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Subject: Turning the Table on MattDisclaimer:This story is a work of fiction. It contains depictions of man to man sex,
humiliation, and domination. Note, the sex described here is with complete
consent. Though the str8 guy is reluctant and a little afraid, he agrees to
the sex. It's only fun if they want it! Hey, if you are under 18 or 21
depending on your community's standards, read no further. Everyone else,
read on...** A special note to David. We all need to thank him for his great service
to the Gay Community via the Nifty Archive. I owe him a special thank you
for the inspiration to make this story have more appeal to the readers of the
Archive. **
Turning the Tables on MattbyBladerIowaaol.com
Matt Harper was one of those guys that gives all of us a bad name. He was
the cutest jock on the college soccer team, and both little nymphets biz girls and guys knew it.
Graced with stunning good looks and a chiseled six foot body, his physical
beauty was the only attractive thing about him. Stories of his drinking,
drug abuse and rumors of his using girls for sex were all over campus. Like
a cobra, he was someone to avoid, but should you meet his gaze, you were his.
How I wished he would look at me the way he looked at girls.I met Matt in high school. I was a nerd; he was a jock. Not only did he
play soccer, he was an avid swimmer. I saw him in the locker room many times
after swim practice. His six foot frame had very little hair in those days,
a dusting of hair on his legs, as well as a trail from his belly button to
his sizable cock. His hair was always neatly styled and gelled. Matt wore
designer jeans and just looking at him was enough to trigger a teenaged
boner. I remember as a junior in high school I lusted after him and wanted
to know everything about him, including how he smelled and tasted, and even
the brand of underwear he wore. Matt was my first crush.I made the mistake of looking at his body one too many times in the locker
room after gym class. Matt asked me if I liked what nudies nubiles nymphets I saw. When I was too
embarrassed to reply, he called me a faggot loud enough everyone could hear
it. Though I vehemently denied any attraction for the same sex, the damage
was done. I had looked into his crystal clear blue eyes. The sneer on his
smooth face had nymphet art nonnude mocked yet seduced me. That's when I knew I would never be
the same.Sara was one of my best friends through high school and she still is in
college. She was like the girl next door, the kind I would want to marry if
I was straight. I could confide my deepest, darkest secrets in her and she
in me.One night while we teen nymphet russian topsite were talking Sara told me one of her roommates had been
groped by Matt. Since she had accepted his invitation to a party, Matt had
the impression Cindy was his to use. When she refused to let him have sex
with her, he demanded head. When she refused, he tried to play with her
tits. When she slapped him, he spread the rumor all over campus that he and
his buddies had fucked her. She tried to file a complaint through the
student organization, but Matt was well-liked on campus. It had just made
things worse.Sara was not about to stand by while her best friend was treated like shit
for not letting Matt fuck her. Sara had a plan. I listened and her plan
seemed reasonable. She had Matt in a psych class and planned to flirt with
him. Knowing Matt had liked to drink, she would bring him back to her place
for a drink. She would get Matt wasted and that's when the fun would begin.Friday was the big wild nymphet extreme penetration night. Sara called me and told me Matt would be coming
over at 8:00 to pick her up. It was no problem getting into the coed dorm.
I waited quietly in the closet. Matt arrived as planned and nymphets porn little
after some small
talk, Sara offered him a drink. I remained very quiet as Matt downed several
shots of schnapps. Sara made herself a glass of "orange juice and schnapps,"
but didn't really pour any booze into the glass. Matt asked her if she
wanted to catch a movie and she told wild nymphet nude
him she'd rather get totally wasted and
stay in with him. He was only to happy to oblige. After young nymphet a few more shots
his speech became slurred as he started feeling the effects of the booze.
