up Ben's ass until he drenched Ben's guts
with his hot, slimy clotted semen. They fell back asleep for another hour
or so, until their phone chirped repeatedly. Joey finally woke enough to
understand what was making the noise, and even pick it up.
"Oh, hi, Mr. Heskett. How ya' doin'?"
"Sure, he's right here."
After handing the phone to Ben, Joey sat up and leaned over to kiss
Ben's still hard cock, sucking just a second, then jump off the bed as Ben
threw a pillow at him.
"Hi, Dad, what's up?"
"Is that right, I see. What can I do?"
"Yeah, sure."
Ben looked at Joey, his face frowning seriously.
"Tell you what, Dad, we haven't discussed what we're doing today, but
we will and I'll get right back to you. Say, ten minutes."
"Sure, Ok, Dad. Just a few minutes."
Ben sat on the side of the bed and looked at Joey as if afraid to say
what he must, but still hopeful. He watched Joey pull up his mini-bikini
underwear, sliding it over his protuberant rear end, stuffing his male
equipment carefully into the tiny pouch. Joey had always worn boxers, but
since joining up with Ben, he wears whatever he considers would be the
sexiest for Ben.
"Would you come here, Joey, please?"
His lover walked slowly toward Ben, placing himself between Ben's
knees and against the mattress. Ben wrapped his arms around Joey's hips,
caressing his buttocks while his face pressed Joey's abdomen, his lips
kissing Joey's pubes, so fine and dark brown.
"Joey, Dad would like me to come to the farm for lunch. He also said
the Mom went to Aunt Clara's house for the day and I know how much she
hates Aunt Clara. So I feel she wants this to happen. Now he didn't invite
you exactly, but I'm sure you could go with me if you'd like."
Joey held Ben's head against his crotch, petting his hair and cheeks,
"Ben, you know that you are the only one really invited for lunch, and we
both know damn well who is on the menu!"
They both laughed knowingly, "Yes, my ass, I guess," Ben answered. "I
suppose the question is 'Do you want me to go, knowing what is probably
going to happen? Will you be very unhappy with me if I go, and will you
forgive me if I do it?"
"Ben, we've talked about this before. You have a chance to love your
Dad the way few men are able to. I think you should take the chance. I
trust you to keep your head and not make any long term commitments, or
special relationship with your Dad. If my Dad were alive, and he were an
attractive man like your Dad, I certainly would consider seriously having
sex with him. The fact that he was my father would have no bearing on the
Ben suddenly pulled down Joey's taut pouch and slurped Joey's soft
cock between his lips and inside his mouth where his tongue could play with
"Ben, you aren't helping things, " Joey giggled, pulling away from
Ben's lo nymphets collection mouth. "I'm too sensitive for that anyway, but I do appreciate your
thoughtfulness. Now, will you please call your Dad back, we have nothing
we have to do today, and tell him you'll be there in an hour."
He smiled at his lover, bent down to kiss him fervently on the
luscious lips, then skipped away to finish dressing while Ben's eyes
followed his bouncing buttocks closely. Looking back, he said, "And,
Mr. Heskett, I think you should wear your absolutely sexiest clothes,
especially underwear, for your date with your father. Man, damn, that is
the hottest thought for me - a date with your father. He's a very
handsome, sexy man, Ben."
"Oh, now you are lusting after my father, are you?"
"Ben, he looks just like you, so how could I not love him." Joey
smiled, satisfied with his answer. He looked at his lover with the most
worshipful glance, the man he loved more than anyone else, more than his
own life, his existence. He hadn't thought about it, but if necessary he
would in a flash give his life for Ben.
Ben saw his Dad on the porch of the farmhouse as he turned into the
drive, he was sitting in one of the rockers, rolling away, a broad smile on
his face. As Ben got closer, he realized the his Dad looked at least 10
years younger, he'd shaved closely, somehow controlled his hair which
looked 10 degrees lighter in color, almost light blond from the sun.
