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From: Paul H.Daventon
Subject: Turning-the-Page-2 *** CHAPTER TW0 *** The young congressman made sure that Donna left his condo by 1 A.M. that
night. She'd been fun for a while when she first got there, but her
attraction diminished the longer she stayed. She'd sucked him off by 10
o'clock, and at one she was still trying to get his cock hard again. But it
just lay there, limp and unresponsive. She sucked it, licked it, fingered it,
jacked it, slobbered over it, tongued the piss slit, and even tried to stick
it in her cunt soft. Nothing worked. Mike made the excuse that he'd had a
late night, a hard day and was tired. Maybe another time. He'd take her
home. ls forum nymphets Even in the car on the way to her apartment she still tried to arouse
him. Some girls just don't want to admit they can't get a man going all the
As he gratefully relaxed in his bed that night, Mike thought about the
evening. Donna was a beautiful girl; a secretary, not a whore. She had a
gorgeous body, slim and full of the right curves ... nice, upright tits, not
too big but still a handful; slim waist and wide hips with outstanding
buttocks. He had had a good nymphet top50 time, but after she had sucked him off, he just
couldn't get it up.
His mind wandered, reviewing his appointments and committee meetings,
what he had to do during the next week. He thought, 'Oh hell, I've got all
day tomorrow to get ready for the week.' Then he remembered that Brian would
be coming over the next day, that day actually. Damn, that means I won't get
any work done. Well, he did like the kid, he was nice to have around. Maybe
after we swim and sun a bit, he'll help me with my correspondence. Let's see,
I guess I have enough stuff to feed him. And plenty of pop ... no more
alcohol for him. But Mike couldn't remember if he told the boy to bring a
bathing suit. Hell, I'll just call him in the morning.
At that moment Mike came out of his musing to realize that his right
hand was jacking a monstrous erection. 'What the hell', he groaned, 'I just
came tonight when Donna sucked me and couldn't get it hard again .... now I've
got a boner and what have been thinking of? A boy ... a fucking kid ... but,
shit, a sexy, handsome, well-built, attractive young man. What the hell is my
sex life coming to?
Mike continued palming his cock, stroking the smooth taut skin up and
down. Suddenly, he let go, rolled over onto his stomach, thinking, 'damn it
to hell. That's enough. I'm not all sexed up over a boy. That's ridiculous.
I'll call Brian in the morning and tell him I have to go out of town and he
can't come over. I'll just have as little to do with him as possible and I'll
find me some new broads to jump. That'll get me back to normal.'
With that thought Mike dropped off to sleep. The next thing he knew,
the doorbell was ringing insistently. Rolling over to look at the clock,
Mike groaned aloud. Oh, shit. I've slept until one. And that means that
Brian is the one shoving his finger up my bell. I'm not having any luck at
Putting on his robe as he walked to the front door, Mike shook his head
and tried to smooth his hair with his fingers. He tried to put his face into
a smiling aspect and opened the door. Who else but Brian, dressed in jeans,
T-shirt and tennis shoes, smiling broadly at his youthful employer. "Morning"
"Good morning, Brian, come on in. How are you feeling today? Any
Brian walked in past Mike, still smiling. "Oh, yes, I feel great. Must
have slept 15 hours at least. Nothing like it for a hangover." He swung
around. "But ... I'm never going to get drunk like that again.. ever."
"That's a great resolution, Brian. Get high on yourself, not booze or
drugs." He rubbed his eyes, "I just got up, as you might be able to tell.
Are you hungry?"
"No, thanks. I ate. But I'll have some coffee while you eat."
Mike headed free sex nymphettes for his bedroom. "There's a Mr. Coffee on the counter in
the kitchen. Do you think you could get it going?"
The slim blond answered from the hall, "Well, I'll sure try. Lead me to
it." He bounded toward the countered area on one side of the living room.
Mike turned suddenly as he reached the door of his bedroom. "Say, Brian,
did you happen to bring a bathing suit? I forgot to remind you."
Brian was bent over the coffee machine, "Yes I remembered. I've got it
on under my jeans."
"OK, that's great. I'll put one on too, and after my breakfast we'll go
out to the pool for a while. But we will have to get some work done soon.
With his head in a cupboard looking for coffee he answered, "That's
great. You get your shower and get dressed. I'll have some coffee ready by
the time you are finished." The condo pool area was practically deserted, probably because the sun
was really strong and hot, making the concrete apron almost too hot to walk
on. Mike and Brian has been swimming for an hour or so, and were relaxing on
twin lounge chairs side by side. Brian was an excellent swimmer, coordination
well his strokes and breathing, arms and legs moving smoothly and powerfully.
Mike felt very uncomfortable while eating breakfast in the condo when
Brian stood not more than three feet away to strip to his bathing suit. It
was not a bathing nymphet sexy girls suit. It was a racing suit that he must have had when he
was ten or eleven. The suit covered about half of his buttocks showing lots
of cleavage and barely hid all of his genitals, but not all his pubic hair.
Most the of curly blond wisps showed over the top of the white nylon cloth.
Mike almost said something, but then decided against it. He really didn't
want to draw attention to the fact that he had noticed anything out of the
All the time they were swimming and fooling around the pool, Mike
couldn't help watching the boy as much as he possibly could, drinking in the
smooth, hairless skin, the defined but supple muscles. And, of course, he
couldn't keep himself from watching the bouncing genitals in little nymphets info
the stretched
suit. That kid is really hung, very mature hung. Mike just underage nude nymphets
understand his hot little nymphet
unusual interest in a barely post-pubertal boy. Just what the
attraction was he couldn't understand. Or rather he didn't want to think
about the nice nymphet models possibilities. He did know that he was glad that he had worn his
floppy, boxer style suit with a very strong jock strap. They had touched
often while swimming and every feel of the boy's flesh had given him a strong,
throbbing erection.
'Good God,' Mike thought, 'am I becoming a boy lover? How could that
be? I've always loved making love to women and having them make love to me.
I must just feel sorry for the kid, kind of like wanting to take care of a
little brother. That's what it must be. I've adopted a little brother. Well,
there's nothing wrong with that. Even though he has a strong body, he often
seems unprotected and defenseless. That's what I'm responding to. OK, that's
no problem. There won't be anything more to it.'
Mike touched Brian on the arm. "Hey, there, we'd better get inside and
get some work done. And, it looks to me like you are getting sun-burned." He
pressed his hand against Brian's chest, feeling the heat and full pectorals.