Sara sat next to him and the two started making out. I peeked out of the
closet and watched his hand go up her shirt. She didn't seem to mind it too
much. Maybe she had been seduced like all the others."Baby, I want you so bad," Matt slurred. "Let's do it.""MMMMMM," Sara purred. She rubbed the front of his navy sweatpants. Matt
moaned."You like this?" Matt asked, starting to pull his sweats down."Wait," said Sara. "Let's do it my way. I want to seduce you. I want to
tie you down and make you beg for it, loverboy.""Kinky," he smirked. "Maybe I'll make you beg for it instead.""You can beg ME," she said. "If you want to play, it's got to be by MY
rules. Now strip down to your boxers and get on the bunkbed. This will be a
night to remember."Matt eagerly complied. As he stood up and pulled those blue sweats down, I
nearly came from seeing the tent in his plaid boxers. I was becoming
impatient from peeking through the keyhole in the closet door. I wanted to
see more! Matt peeled his T-shirt over his head, revealing a smooth,
muscular chest, two very brown nipples, and two hairy armpits. His chest
looked very lean and firm. Yum, I thought to myself.Sara tied Matt's hands to the bed with two pieces of rope. Matt just smiled."I'm all yours sexy. Do anything with me you want," Matt said in young oral nymphets
a sexy
voice. Sara took a black T-shirt and, fashioning it as a blindfold, put it
over his eyes and tied it. She walked over and picked up the camcorder and
aiming at Matt, turned it on."Ooooh, baby, you're so kinky. Don't make me wait too long. I want some of
your hot pussy."I came out of the closet and walked softly over to the bed. Matt was almost
naked in front of me, except for his boxers. I cautiously peeled them down
off. His beautiful circumcised cock snapped up, stretching to about eight
inches and pointing over his nude angel nymphet belly button. Matt's nuts were big; they looked
like they were good for at least three big loads. His pubes were light brown
and thick. How I had wished I could have been doing this boy every day in
high school. Matt was SO sexy.I leaned over and kissed Matt on the lips. He moaned. I kissed his lips for
several more seconds, savoring the texture and the taste of the spongy flesh.
His tongue met mine and we kissed passionately. How I had longed to kiss him
since that day in the locker room. Now I had my chance.I kissed nymphet gatway him once nymphet 100 toplist again; it was a long, tongue-filled wet kiss. I looked
down and his dick was pointing above elwebbs virgin nymphets his belly button, a drop of pre-cum
hanging from the tip. Matt's eight inch pole was perfectly shaped, not too
thick and not too thin. crazy nymphets from ukraine I tried not to laugh as I thought of this jock who
was totally under my control and whose cock was wanting attention from ME.
I'll show the fucker, I thought to myself.I took one of his art sex nymphet brown nipples into my mouth and rolled my tongue over it
until he was squirming against the ropes. Then, I licked between his firm
pecs and down his hard abdomen to the point where the trail of black hair
started. As I licked lower and lower, his cocked throbbed and bounced."Suck." was the only word he nymphets boys kiddy uttered."I've got a treat for you loverboy," Sara whispered into his ear."What's that?" Matt asked."There are two of us to satisfy you tonight. Here's a sample of what you're
going to get." Sara dipped her fingers into her shorts and rubbed them under
Matt's nose. He thrashed on the bed as his dick throbbed and he smelled cunt
juice on her fingers."Fuckin' eh. Suck me off or something. Two at once. Damn. You are too
much. This is so fucking cool. I always wanted to do a threesome. I want
you two to go down on each other or something. One of you gimme some head.""Can I make a tape of this, Matt?" Sara asked."Long as I can have a copy," slurred Matt. "I'll use it to bust a nut later."I tried not to laugh. I looked at Sara and she nodded. Sara reached for the
camcorder. She started filming us and set the camcorder in place. I bent
down and took Matt's long, fat dick into my mouth. He moaned loudly.I swallowed Matt's cock down to the base. His meat pulsed in my mouth. Matt
moaned as I put some wrist action into it. naked nymphetes pics I gently circled his cock with my
thumb and forefinger and slid them up and ukrainian nymphet tgp down on his cock. Matt moaned at
the stroking."SSuuuckk it," he slurred. "Suck my cock.. Yeah. I want it... MMMMM..."
Faster and faster I bobbed on his dick while his firm body thrashed on the
bed. My hand quickly stroked his shaft as I licked the knob of his dick. I
felt his dick starting to thicken even more and I sucked as hard as I could.