Ben stopped Joey's monster truck in the drive, got out and walked
slowly to the porch. His Dad stood up and just looked into Ben's dark eyes
and opened his arms wide, the smile still glowing from his countenance.
Ben smoothly flowed into his father's arms, holding him and being held
tightly, his left cheek against his father's smooth, soft one. Ben began
to tear up, a flow of drops started down his cheeks as he held his father
as he had wanted to hold him all his life. He had tried to steel himself
not to cry, but realized that the release was inevitable and even soothing
to his soul. When he made a sob or pass nymphet
two, he felt them echoed by his father
and knew he was crying too.
Ben's Dad slapped his butt, releasing him, "Come on in, Ben, before we
cause a flood."
In complete harmony they smiled at each other, wiped their eyes and
then quibbled about which would enter the house first, Ben's father
Wyant Heskett had a beautiful lunch set up on the patio where his wife
usually served. Ben ate what his father had prepared (though he thought
his mother had a large hand in it) but hardly tasted anything. He and his
father watched each other, smiling often, and, surprisingly, touching
occasionally, fingers on the back of a hand, or on a forearm, maybe a hand
on a shoulder. They talked, but could never have later remembered what
they spoke about or what they were feeling about each other at that point.
"Dad, that was a great lunch, you're getting to be a good cook," he
offered insincerely, "maybe next time you'll let Mom cook." He started
chuckling, finally getting his father to do the same. "Could we go in the
living room, Dad?" Ben was feeling that his father might be chickening out
of his plan so he'd better do something quick.
"Sure, Ben, let's do that."
Ben waited until his father sat on the sofa at which time he quickly
sat in his father's lap, turned to him, holding his head while he kissed
his thin lips, sliding his tongue between them until his Dad finally
wrapped his arms around Ben. Ben was getting to the place where he just
couldn't wait, he had to have his father.
Ben started to unbutton his father's shirt but his hands were grabbed
in a sexy little nymphette
strong grip. His father pressed Ben's hand to his lips, kissing both
of them tenderly.
"Ben, you know what I want and I think you want the same from
me. Let's go to your old bedroom in your old bed for this, would that be
"Sure, Dad, that would be fine, most ironic. But you must remember
that Joey is my lover and my partner, my life's devotion. I love you too,
always have, and always will, but what we do today will be a one time only.
I can't love you sexually and my partner too, do you see?"
Wyant Heskett nodded and lifted Ben from his lap and stood beside him,
"Come on, son, upstairs."
Ben followed his father, feeling slightly embarrassed because he was
watching his father's ass while going up the stairs, a fine taut ass, full
and solid in skin tight jeans, perfectly showing off the crevasse between
his cheeks. He wanted desperately to feel those cheeks, but held back,
waiting for later.
Following his Dad into the familiar surroundings of his old room,
where he spent all those nights, Ben again began unbuttoning his Dad's
shirt, throwing it off his father's shoulders, exposing the full pecs,
undulating abdomen and flat stomach. He then opened his father's jeans in
a second, dropping them down to his feet, discovering that he wasn't
wearing any underwear. His Dad's thick cock, not yet hard, was hanging
large over his big sack full of egg-sized balls. Ben could not resist
touching the dick, just smoothing the velvet skin down toward the head,
quite swollen and spongy.
Ben couldn't believe he had just undressed his own father and was
looking at the sex organ which had created him, the cock that sank into his
mother's vagina and released the flood of semen, one of which had
fertilized the one of his mother's eggs to became Ben Heskett.
Grabbing his father's buttocks, Ben sat on the bed, pulling his Dad
over to him, then ran his tongue along the top of the mostly soft prick
from head to base of brown pubes, soaking them in his fluids. Hugging his
father to him, Ben was quiet, not crying, but feeling so close to the man
who had caused him a lot of pain, yet was here needing his son to love him
and his body.
"Ben, let me sit down and help you undress. Stand up in front of me."