The boy turned to face Mike, unconsciously readjusting his genitals in
the bikini. "OK, whatever you say, ah ... Mike. You know best." Mike didn't
register the look of adoration plainly visible on the young boy's handsome
face, but he did notice the motion of the cock and balls inside that skimpy
white material. His own cock did a bit of a flip-flop, even though confined
by the tight jock strap. Mike stretched in the soft chair. The two of them had worked 2 hours on
the representative's files of correspondence, getting the records up to date.
The older man had noticed Brian yawning often in the last half hour. Checking
his watch, he suggested that Brian take a nap in the guest room (he almost
said 'your room') for an hour or so and then they would have some dinner. He
was sure getting used to dirty collection nymphets having the boy around, it seemed so natural.
The young fair lad thought that would be a good idea. While Mike
returned to some letters, Brian went to the bedroom, stripped off the racing
suit and crawled naked between the cool, white sheets. He fell asleep almost
as soon as his eyes closed.
Mike had been writing letters for 20 minutes or so when he heard noised
coming from the guest room, sounded like sobbing noises. Glancing at the
door, re realized that the boy was not awake, but crying softly in his sleep.
That tore at Mike's heart, gave him a large lump in his throat. He wanted to
comfort his 'little brother', but didn't want to wake him up. Maybe if he
just laid down with him it would be a comfort.
The older man loosened his robe, he had removed his wet suit and wore
only his regular briefs. Laying down beside Brian, up against him and put his
arm around his shoulders. The crying noises stopped, his breathing slowed and
his body relaxed.
Before he knew it, Mike had fallen asleep, and the two of them slept for
almost two hours. He gradually came awake and aware of warm sensations in his
groin. Fortunately he didn't move, because he would not have wanted to
disturb Brian in what he was doing. Even without opening his eyes, Mike knew
just what the boy was doing. He knew that he should stop him, but couldn't
make himself, it felt so good.
Somehow, while Mike slept, Brian had released Mike's cock and balls from
his briefs and was doing his best to swallow Mike's cock completely. One hand
was massaging his balls while the other jacked that part of his cock which
didn't fit into the young boy's mouth. The rigid prick had never felt better
in its life and Mike knew that none of his female companions had ever given
him as good a cock-sucking. The only time that could come close was with his
boyhood friend, also a Bryan, when they were 14 or 15.
The older man tried to relax and enjoy. He didn't want Brian to know he
was awake; he really didn't want to know why the boy was doing it. Suddenly,
Mike wasn't doing any more thinking. The pressure was building up in his
guts, his asshole, and traveling between his legs, under his balls, and
thrusting up the length of his pulsing cock. A flash went through his mind
... 'I'm going to shoot ... very soon ... can he take it? Or should I
casually turn over and shoot on the bed. By the time all of those thoughts
registered, it was too late. He had already begun jetting from his cock, down
the throat of his young friend. Although Mike didn't think of it at the time,
later on it hit him that Brian seemed to have no trouble taking his fluid
offering which he obviously swallowed without a problem. And later he was to
wonder just where little nymphets toons the kid had gained the experience for that. How had he
learned to 'deep throat' a dick the size of his? That would take lots of
Unavoidably Mike's body had tensed, so he tried to relax gradually, as
if he were asleep. Brian still held the man's penis in his mouth, his tongue
lightly circling the head, gently sucking the last drops of semen onto his
After a few moments the young lad quietly and silently crawled back
under the sheets next to Mike. As soon as he felt he could, the older man
pretended to wake up, as did Brian so innocently when he was shaken by the
shoulder and told they had overslept. The esteemed congressman was overjoyed
to watch the slim, muscular youth dress from the skin out, not understanding,
but not questioning either. All dressed, the two went to a fine restaurant
for dinner. Late in June the houses in Congress took their annual summer recess.
Since it was an election year, most members mended fences at home since
politics came first that year. For Mike, it meant off and on campaigning in
Ohio, visiting some relatives and doing some business; but, also relaxing
and planning for the upcoming election. He had originally thought of asking
one of his girls to spend a week or two with him in Ohio. He owned a
beautiful summer cabin on his nymphet nude tpg own secluded private lake. Mike wasn't
exceptionally wealthy, though he had plenty, but he had inherited the house
and lake plus a bundle of cash from a favorite uncle a few years before.
The slim, well-build congressman was day-dreaming in his office on the
last day of the session. What was he going to do; who would he invite to go
with him? Suzanne was out of reach now ... the senator didn't take kindly to
competition. Maybe Connie? No .. she had a great body but her mind had never
left starting gate.
Three raps echoed from his office door. At Mike's 'come in' his young
page opened the door and walked in. Mike looked up as the boy spoke.
"Anything more for me to do? I don't have to leave for a while."
Mike looked closely at the handsome youth. He and Brian hadn't really
gotten together since that Sunday afternoon almost a month before. He had
noticed that his young friend seemed happier during that time. Mike had been
with 16 women and girls, consciously or unconsciously trying to reassure
himself that he was definitely heterosexual. Now, in walks Brian and all his
determination leaves completely.
"Just one thing, Brian, what are you doing during the recess? School?
Vacation? Work? What."
The young man hesitated, "Well, I guess I'm not doing anything. My Dad
left last Sunday for two elite nymphets sex months in Europe. I was going to take some college
courses for something to do, but I don't know."
Mike nymphet non nude models
quickly made up his mind. "How would you like to spend a couple
weeks or so with me in Ohio at the house by my lake?"
Brian frowned quizzically, "What do you mean, 'your lake', Mike?"
"Just what I said! I own a private lake and the cottage on it and am
asking you if you'd like to spend a while there with me to keep me company."
He paused. "Well?" Then he smiled, "Won't you come with me, please?"
Suddenly, Brian swung his arms wildly, yelled a 'Wahoo', and whooped
some more around the room. "Will I? I sure will. When do we leave?"
"Well, this is Thursday, and I have a few things to do yet, so probably
this Saturday early. Will that be OK with you?"
Grinning broadly, the boy said, "Hey, I'd leave in 5 minutes if you
wanted to. I'll be ready early Saturday." With that the blond page ran out
of the office, slamming the door behind him.
Mike laughed out loud at the sudden departure and excitement shown by
Brian. Well, he suddenly felt the same excitement. This may be the wrong
thing to do, but at this point it just seemed right. The large red brick house really looked palatial by the early hazy light
as Mike drove his Mustang convertible on the circular drive to the front door.
He had hardly stepped from the car when Brian erupted from the double front
doors between the huge white columns loaded with bags and bundles, yelling
'hello' and 'I'm all ready' and 'let's go'. Following the boy was a tall man,
maybe 27 or 28, dressed in a form-fitting jeans and t-shirt, also carrying two
bags. Mike couldn't help staring at the dark-haired helper, wide shoulders
and narrow hips, thighs that bulged in the tight pants. He wasn't exactly good
looking, but had a pleasant, friendly face.
Opening the trunk, Mike motioned for them to load the boy's bags in.
Brian turned to his employer, "Oh, Mike this is Adam. He's our chauffeur,
butler, gardener, handyman, baby-sitter and my good friend."
Adam smiled broadly, put out a hand, and said, "How do you do. I've
heard a great deal about you." He laughed showing perfect brilliant teeth and
help up his palm, "All good, I assure you." Turning toward the teen-ager, "Now
you have a good time and behave yourself, Brian. Can you tell me about when to
expect you back. You know your father will probably be returning sometime in
Brian assumed a boxing stance and playfully punched Adam on the arm,
"Don't worry, Adam, I sure won't be gone that long. Mike'll probably get
tired of me after 24 hours and ship me back on the earliest bus." He danced
around the tall, obviously very muscular older man, still pretending to be
sparring with him . I'll let you know, Adam, as soon nymphets bbs forum
as I can tell."
The congressman broke in, "Adam, we'll be back in little nymphet nude
two weeks, unless
something comes up that I don't know about. We'll let you know." Mike
climbed into the car.
Adam chuckled as he fended more of Brian's short jabs, then giving a few
jabs of his own before he grabbed the boy around the shoulders, squeezed and
said, "Ok, you take off now and have fun. I'll manage somehow around here."
Brian hugged Adam squeezing tightly and jumped into the car, said
"Good-bye" and "Let's get this crate on the road." The young man seemed so
much more assured of himself, more confident and happier. Before Adam turned
toward the house, Mike noticed he pulled a handkerchief from his pocket and
blew his nose. Adam didn't have a cold, Mike was sure.
Mike had never seen the boy so excited, so agitated, so eager, so
attractive. They roared off north from the outer belt of Washington, Brian
stretched out african nymphet pic beside him on the bucket seat; tight jeans, college sweatshirt,
and tennis shoes. The older man felt a solid twinge in his crotch, a stirring
of his penis when he glanced at the considerable bulge in the boy's crotch.
He remembered that he had not really seen Brian's erection, only a fleeting
glance when he got sick the day after that party.
"I resent my Mustang being called a 'crate', this is my pride and joy
... of sorts." He patted the boy's knee, twice, quickly, and laughed, "Oh,
this is great; we're getting away from all our problems, at least for a while.
About six, seven hours and we're at the lake."
Brian turned his face toward Mike, grinning broadly, then drawling a
long 'Yeah'. "This is the best I've felt in a long, long time. Just to get
away from that house is great." It seemed that his face lost some of its
brightness when he spoke of the house.
"Isn't your father home much?"
Bowing his head and shaking it, he spoke softly, "No, Mike, he spends
most of his time traveling or in Europe. I think he only stops home to get
clean socks and more money. I do get phone calls once in a while, but mostly
it's Adam and me. Oh, and there is the cook, Annie."
Mike said, "It seems that you and Adam get along quite well. He takes
good care of you, doesn't he?"
Quickly, Brian answered, "Oh, yeah, we get along great. It's like have
an older brother, which is nice since I've never had one." He paused, his
face sad,"Yet I sure would like the family to be together more. I wish, I wish
... oh well, it isn't to be."
Mike remained silent. There was nothing he could say. He could only
think to himself that maybe he could somehow make up for the boy's lack of a
family. Maybe not entirely, but a bit. He didn't have a family of his own
any more either. Then his innate voice of caution spoke, -- 'what are you
letting yourself in for, Congressman?' -- and he just told the voice to shut
up. He really didn't want to think about it.
A couple hours later the Mustang roared onto the Pennsylvania turnpike
and headed directly west. Mike felt comfortable driving, relaxed and at east,
especially with his 'little brother' beside him. Brian had been asleep for 15
or 20 minutes, stretched out on the front seat as much as he could. Mike
glanced at him from time to time; after a while noticing that the boy's pants
were bulging more and more at the crotch. In fact it seemed to Mike that
Brian's cock was pushing further and further toward his waist, forcing the
material outward along the zipper.
'I wish to hell I knew what he was dreaming about - or rather who he's
dreaming about.' At that point the older man realized that his own cock was
thrusting itself down his pants leg. 'And for that matter', he thought, 'what
the hell is my cock doing. I'm just driving to Ohio with a kid I'm trying to
be nice to, noticing that he's probably having a sexual dream and is getting
an erection. That's all. So, why am I becoming aroused?'
The huge semi blasted his thoughts with three quick jets on the air
horn. Mike swung quickly into the outer lane, allowing the monstrous vehicle
to pass him. From then on, Mike's thought were concentrated on Congressional
problems he needed to solve until the car took the ramp off the Ohio Turnpike
with just 15 miles to go to reach his summer cabin.
The darker man grabbed the boy's left thigh, saying loudly, "Wake up,
sleepy head, we're almost there." Mike noticed that Brian's crotch had shrunk
to its normal large bulge. The young blond slowly came to life and stretched
his slender, muscular body with much groaning and facial contortions.
Finally, Brian turned to Mike and smiled, his handsome face bright with
excitement and anticipation.
The young teenager spoke quietly, "Boy, did I sleep. Guess I was more
tired than I thought. You mean we're almost there?"
Mike smiled, reached over to pat Brian's upper thigh. "That's right,
Brian, won't be much more than half an hour and we'll be looking across a
beautiful lake at the deep green nymphet castle girls
forest. Maybe even get some swimming in
before the light is gone. Sure hope you like the place."
It was over forty-five minutes later that the Mustang swung unto the
mile-long drive through the woods to the lake. They had stopped in town for
groceries, just stocking up with enough for a few days. They'd get more when
they ran out.