Wyant Heskett raised his arms to unbutton Ben's shirt, pull it off the
slender, yet muscular, body, dropping to the floor while he opened Ben's
jeans, letting them fall around Ben's ankles. Wyant took one look at Ben's
mini bikini briefs, all that kept him from being absolutely naked, which
could barely hold Ben's sex organs, bulging obscenely.
"Wow," he groaned, "wow and wow," Wyant went on, then started to laugh
uproariously, "My god, Bennie, did you want to give your old father a heart
attack, god, you look like one of them Chippendales, sex on the hoof."
With one hand he hefted Ben's basket, approvingly.
Ben reddened, embarrassed but determined to get back at Joey later for
making him wear these tiny straps, "Dad, I gotta' blame Joey, it was his
idea that I went along with under protest."
"Bennie, Bennie, Joey was right. If you'll notice, my cock just went
ballistic and my rocket almost went off. Talk about a piece of eye candy."
He was still chuckling when he told Ben to get on the bed with him. "I'm
beginning to like your Joey more and more all the time. You better keep a
close eye on him, son." He smiled and Ben knew he was joking.
When they lay on their sides, facing each other, Ben and his father
reached to feel the other, testing the waters so to speak, nymphets lands Wyant Heskett
couldn't believe he was finally getting to touch another man, the first
time in his life, and the man was his only son, a real adonis.
"Ben, has your experience with Joey been your only boy ... ah ... man
to man sex, you know what I mean?" He interrupted himself, "Ah, sorry I
called you a boy since you are so obviously a man, but you are my boy and I
will always think of you that way, hoping that's OK with you."
Ben slid his body close to his Dad, pressing their bodies tightly
together, naked flesh to naked flesh. His Dad was around 40 at the time
but seemed much younger, especially since he cleaned himself up a bit. "I
had no experience at all until I met Joey besides jacking off, which I
didn't do all that often. He seemed to just know what I needed, gave it to
me and I'm eternally grateful to him. To answer your question probably
more than you want to know, we've done pretty much everything men can do to
find love and pleasure in each other. And I love it.
"Dad, I'm your boy and will always think of myself that way, too, so
you can call me what you will, son, man, boy or even Bennie. nymphets hardcore alfa Just keep
loving me and we'll be fine." He smiled fondly at his father, then kissed
his lips voraciously, his tongue slipping in the hot, wet mouth searching
for teeth, gums and his tongue. The tongue he found first and they dueled
vigorously between them, sharing their liquids, breath and taste.
To Wyant it felt as if Ben had at least 8 hands the way Ben was
rubbing his body, finely developed little nude nymphet back and taut slender thighs, prominent
hard buttocks finally reaching between his Dad's legs to find a sack of
twin hen's eggs. He knew at once that he will be immediately bereft when
he and Ben finished that day. When Ben sent fingers of both hands between
his buttocks to locate his Dad's rose bud, twitching and winking as the
long fingers searched around the ass hole, two index fingers penetrated
Wyant's anus, just barely but out again quickly.
Ben turned on his back, reached under his bedside table where he found
his old jar of lubricant so helpful for the hot activities of young boys
and men, too. One of his middle fingers poked in the depths of the jar,
then returned to Wyant's anus, gently forcing a glob into his hole, as far
as he could reach. It was far enough for the finger to hit Wyant's
prostate, sending Wyant's hips a few inches into the air and causing a yell
to erupt from his throat.
"My god, Bennie, what the hell did you do - you about finished our fun
right then."
Ben laughed, "I did the same thing when Joey first hit my prostate.
It's a gland right near your bladder which is what releases fluids to aid
semen and increase its fertility. That's where the precum comes from,
clearing the way for your sperm."
"Man oh man, Ben, let's save that for later or I'll be finished for
the day right then."
Ben giggled and bet he would be able to get his Dad ready for more sex
within half an hour of cuming, then kissed his Dad on the nose and
suggested, "Let's get so we can suck each other at the same time, that's
the sixty-nine position in case you've heard of that. Joey and I find
mutual sucking the best way to excite each other."