The narrow bumpy road plunged nymphet cp lol into a dark wood land which slowed the car
to a crawl. Almost five minutes elapsed before their view opened up suddenly
to reveal a very blue lake ahead and a spacious log cabin to the right.
"Wow". The word popped from Brian's mouth involuntarily. "Oh, wow!
That's beautiful. Do you really own this? All this - the lake and
Parking beside the cabin, Mike smiled as he parked beside the cabin,
"Yup. It's all mine. No one around for miles. I think the nearest house
must be at least five miles from here. And, I get very few visitors." They
got out and began carrying the luggage and groceries into the cabin. The log
building consisted of a living room with dining area, kitchen and one bedroom,
with some storage space but no basement or attic. Dropping leotard nymphet the food bags on
the modern wet little nymphets
kitchen counter, while Mike left the luggage in the bedroom on the
twin beds, Brian rushed back to the door, looking out at the inviting lake
"Hey, Mike, can I go for a swim? Right now?"
"Sure, Brian, did you remember a bathing suit?"
The young blond returned to the bedroom where Mike was getting out
sheets to make the bed. xxx nymphet "Yeah, there should be one in my bags somewhere." He
sat on one bed. "But you said there was no one around, right?"
Mike turned to look at the boy, slowly, "Yeah, there shouldn't be anyone
around. Why?"
Jumping up excitedly, Brian pulled off his polo shirt, "Well, why bother
with a suit." Shucking his shoes and socks, he started pulling down his
Laughing at his excited young friend, "Ok, Ok, hot shot, go in however
you want. But how about leaving on your underwear for now just in case. You
never know."
As Brian bent over to pull off his jeans, Mike stared at his bare ass
because his briefs had come down too. Jeans off, he hitched up his briefs
quickly and raced out the front door, across the wide porch toward the lake 20
yards away. little lady nymphets
Mike had followed and grinned at the sight of those two small
melon-like buttocks sparring under the little bit of white cloth.
He ran right into the water, diving under when he saw it was deep
enough. "Hey, this is great. Come on in, Mike."
Mike yelled back, "Later, when I get things put away," and he turned
back toward the kitchen. 'What have I done? This kid will put me in an early
grave. And I'm still young, too.' After he finished putting away all the groceries and moved their clothes
from the luggage to the dressers, Mike grabbed a beer, lit a cigarette and
walked casually onto the porch to lean against the railing. Brian was wading
shoulder deep through the dark blue water toward shore. Gradually more of him
appeared to Mike, watching closely. The broad shoulders, not heavy but firm,
broke the surface, then his full, flat pectorals and slender but muscular
arms. The older man stared without blinking at the narrow waist and flat,
ridged abdomen when they showed, and the slim hips and proportioned long
thighs and calves. Reaching the water's edge Brian hitched up his briefs that had slipped
almost off his hips. Naturally the soft white material was soaked, therefore
it stuck tightly to his body, revealing much more than it concealed. Even at
this distance Mike could easily see his cock and balls laying curled inside
the pouch. Even individual pubic hairs came into view when the young man
neared the nn preeteen nymphets porch. Brian wrapped his arms around his chest, feeling the chill, but grinning
from broadly at his boss. "Oh, man, that was great. What a wonderful place
this is. The water is so cool and refreshing, I feel fantastic." He danced
around, swinging his arms, hopping carefully because of the pebbles on his
bare feet "You should have come in, Mike, come on." He grabbed Mike's arm
and started pulling him toward the water. Mike resisted at first, holding
back, then relaxed and let his young page lead him. "Wait, you little bugger, I've got my clothes on," he laughed, "wait a
"OK, if you are going to be picky." Brian got behind Mike, grabbed his
knit shirt and had it over his head fast. Reaching his arms around the older
man's waist, he unbuttoned and unzipped his jeans before Mike could react.
Before his pants reached his ankles, Mike kicked off his loafers and then the
pants. Clad only in his white jockey briefs, illegal nymphette the tall, dark-haired man was
suddenly propelled into the water by his young friend until he fell in the
four foot depth with Brian landing full on his back. He almost drowned
because he didn't want to move away from that hard, warm body clutching him
Bursting through the surface, Mike gasped for air, "Damn, Brian, that's
a shock. I forgot how cold this water is," he brushed his hair back, "and as
for you, young man, you get this!" The water splashed violently as he grabbed
the boy around his shoulders and pushed him under. As he was going down, Brian
wrapped his arms around Mike's hips to catch himself, thereby pulling his
briefs down to his knees. As soon as Mike reached down to pull them up, he
found he had a tug of war with Brian for sole possession of his briefs. Mike
"Hey, hey, I got your pants." Brian held the briefs high over his head,
jumping back away from his boss, laughing wildly. "You want your un-der-
pants, your sopping wet un-der-pants, you ain't got no un-der-pants!!"
Mike had been in his lake more often without anything on than with a
suit or underwear, so he felt right at home. But he did rush toward the slim
blond, at least appearing to try to recover his nymphets love top briefs. Finally he dove under
to get his revenge. Brian was so intent on giving his older friend a hard
time, he didn't expect Mike to return the favor. So he really was surprised
to feel Mike's fingers grab the waist band of his briefs, pull them down and
off his feet as he dumped him on his back.
Brian chortled, "Oh, so you want war, eh? Ok then, here they go." With
a wild throw he managed to get Mike's briefs up on the shore. "How about
Not to be outdone, Mike did the same with Brian's and they were both
naked in the cool, blue lake. The water was somewhat opaque, anything
underneath was not real clear. "Well, look at us. No one around thank
goodness, so no problem. We might as well swim." He turned, pointed to their
right, and dared, "I'll race you to the point over free nymphet nudes there. See it? Where
those two trees are laying half in the water?"
"OK, sure, you're on. What's the prize if I win?"
"Well, Brian, you'll just have to wait and see," he taunted, "ready,
set, go!"
Purposely hesitating, Mike was treated to the sight of a set of
beautiful, naked twin buttocks popping above the surface as the boy dove into
the lead. However, just before they reached the point, his superior strength
pulled him slightly ahead. Brian had technique which helps, but not on the
long haul.
Pulling himself onto the sandy point and facing the lake, Mike waited
for Brian to do the same. This he did only a few seconds behind his boss. So
they sat, side by side, legs in the water, stark naked, seemingly unconcerned
about their nakedness. "I am very thankful, Brian, that I beat underaged nymphets bbs
you just now,"
he panted quietly, "because when I am just a few days older I won't be able to
do it." He flopped back to lay flat on the sand, closing his eyes, "You do
understand that was 'my finest hour'," he coughed theatrically, "my finest
Brian lay back himself, holding his sides, laughing at Mike's dramatic
efforts. "You are something else. You'd think you were ready for the
wheelchair and retirement home." He raised up to rest on one elbow. "You're in
great shape and you look great too. You are in a lot better shape that a lot
of kids my age."
From the sound of nymphet hardcore models his voice Mike could tell that Brian was looking at
him, staring at his nude body. 'What was it about this kid that drew him to
me, or was it me to him. I don't understand.'
Cold water suddenly splashed onto Mike's body, coming in waves from the
lake, thrown by his companion. He sat up, opening nymphets pussies his eyes, "What the hell
... ", and he threw up his hands to ward off more water that Brian was
spraying onto him. The boy was in the lake up to his knees, jumping around,
cupping his hands to aim more shots at his friend; his taut naked body a blur
of motion, his prick and scrotum wildly flapping between his legs.
"Come on, come on, old man. See if you can catch me." He turned to run
down the beach, yelling back, "Bet you can't. You're over the hill."
As Brian started running, Mike scrambled to his feet to chase him. By
running on the shore, he soon caught up with his page and jumped him in the
water. Fortunately no one was around to witness two naked men running and
then wrestling in the water. Mike grabbed Brian from the back, pinning his
arms against his sides, forcing him out onto the shore. The younger man
struggled playfully, but forcefully, to no avail. Mike held on until they
reached the beach where Brian tripped him. By the time they hit the sand,
their positions had been reversed. Mike lay on his face, one arm nymphetes sexy
behind him
as the young blond lay on top, holding him down.
Mike couldn't believe the sensation of the hard, naked flesh on top of
him, the firm, bare muscle against his own. And Brian kept squirming hairy young nymphets
on him,
pushing against his back and buttocks with his chest and groin. A feeling of
utter ecstacy came over him. But he struggled against the weight, "Brian, get
off me ... get ... off ... me!" The more Mike squirmed, the more he felt the
boy's body.
"Say 'uncle'", Brian warned, "come on, give up or I'll break your arm in
little pieces." He also shoved harder with his hips against Mike's.
Mike couldn't talk if nymphets foot fetish he had to. In just a few seconds his mind had
overheated, his urges became demands and his cock had hardly erected against
his stomach free nymphets pic before he ejaculated into the sand underneath him. As soon as he
could speak, he croaked, "Ok, ok, Brian, I give, I give." He groaned. "Get off
before you crush me."
The boy rolled onto his back next to Mike, panting from his exertion.
"I didn't think you'd give up so easily. I could have gone a few more
rounds." He looked at Mike, "Hey, you all right?" Putting one hand on Mike's
back, he shook his friend, "Ok?"
Returning slowly to normal, Mike moaned, cleared his throat and rolled
over himself. "I'll be all right. Just give me a minute." In gradual stages
he sat up, leaning back on his arms, turned toward Brian. "Well, I haven't
wrestled since gym class in junior high school ... and then I lost every
Brian sat up, too. "I don't believe that. You're really built, you are
really strong. Did you work out much?"
Unbelievably, the older man felt a stirring in his crotch, thinking, 'My
God, I just shot a load not two minutes ago and I look at this young man next
to me and I start up again.' Hiding his movements as best he could, Mike
pushed his penis between his thighs. "I didn't start working out until I got
to college. I had a roommate who was a real muscle man ... took prizes for
body building. He directed my efforts, but I didn't go too far ... didn't
want to be overdeveloped like him." Mike considered, "I think he is manager
of a health spa somewhere, servicing the ladies who can afford him." He
smiled, "He's probably very happy, I suppose."
Brian moved quickly, squatting behind Mike, and with both hands on the
thick shoulders in front of him, started to massage. He worked from the neck
out, then deep in the shoulders and down his back toward the slender waist.
In a rush Mike jumped to his feet, running toward the water, his back
toward Brian, "Come on, son, let's swim back and get some supper." He dove
in, stroking in deep, covering water where he could turn back, "If you beat
me, you get to have a beer, maybe even two if you're good." Mike let his young friend win the race, though it wasn't difficult to
do. They walked up the sand, searching for their underpants. Walking up to
the cottage, Mike found himself immediately behind the boy, entranced by the
body so close, the slim, strong torso; the full, rounded buttocks; the long,
shapely legs. What the hell was he going to do for two weeks with this
fucking temptress in male disguise.
As they walked into the bedroom, Mike directed, "Get out some sweats,
Brian, it gets cool in the evening. That's all I'm going to put on."
Brian watched while Mike searched and found a top and bottom, slipping
them on with no underwear, so he did the same. Since Mike had appointed
himself the cook, he made them some hamburgs, fries and a salad, and a beer
apiece. He knew he wasn't great in the kitchen, but figured he was better
than Brian would be. It didn't take them long to eat and clean up. They each
took a second beer, walked onto the porch where they sat on the wicker settee
and Mike lit up a cigarette.
"Let me have one of those, Mike", Brian asked, "I just smoke once in a
while, not much."
"I didn't bring any more out here." He reached over with his hand,
"Here have some of this one."
Brian took the nudists nymphets pics cigarette, had a few drags, then handed it back. "Here,
your turn."
For some reason sharing a cigarette with his young friend was the
sexiest act he had ever performed. To him it meant a closeness between them
that transcended all previous feelings of togetherness. His lips touched the
cigarette just where Brian's had been. The urge to grab the boy and hold him,
touch him, bring that beauty against himself was so strong he was sure that
his struggle against any action was very apparent. But Brian just relaxed
next to him, taking the cigarette for a puff once in a while.
Brian turned his head, "Mike, this is great. I love it already. Thanks
so much for asking me." He looked down, "My parents used to take me with them
on their travels ... since Mother died, I don't go any more with my father.
I've been in the most exotic cities of Europe and Asia, but this is the most
fabulous place I've experienced." He looked at his friend, "Of course, the
person I'm with may have something to do with that." He reached to take the
cigarette, but left his hand touching the back of Mike's hand that held the
butt. Suddenly he seemed very embarrassed, so took the cigarette, sucked in
the smoke and crushed the butt in the ashtray. "Thanks, Mike," he whispered,
and ran into the cottage, shutting the bathroom door noisily.