Ben turned on the bed, placing his head near his Dad's crotch, his own
crotch he slid close to his father's face, his totally stiffened cock and
red hot bulging cock head practically in his mouth, covered with precum
from his rising passion, waiting expectantly for the feeling of his
father's mouth around it.
Both men grabbed the other's buttocks, pulling their groins toward
their faces, their tongues extended to lick the spongy heads. Wyant's
first touch of his tongue on any man's cockhead made him shiver and shake,
almost losing his grip on the cock. Slowly he slid Ben's cock into his
mouth, a little farther until he could push his tongue into the piss slit
at the end, surrounding the head with tongue which licked and tasted each
part, the tip, the sides and the flange which led to the shaft itself.
Wyant couldn't believe it - he'd always thought having a cock in your
mouth would be disgusting, but now it seemed like the 'bread of life' to
him. He got excited and shoved Ben's cock all the way in, gagging and
almost choking on it. He was breathless and trembling.
Ben's cock was long, but slender, not as thick as his father's hard,
hot dick which he was trying to deep throat without success. nymphets art photography Joey's cock
was much like Ben's, long but slender, a good mouthful but easily taken
deep if surrounded with hot saliva. Ben's parent's cock was more than a
mouthful, stretching his mouth wide just to accept it, but Ben was pleased
just to be able to suck on it, tasting the maleness, a bit of slight urine
but primarily his Dad's own unique flavor.
Ben hadn't been sucking long before his Dad suddenly jerked back his
pelvis pulling his cock from Ben's mouth. "Sorry, son, but I was about to
cum. I know you said you could get me sexed up again fast, but the thing I
want from you now, my dear son, is to feel your great cock inside me, up my
ass and pouring your own seed back into your father's ass. Please."
Ben smiled, "Of nude lola nymphet course, Dad, anything you want. I'm hoping we can
find someone who you can explore your male sex with you often. But only
after you have satisfied Mom. OK?"
Wyant was embarrassed in front of his son talking about his mother
that way. "I .... I ... son .. I just don't know what to say. I would
never leave your mother, she's my first love no matter what my sexuality
starts to demand. You can count on that."
"Sure, Dad. Now, you've never had a cock up your ass so we'll take
this very slowly. Get on your hands and knees so I can get behind you."
Reaching for the lubricant, Ben coated his fingers and took a glob
more to force up his Dad's ass and sphincter, paving the way for his own
cock which was drooling in a flood of precum, anticipating the feeling of
his father's ass and rectum, the heat and softness, tightness and laxness,
Greasing up the anus, Ben forced one, then two thumbs into Wyant's
asshole, little teen nymphets nude resulting in some excited grunts and groans from his father while
the thumbs worked around trying to loosen the bonds of the sphincter
muscles that controlled the entrance. Once he felt the opening was ready,
he also greased up his rockhard cock, all the way, and set his cockhead
against his father's asshole which was twitching and spasming erratically.
"Dad, now try to relax your asshole, I'm going to very gradually and
slowly force my way into your ass, a bit at a time. Let me know if it is
hurting too much and I'll pull out!"
Moans from his father seemed to say 'go to it, son' but 'take it
Ben felt his cockhead squeezed by the anus, pushed his pelvis harder,
trying to compel the asshole to accept his sizzling meat offering.
Suddenly Wyant was able to relax enough to let Ben's head pass through to
stop with the flange just inside the warmth and softness.
Within a few moments Ben knew is was Ok because his Dad was pushing
back against him, forcing his cock farther into the broiling oven of his
inner heat. Ben was getting more excited than he wanted to, but gave in
and shoved his prick all the way, feeling his pubes tickle his father's
ass, their scrotums swing against each other.
Ben was out of control. He began fucking his father, faster and
deeper, shoving his way at different angles, one way to hit the prostate.
He lay on his father's back, running his hands over his Dad's chest and
abdomen, tweaking and twisting his nipples, then grabbing his Dad's cock
with both hands, pumping it in time with his own fucking his ass.