Mike was sure he saw the glistening of tears on the boy's cheeks.
'There seems to be some problems rolling around inside him. However, now is
not the time to do anything about it. We'll just have to take it slowly and
The Congressman lit another cigarette, and stretched out on the couch.
After a few moments, he went into the kitchen and got another can of beer. He
popped the top and took a big swig, swallowing the gaseous mixture in a big
gulp, immediately followed by a large belch. Mike could tell Brian was still
in the bathroom, even though he was very quiet. "Oh, Brian, you want another
beer? You have another one coming since you beat me, you know. OK?"
A muffled sound came from the bathroom, a 'Yeah' covered by a nose-
blowing into a Kleenex. The toilet flushed, the knob turned and Brian slowly
came into the kitchen.
"You Ok, son?" Mike was honestly concerned, a new sensation for him.
"I hope it wasn't anything I said, or did." He held out the beer can to
The smile he saw on Brian's face was not one of real joy. The eyes
glistened some, but held a wounded look down deep. After clearing his throat,
the voice was bright, "I'm Ok, Mike, I guess I .... ah .... I guess I couldn't
handle being so happy. That's an emotion I'm not very well acquainted with."
"Well, let's drink up and get to bed. We've got two weeks of happiness
ahead of us, and no one to bother us." He grinned, slapped Brian on the solid
butt and went to lock the doors and turn off the lights. Mike joined Brian in
the bedroom. The younger man had just finished undressing and was crawling
between the sheets. The slim, dark-haired man had another glimpse of that
naked body before it disappeared under the covers. He normally wore pajama
pants, but decided, 'What the hell', and stripped completely and obviously in
front of the young blond.
"Anything you want before I turn off the light, Brian?", Mike stood
between the two beds, one hand on the lamp, about two feet away from Brian.
"Ok, here goes." Darkness emptied the room, filled it with cold sensation.
"Good night, Brian, see you in the morning. We'll go fishing or
something cherry list nymphets
just as stupid." He turned over, settling down as Brian managed a
very quiet, "Night, Mist.. ah .. Mike."
The harder Mike tried to get to sleep, the more awake he seemed.
Running though his mind, over and over like a video, were the images of each
time he'd seem Brian naked. With each scene he tried to go in for a closeup,
wanting to see more and more. He fought the pillow, tangled his sheets. The
same words kept repeating ... 'why am I so hung up on a teen-age hunk, even if
he is technically an adult? I've never even thought that way .. ever. Even
with my high school buddy, it was just getting my rocks off. Well ... maybe
there was some more to it than that for Bryan, but I never felt this way.'
Slowly Mike's hand pushed between his body and the sheets until his
fingers circled the erection, strangling it. 'Damn it, all I want to do it
hop into the next bed, grab that kid and make fantastic love. That's crazy!!
And ... I won't give in, I won't.' He let go of his cock. 'Now both of us
will just go to sleep' Chink-a-chink! Chink-a-chink! Darkness was unrelenting, dimness
brightening, the misty haze evaporating. Chink-a-chink! Chink-a-chink! Into
Mike's consciousness the metallic rattle worked its irritating way. Fighting
against wakefulness, he soon realized that it was a losing battle. By forcing
his eyes open, he recognized his surroundings, but not the sound. He raised
up a little on his arms and searched for its source. This, he discovered, was
very close to him; just three feet away in the other twin bed where Brian
At least it was where Brian had been sleeping. Mike realized quickly
that the sound was coming from his bed, it was rocking rhythmically and
obviously, rocking to the beat of Brian's hand and arm. 'Damn,' Mike thought,
'the kid is whacking off. Now that is downright puerile.' He lay back down,
closing his eyes. 'Well, hell, he is a healthy, normal male in the prime of
studdom. Just because I have an instant concrete erection; of course, that
doesn't mean anything. Oh shit.'
The rocking continued ... real steady, but not fast, at least not yet.
He was laying on his left side away from Mike's bed, his hips barely covered
by the sheet which billowed and fell in harmony with the arm movement. Even
in his present position Mike could watch the interplay of the boy's back and
arm muscles. Though he couldn't see it, the older man knew that the hand
connected to that arm was sliding back and forth along the length of the kid's
hard cock. Fingers would be toying with the scrotum, the slick skin and the
swollen head; maybe a tip of the little finger poking in the piss hole.
Without understanding, small nymphet nude Mike sat up slowly and quietly, pulling the sheet
off of himself. As if in slow motion, he put his feet on the floor, pushed
off with his arms and stood up in a crouch, leaning over the other bed. He
could see Brian's closed eyes, his tense face and strained neck, his rigid
chest and abdomen. With an unhurried fluid movement Mike lifted the sheet off
Brian and slid behind him on that bed, pressing his nude body against that of
his young page. Brian stopped jacking, but didn't jump or seem startled at
all. In fact he pushed back against Mike a little.
The warmth of that bare flesh almost burned the darker man's being. His
right arm reached over the hips fast to replace the boy's hand on his own
cock. The older man couldn't believe the feeling of utter fulfillment that
came over him, the most intense sense of personal contentment and serenity as
his fingers lightly searched the contours of the long, swollen cock from wiry
bush to bulging head.
Brian gently slid his hand over Mike's as it gripped his organ, "Oh,
Mike, I've wanted you to hold me for so long." Reaching behind his bed
companion, he cupped a firm, strong buttock and pulled the body tightly
against himself. "Don't let go, don't ever let me go!"
Cradling the boy's head with his left arm, Mike pressed his chest and
legs tightly against his back, his right hand rubbing the young blond's
drooling organ. Brian shifted his legs to allow his friend's long, thick cock
slide between them, the head pressing into his own scrotum. His prick trapped
between two hard thighs, Mike could only hump his groin against Brian's
buttocks, pulling and pushing his hard rod inside the sweaty, hot crotch while
he masturbated the younger, slimmer cock.
The young blond lifted one leg to give him access to Mike's prick,
grabbing it with his right hand, moving the loose skin back and forth ... root
to head and over the head. The bed seemed to complain about having to support
two men, specially two active ones. Rattling, clanking, springing back and
forth with their movements.
Releasing the boy's cock, Mike wrapped his arm around Brian's chest,
cupping a full breast with his hand. "Brian, I honestly don't know why I'm
doing this, but I feel more wonderful than I have in years." He squeezed the
hard body in his arms, "If I ever imagined I had these cravings, I must have
completely sublimated them long ago." He paused, "If what I'm doing goes
against your wishes, I'll stop immediately."
Brian didn't answer for a few moments, so Mike started to release the
boy and get up. Suddenly, Brian turned to face his older friend and grabbed
him tightly. "No, no, don't go. I want you here with me, holding me, loving
me." He gulped, a half sob, a half cry, "I've wanted this ever since I first
met you."
Forcing his mentor onto his back, Brian raised over him and quickly
pressed their lips together. The kiss started gently and caressing, but soon
with more intensity and fervor, and before long their tongues were sparring
inside Mike's mouth.
The congressman pushed Brian away, "My God, Brian, you've over whelmed
me. I'm practically knocked out. You've been doing some nymphets nn
experimenting, I can
see that." nude indian nymphets
He looked accusingly, "How many have you had already? Who taught
you to do .....?" He stopped, thinking, remembering. "Ah ha, I've just figured
it out. You haven't had a lot of close friends have you, you've just had one
close one. Right?"
Brian opened his mouth to speak when Mike broke in. "No, don't tell me.
I know who it is, and damn you are a lucky boy. What a hunk!!"
"Huh?, what are you talking about. Who are you talking about?"
"Hey, young friend, I am a little slow, but not blind. Adam, that
chauffeur/butler or whatever at your home is the one. He's got to be. At
lease I hope so. Because just by looking at him, I can tell he'd be good for
you and to you. I'm sure he taught you a great deal."
Grinning broadly from cheek to cheek, Brian agreed, "Yes, Adam, was the
one. He brought me out after I seduced him one night in his rooms upstairs in
the carriage house."
The boy lay on his side next to Mike, pressed against him and caressing
his muscular nakedness. "A few weeks before that night I nymphet photo free had little nymphet tpg
found a way to
peek into his bedroom and see everything without being discovered. Man, was I
excited! I spent hours after I was expected to be in bed, spying on my
friend. Mostly, I saw him jacking off once in a while, but finally he brought
a good friend up to his place. This was a beautiful young man and my
education grew by leaps and bounds after watching the two of them in bed for a
long time. I was frantic to try all that I saw on Adam myself."
"So, as soon as I little teenie nymphets could, the next weekend, I crept up to his rooms and
in with a key I'd stolen, got in, stripped naked and slid between the sheets
of his bed." Brian smiled to himself, laying his head on Mike's chest. "Boy
was he surprised when he crawled in bed to find a naked boy in there with him.
It did take a little persuading to get him to play with me, but once we
started, he didn't often go with anyone else. And neither did I."
Brian stopped talking, content to be holding Mike finally, after
dreaming of him for so long. He decided, since he himself was the more
experienced one, that he would initiate Mike into everything he could remember
Adam doing to him back at the estate.
Brian bent over Mike's face, slowly lowering his full warm lips to his
friend's thinner ones. His tongue slid out to lick between the lips, then
further into the hot mouth, around the cheeks and gums, polish the white teeth
he found there. Finally Mike woke up to start dueling with Brian's tongue,
sucking hard to pull the slippery organ farther into his mouth. Both men were
hugging each other, rubbing soft flesh and hard muscle. Brian was reveling in
Mike's slightly hairy chest, tweaking the nipples and licking them
Suddenly, Mike acted, rolling Brian onto his back while pressing his
body on top. He started thrusting his cock and balls against Brian's own
organs, slowly at first, then faster. Both organs were oozing pre-seminal
fluid, slippery and warm, which created a juicy, slick surface on Brian's
abdomen. Brian grabbed Mike around the shoulders, rubbing on down his back
onto the full buttocks, gripping them tightly, clasping the heavy flesh, just
slightly covered with dark hair. Both bodies were sodden with sweat, darkly
flushed with blood, and hotter than ever.
"Oh, Mike .... Mike, nasty nymphets pics
I'm going to come ... don't stop ... go faster,"
Brian groaned.
"Brian, I love you so much. I'm almost there too. Hold me ... here
goes ...aahh"
With a sudden shudder, Mike's cock thrust into Brian's body, expelling
with great force four or five spurts of his love juice between their two
Brian came a few seconds later, throwing his body right and left, up and
down, shoving his pulsating cock against Mike's. Having released his semen,
Brian collapsed, then abruptly broke into sobs, tears running down his face,
as if his heart was broken.
"Brian, Brian, what's the matter, love, did I hurt you?" Mike asked,
"Are you all right?" The older man slid off Brian's shaking body, lying on
his side beside the blond boy.
The blond boy's body was racked with spasms of sobbing, grabbing a
tortured breath into his tormented lungs, arms and legs flinging wildly from
his torso.
Mike seized his twisting body, holding on tight and rubbing the tense
muscles, massaging the taut flesh, the back and buttocks. He also pressed his
lips to the handsome face which was then dripping sweat and ashen.
"Calm down, Brian, and tell me what's wrong. Please, love, I want to
help you."
Brian's eyes popped open and his physical gyrations slowed and he
composed himself. He was still sobbing, but more quietly and not as intense
as before.
"M ... M ... Mike", he started, "just hold me, please, I'll be all
right in a minute." Brian threw his arms around Mike and his legs twining
with his friend. Gradually, his breathing slowed, his sobbing was reduced to
just occasional gasps.
"Brian, love, can you tell me what happened?"
Brian made a quirky, little smile - shyly and timidly. "Mike, you said
you loved me, didn't you, just before you came. Do you really love me,
really?" His eyes looked hopeful, but slightly worried.
Mike tightened his hold on Brian's slim body and pressed his lips to the
"Dear Brian, of course I love you. I've loved you since the day I met
you, but didn't know I was in love with you for sure until we came here. You
are the best thing to have happened to me in my whole life. I adore you, I
cherish you, I treasure you and always will."
The tears began flowing again from the blond's eyes, following the
previous tracks on his face.
"Oh, Mike, that is so good to hear. I love you too, and from the very
first day. I was so afraid you wouldn't like me, you'd think I was just a
silly kid." He closed his eyes and drained more tears. His hands were
caressing Mike's arms and legs, connecting with his love.
"I guess this is good news to you as it is to me, but you seem
especially thrilled. You have father at home who loves you I'm sure, and of
course you have Adam, too. Don't they count?"