Wyant Heskett was infused with utter joy, animal passion and orgasmic
delight, fucked by his own son whom he always loved beyond measure, feeling
his cock in his ass, his body tight against his back and ass and being
masturbated in the hottest passion he had ever received. He was almost to
his explosion when Ben announced he was coming.
"Dad, oh Dad, here I cum, my seed in your ass. I'm so hot - I'm
shooting, Dad, take me!"
Ben began shooting stream after stream of clotted white semen, hot,
slick fluid meant for sexual passion and release. Wyant could sense his
rectum being filled, absorbing the vital juices.
Ben hugged his Dad as his passion overtook him and kept jacking his
thick cock, finally able to draw his Dad's seed from his body into his
cupped palm. When Wyant had finished cuming, Ben raised his cupped hand to
his face, slowly licking his Dad's semen onto his tongue, savoring it then
finally swallowing his whole load. Ben at last felt as one with his
father, sharing their seed, home collection nymphette assimilating their life's force into their
Ben's Dad turned to lay back on the bed, holding his arms out to
accept Ben's body onto his own, clutching that body when it lay on him.
Ben kissed his Dad's cheek, then his lips just slightly, feeling satisfied
and complete, but knowing that was his last time for lust with his father.
Wyant was going to have to find a soul mate whom his wife would accept to
be his 'friend' in their lives. That might be quite a task, but could be
aided by Ben and Joey's friends.
Neither man wanted to let go, because that would be the end of their
tryst, their first and last sex together.
"Ben, I want to thank you so much. I know we won't do that again and
I sincerely hope your Joey has no bad reactions to our time together. I'm
sure you will tell him everything and I'm ok with that, you hear?"
Ben cuddled even closer to his father, "Dad, I told you Joey is OK.
We knew what was probably going to happen." He snickered, "And Joey teased
me by saying he thought you were a 'hot dude' whom he would go after if I
weren't around. How about that?" He reached under himself to squeeze his
Dad's languid cock a few times, "That's a mighty fine prick, Dad, but I
didn't inherit it, did I. I love the one I got, anyway."
Wyant mumbled around, then "I'm embarrassed to ask this, son, and you
don't have to answer," he hesitated, "but could you tell me what Joey's
cock is like. Jeez, I can't believe I asked that."
Ben thought, 'Wait 'til I tell Joey.' "Dad, somehow his cock is a twin
of mine, same length and width, long but slim. We say it's like we are
fucking ourselves." He laughed, "And, man, do we both like them."
Ben and his Dad lay that way for at least a half hour more, holding
each other and talking quietly, lovingly and fondly, until the mess and
chill in the house made them take a shower together (another first) where
they gave in and sucked each other to enormous climaxes of shooting semen
into their ravenous mouths, receiving a second helping of their vital seed.
Waving from the cab of Joey's truck, Ben backed out of the drive after
promising to visit often and of course bringing Joey along. Their next
visit with both his parents was a joyful celebration of the two families,
joined by love and understanding. Mike and Adam had tired of working and stripped to shorts, sitting on
the porch to watch Brian and GB having fun with Mike's sailboat. At that
moment the boat seemed to be 'in irons', motionless, and Mike wondered if
he and Adam should rescue them. Mike also had a little fishing boat with a
small outboard motor, which could bring in the sailboat, just a little
faster than drifting. He decided to wait to see if Brian could get them out
of 'irons' and moving again. There wasn't a lot of wind that day and that
made sailing difficult, especially with a boat the size of Mike's.
Brian child nymphet thumbnail
had swung the boat 180 degrees and managed to catch the breeze
in his sails, filling them and pulling the boat along; Mike could see that
Brian had been teaching GB some of the finer points of sailing. The
younger boy had caught on to some of the tasks assigned to the crew of a
sailboat, releasing and tightening the jib sheets, swinging the jib from
one side to the other when tacking to a new direction and moving from side
to side in the cockpit as the wind direction and force changed.