Brian's face saddened, yet he soon tried hard to compose himself.
Suddenly, he exploded with two huge sneezes, and a third a few seconds later.
Mike was then surprised to hear what sounded like giggles coming from the boy.
After more giggles, Brian broke into a real laugh. "No, I'm not crazy. That
always happens whenever I cry and has since I was a little boy. Never have
found out why." He giggled again, his blue eyes boring deeply into Mike's
brown ones. "Could we take a break and have a sex sexy nymphet fashion
cigarette, please?"
Mike sat up in Brian's bed, gave him a love pat on his butt as he rose
to get a cigarette. The room was nymphet lotita russian
in deep darkness so he switched on a table
lamp to see. Pulling the pack from his shirt on the chair, the man turned to
look at his new love lying on the bed looking disheveled, a belly covered with
drying semen and a very tired penis lying across his left thigh. He also nymphets nude erotic
a gorgeous young man, a fine young man who loved him.
Mike lit the cigarette, handed it to Brian who took a deep drag, handing
it back so his love could have a drag too. Mike also wet a washcloth in the
sink, went to the young blond and began cleaning his chest and abdomen of
their output of semen. Brian giggled when Mike hit a ticklish spot in his
groin. After he cleaned Brian up, he swabbed his own chest and genitals.
Mike sat on the bed again, leaning up against the headboard. He gathered
Brian in his arms, pulling him between his legs with his back against Mike's
chest. Brian's butt was tight against Mike's penis which was already started
to come to life again. The young blond finished the cigarette and mashed the
butt in the ash tray.
"OK, now, young man, I want to understand. You can start anytime." He
held his lover tightly in his arms, placing affectionate kisses on the blond
hair, tousled and a bit nymphet tgps
sweaty. His hands and fingers found the boy's nipples
and twisted them, resulting in the squeak from Brian.
Brian breathed heavily, pulling best underage nymph air into his lungs, then releasing the
air spasmodically. Turning his head around to look into Mike's eyes, the boy
smiled and kissed him vigorously.
"Mike, I was completely overcome by our love and passion, cumming
almost together, I just got overexcited I guess. Then you called me 'love'
and I couldn't hold back anymore. My mother used to tell me she loved me,
but my father never has. Honest, nymphet glamour models I can't ever remember my father telling me
he loved me.
"You also mentioned Adam. Well, Adam taught me a lot about male sex,
but nothing about love. And he is a paid employee or servant you know, sex
was all he was 'paid' for. I like him very much, but it isn't love. He's a
good friend, though."
Mike felt he needed to tell Brian about his limited experiences. "I
didn't have anyone like Adam when I was growing up, but I did have a good
friend when we were 14. His name was Bryan, that's spelled B-R-Y-A-N, not
like yours. We would stay overnight at each other's houses most weekends.
Finally, one time, he pulled out some straight porn magazines for us get
excited and sexy. And it sure worked because I loved looking at the cocks. I
believe that first time we just jacked off our own dicks. Later times, we
started to jack each other's dick, and I like that, too. It felt really cool
and arousing to touch another guy's cock. And Bryan had a huge one, even
bigger than mine or yours."
Brian interrupted, "Did you ever think about being my18 nymphets gay then?"
"No, love, it never entered my head - just kids playing around."
"Anyway, we continued that way quite a few weeks, but one night Bryan
decided to suck my dick. I can't tell you how much I loved that - my body
shook and shivered, my cock got so hard if felt like it would burst and that's
exactly what happened. I shot into his mouth, my body forcing my cock into
his mouth and down his throat - one, two, three, four shots. I was breathing
fast and shallow, panting with desire and passion. Sweat poured from my
pores, cooling me off after a bit. I think I actually went into a real stupor
for a minute or two"
Another interruption, "I wish I could have been your first." He grinned.
"Me, too." I replied. "I knew I liked the cock sucking a lot, but my
brain finally realized the cock-sucking was gay stuff. At that point in my
life I didn't need that label given to me, even if I was the only one doing
it. I rebelled and refused to suck him as he did me. I was not ready to do
something absolutely 'gay'. He got mad at me, thundered around the bedroom and
told me to get out. This was about 1 AM and I had to go home. Donning my
clothing as fast as I could, I raced the two blocks to my house. I figured I
get grounded forever, but I successfully sneaked in the house and was OK."
"So, until tonight and your little cock-sucking gift in my apartment,
those were all the experiences I had. I just thought that I regretted missing
them, but now I know I was waiting for you to come into my life." He gripped
his young lover tightly, caressing his muscles, lightly fingering the
completely erect dick which quivered in his hand"
"Mikey, did you see him again?"
"No, we were still in the same grade at school, but he ignored me, and I
paid no attention to him. Our courses were different enough so we hardly ever
had a class together." He thought, "One time, late in our senior year, we met
by accident in the principal's secretary's office which was empty at the time.
He looked straight into my eyes and said viciously, 'Just wait, Mike, you'll
git yours.' Neither of us ever spoke again. End of story."
Brian turned and kissed Mike on his cheeks, then lips. "Thank you for
telling me, dear young nude nymphets art love, it helps me understand how you have reached this point
in your life. With me, that is." "You know, Brian, it's gotten very late, almost 2 AM, and I don't know
about you, but I'm tired. You have to understand, I'm an old man now. I think
we should get some sleep if we are going sailing in the morning."
The young blond yawned widely, "I guess I'm ready too. Could we sleep
in the same bed?"
Mike look doubtfully at the single beds, but seeing the smile leave
Brian's face which then looked dejected, he had to relent.
"OK, buddy, but no more playing around tonight. Hear?"
Brian grinned, stretched out on the bed and opened his arms wide, "OK,
you win, I'll be good." As that last word was spoken, Mike noticed that the
boy's fingers were crossed.
Brian finally got to sleep, lying on his right side, spooning with his
back to Mike's chest and his butt pushing at a big, hard boner pushing back.
Though Mike was very tired, unsettling thoughts came to him -
distressing - worrying, that he was not doing the right thing with the young
man. Maybe he should tell Brian that he felt they were doing something
against his beliefs, against his convictions, even though he didn't want to.
Well, morning light should reveal that to him. Then, he thought of Bryan and
the last words that spoke to him so long ago, "you'll git yours", that also
worried him. He hoped Bryan would not still be vindictive. * * * * *

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