Mike's cell phone whistled "Across The Field" a couple of time before
Mike could get to it and answer.
"Hello, Mike Keith here."
"Oh, hi, Nils. How're ya doing?" He noticed Adam's eyes gleamed and
his attention picked up when he knew Nils was on the phone.
"OK, go ahead."
Mike listened for quite a while, maybe five minutes, before he said,
"That's perfect, Nils, you are a big help. I think those Withington's have
a big surprise coming." He made notes.
"Yes, I'm going illegal asian nymphet to do my best for GB. Adam talked to his mother
.... "
"Oh, you know all about that, huh? Well, I hope to set up a meet with
Pete's mother and father this evening. We'll settle something or else."
"Thanks so much, Nils, could you get out here for dinner tonight,
Adam's cooking up something special." Adam was shaking his head 'no', then
his eyes turned to heaven in disgust.
"Sorry to hear that, Nils, you work too much. Well, another night. I
suppose you will see Adam tonight, so tell him what to cook that we'd all
enjoy. We could even invite Joey and Ben, they are probably tired of their
own cooking by now even if they are learning to be chefs." He smiled, then
laughed at Nils next remark. "Got to go, Nil, I want to get to the
Withington's as soon as I can."
Adam spoke as Mike put his phone away in his shorts, "What did Nils
say that was so funny?"
"Nils thought that Joey and Ben are probably starving because they
can't get out of bed long enough to cook anything edible." Adam snickered
at the ribald meaning of the remark.
After dinner at the Hob Nob restaurant, Mike and Adam headed for the
Withington house in Highland. Adam had refused to cook, said he was tired
of it, thinking of hiring Joey and Ben to do the cooking for them. Mike
knew he'd be back cooking the next day.
Upon reaching the Withington house, the men walked to the front door,
pushed the button and waited. A tall, good-looking man in his forties
answered the ring, nodding to them, "Congressman Keith and Adam MacLeod,
welcome. Come on in."
Mike smiled, "Thank you, Mr. Withington."
"Please call me Peter. My wife's name is Taffy."
"Thanks, Peter. I'm Mike and this is Adam."
Soon the four adults were sitting in the living room in scattered
upholstered chairs, very non nude nymphet pics comfortable but a bit confining. So far, only
small talk had occurred between them, so Mike took the lead.
"Mr. and Mrs. With..... " He smiled, cum child nymphets "Sorry, Peter and Taffy, I would
very much like to see where we stand. Adam asked Taffy if we could get
Pete and GB together in a trip to Sea World, or something like that, with
some or all of us along. According to Adam, you, Taffy, didn't think that
was a good idea.
"We all know that we have two boys who are in poor condition mentally
and physically because of their sudden and complete separation from each
other. These boys were joined at the hip in their friendship, then severed
like Siamese twins, never to see each other again. They are getting into
trouble .... "
Peter broke in, insulted, "Well, Petey prepube nude nymphet certainly hasn't gotten into
trouble. He's not that kind of boy. He's just a little depressed."
Mike waited two minutes, he was checking his watch, before he spoke
again. He was trying to see how the waiting affected them, they looked
nervous but they kept still.
"I'll start again." He cleared his throat, "These two boys have been
getting into trouble, you know it and we know it. My only solution other
than putting them in counseling, maybe an institution, would be to get them
together, supervised at a distance, and see if they aren't able to cure
Again, Peter Withington interrupted, "I still don't know what you mean
by Pete being in trouble. Would you care to explain to us?"
Mike sighed, resigned to confronting Pete's parents. "Pete has been
found roaming this town late at night, he's been seen entering cars driven
by older men and he's been brought home by the police, ahh, I believe it is
eight times in the last month." He looked questioningly, "Or maybe you
didn't know he was leaving the house at night?"
Peter Withington reddened deeply, embarrassed, yet he didn't
quit. "How do you know that?"
"It's the truth, isn't it?" Mike countered.
"Well, they brought him back a few times, but that was long ago."
Mike pulled out a paper on which he had written what Nils told him on
the phone.
"Pete was brought back home about midnight last night. Is that long
Taffy started to cry, using a handkerchief to cover her face. She
sobbed quietly.
"I'd still like to know how you know that. You are invading our
Mike retorted, "And you continue to lie to us and sit there in denial.
I think you need to help us or your son will keep on with adults, getting
their cocks up his ass."
Peter stood up at that, "Now that is no way to talk in front of my
wife." He went to her chair, sat on the arm and clutched her hand.
Mike stood then. "Now here's where we are. Either you cooperate with
us or the boys will get in real trouble and be sent away from us. We know
what GB has been doing and he assured us that Pete is doing the same thing,
having sex with older men for money.
"We've been working with GB. He hasn't been soliciting for almost two
weeks, but we can only go so far. GB feels he's been betrayed and
abandoned, given no voice in the direction of his life, especially because
he and Pete can no longer be together. Wouldn't you rather he and Pete
have their friendship, supervised, than go out every night sucking older
men's cocks." He paused, and spoke heatedly, "That's what they do and little nymphets naked pictures
somehow continue unless we step in to help them." He grew tired and sad,
"That's the crux of the problem, either you want to save your son, or you
don't care if you lose him. And you will lose him! I can guarantee that!"
"Ah, Mike, we'd like some time to think and talk this over. We'll
call you soon."
Mike shook his head wearily. "No, that won't do. You must decide
right now and let us make plans tonight. That's it. If you agree, all
this will be kept quiet, no police reports yet."
Mike sat down again to emphasize that he and Adam weren't leaving.
Pete and Taffy left the room but Mike and Adam could still hear them
arguing, but not understand the words.
Adam spoke first, "Bet you $10 that she doesn't come back. He will
say take the boy, they don't want anything more to do with him because of
his wife."
Mike wouldn't comment, just waiting stoically until a far door opened
and Peter walked tentatively toward the visitors.
He looked totally embarrassed, whipped, wrapped in total defeat. They
could tell he'd been crying.
"Ah, Mike, my wife .... my ..... wife doesn't want any more to do with
Pete. She has given up completely on him, nothing can redeem him in her
eyes. I guess you were a bit too graphic in your telling of what he has
"You realize that Peter will no doubt be institutionalized, placed in
foster homes as they become available."
Peter wiped his face with his handkerchief, he was still weeping and
dripping with sweat and looked 10 years older than when he left the room.
"I guess so, we don't want that really, but she won't have Pete in the
house any longer. We want you to take him with you."
Mike hadn't expected this at all. How could these parents just give
up on their child when he's so young and in some trouble.
"Peter, I'm a lawyer, so I shouldn't be involved in that part of this
problem. I will have my personal lawyer draw up papers to the effect that
you have freely given your son to my care as temporary guardian. We will
also contact Child Protection Agency so everything is legal and up high heels nymphets
We'll probably have to go before the judge in time. Right now I will write
a declaration for you and your wife to sign. Then I will take Pete with
me. I will personally do what I can for Pete, I'll try to keep him where I
know he'll be well taken care of. Go get Pete ready, now!"
By the time Peter brought his son with a couple of suitcases into the
room, Mike had finished the document, showing Peter where to sign and where
to have his wife sign.
Pete, a nice looking 12 year old, a little more mature than GB, but
generally normal for that age. young nymphets bbs He seemed completely unaware of what was
happening, dazed and confused, but followed what his father told him to do.
As the three walked out, there was no goodbye between Pete and his
parents, no hugs or kisses, seemingly no concern between them. Mike and
Adam were stunned, unable to comprehend any parents being that heartless
and cold-blooded toward their own flesh and blood. But, there they were.
Mike and Adam stopped at a drivein where they got Pete a chocolate ice
cream cone, staying in the car to talk to him.
Mike watched Pete silently lick his cone without much
expression. "Pete, do you know who we are?"
"Uh-uh," and shook his head.
Mike explained who they were, where they were taking him and that he
wasn't going home again.
"Ok." No expression on his face, just some brown ice cream smears.
Mike tried again. "We are taking you to my home to live for a while.
There is someone else living there at the present time. His name is GB
The ice cream cone ended up on the ceiling of the car, dripping on the
leather seats to Mike's consternation and Pete had come alive. Pete jumped
around spastically, completely unglued and excited.
"What did you say, mister? Did you say GB is there? Huh?"
Mike turned to look into Pete's eyes in the back seat.
"That's what I said, Pete, GB is there. But he doesn't know you are
coming. He doesn't know that we found where you were living, but he wants
to see you very much. Do you want to see him?"
Pete started crying, "Are you playing games with me? Is GB really at
your house?" Without waiting for an answer, he curled up into a fetal
ball, sobbing uncontrollably into his hands, his body moving as if he were
racked with pain.
Mike left the driver's seat, got in the back seat and gathered Pete's
tortured body in his arms, holding him in his lap against his warm body.
"Pete, Pete, I'm not kidding you. GB told us he wants to see you very
badly, that's why we've been looking for you. Honest."
"A ... A .... am I really going to see GB?"
"Yes, you are, Pete, I promise you."
Suddenly, Pete turned to grab Mike around the neck, his legs parted
around Mike's hips. "Oh, mister, thank you so much. I'll do anything you
want, just take me to GB."
Mike nodded to Adam who got in the driver's seat and drove to the
cabin while Mike kept a good hold on the small boy in pussy nymphets
his lap.
Brian and GB were just coming up to the cabin from putting the
sailboat away when Adam drove in. Mike got out holding Pete's hand as he
stood by his side. The two sailors were talking a mile a minute as they
walked until GB glanced to see who had arrived. He stopped suddenly,
looking closely at the boy he saw with Mike.
GB screamed and screamed, running as fast as he could toward Pete who
also screamed and ran to GB. They met in a crash of hurtling bodies
throwing themselves to the grass, hugging each other as if to squeeze the
life out of each other. The others left the boys alone, to nymphets bbs magazine
themselves again.
Pete and GB were laughing and crying, beating on each other, then
kissing all over their faces, all while rolling from side to side,
contorting their bodies to touch each other wherever they could.
After a few minutes, the boys slowed down, their faces together, their
breathing slowing and becoming more regular. Mike, Adam and Brian just
stood and watched, all three affected greatly by this show of affection and
deep feelings, choking up just a bit. They noticed that Pete had a
stranglehold on GB's buttocks, pressing their groins together, tight!
Pete and GB were talking so quietly they couldn't be heard, nodding
and smiling to each other, then turning their heads to look at the three
men. Pete could be heard asking ,"Which one is it?" GB nodded toward
Untangling themselves, the boys stood up, then raced toward Mike,
smothering him in a brace of squirming young boys who clutched him,
squeezed him and practically knocking him off his feet.
"Mister, thank you so much for bringing me to GB," Pete said, "I'm
sorry I didn't believe you at first. But I do thank you."
Mike smoothed Pete's hair, "My name is Mike, Pete, I wish you would
call me Mike." He smiled at a very happy boy, in fact, ecstatic with
GB stretched to full height and kissed Mike on the cheek where he
whispered in his cheek, "I can't ever give you enough thanks, Mike. You
are wonderful." Another kiss on the cheek and strong squeeze of his body. That evening Sean lay on his large bed, alone, depressed and lost
without Roy. His cell phone jingled. Retrieving it from his bedside
table, he pressed the button.
"Hello", he said, softly and quietly.
"Sean, it's Roy." He was obviously crying, "can I come home to you?
They threw me out of the house."
Sean's heart leaped in his chest, "Of course, babe, I was just here
waiting for your call."
* - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * "Congressman, what about all these rumors that you are a queer, a fag.
What do you have to say about that?"
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