With a loud moan, Matt started cumming. He moaned loudly and squirted his
hot jism into my mouth. Though nymphet sex photo
I don't often swallow, for him I did. art nymphets virgin
warm fluid had a slightly sweet flavor. For a moment, the crush came back.
Then reality hit. Matt was an nymphet pics bbs
asshole, we tricked him, and I was there to
use him, not fall in love.After all this, I had to have a taste of Matt's ass. I started licking his
nutsack and let my tongue search tiny angels nymphets lower. Matt moaned as I reached his smooth
asshole."MMMMMMM. I've never UHHHH had anyone do that. Yeah, do it. Play with my
ass.""You're legs need to come up," Sara demanded. "I want to play with your ass.""Do it, but then I want some fucking. I can't take any more of this. Lick
my asshole again," Matt begged.I dove between Matt's legs and started tonguing his balls. He moaned loudly.
His big cock had come back to life again and a bead of pre-cum had formed at
the tip."Do you like that?" Sara purred. Matt grunted something in the affirmative.Looking at his lean legs, I had to go lower. I started at his nutsack and
ran my tongue lower and lower. As I ranchi nymphet got closer to his hole, Matt's breathing
quickened. The scent was driving me crazy. I dove into his asshole with
reckless abandonment and ran my tongue all around the pink pucker. Gently
stabbing my tongue into the hole, I tongue fucked him. Matt squirmed and
tried to shove more of his ass into by face.After the load of cum he had given me and the tasty sample of butt, I had to
have even more of him.I motioned for Sara to go out into the hallway with me."Let's take the blindfold off now," I whispered."No let me handle it," Sara whispered."I want to fuck him," I said. "He outed me in high school and ruined my
life. I think it's time he knew what it was like to only be a lay for
someone. Besides, we have it on tape. He asked for one of us to suck him
off. It's not like we raped him. Please, Sara. Do this for me. I really
want to have sex with him. I was like totally in love with him for a long
time.""Okay. He is a pig, you realize that," she insisted."I know," I said. "You realize you are going to see me without my clothes
on. I'm a little embarrassed by that.""I've got illegal underage nymphet pics brothers," she said. "Let's do it."============================================================We went back into the room where Matt was still lying on his back, tied to
the bed, his dick still hard.Sara reached into her shorts and rubbed her pussy, pulled out her hand, and
ran her fingers over Matt's nose. He lurched."Are you ready for that now, Matt? Want to taste some cum, big man?" Matt
grunted his approval. Sara pulled the blindfold off of Matt."What the fuck?" he exclaimed. "Jesus Christ!""Hi Matt.""Fucking faggot. You tricked me. I'm going to kill you when I naked nymphets net get out of
here.""No you're not," said Sara. "I made a videotape of it all. If you lay one
hand on him, copies of it will index nymphet
show up everywhere. We even got you begging
someone to suck you off. Brett just happened to nymphets under nudes help you out. I think
you're parents top nudists nymphets
need a copy of this tape.""No, please." Matt begged. "Please don't do this to my parents. That was
you sucking my cock dude? I think I'm gonna puke.""It's your choice," Sara snapped. "You will do exactly as I say or they get
the tape.""Don't do this," Matt begged. "I'll do whatever you want, but please don't
give them the tape.""Open wide," Sara ordered. "You're going to find out what it's like when you
demand head. You're going to suck Brett's dick and enjoy it.""No way," Matt said. "I ain't no queer.""Then dear old Dad gets the tape of his son letting a gay guy suck him off.
That should be nice. Maybe we can play it for some of your study group. Or
maybe your dad and his friends can watch it after a football game.""I'll do it," pre nymphet cp
Matt said dejectedly. "Please don't tell anyone this happened.""Cum in his mouth," she whispered. I pulled her aside."But you're gonna see my dick" I whispered into Sara's ear."It's not the first dick I've ever seen. Watching two guys do it is
something I've always wanted to see. Come on, do it. It's okay."I pulled my stiff and neglected cock out of my shorts and started stroking
it. Sara watched wide-eyed. I bent over and Matt took my hard cock in his
hand. He nervously took a couple of licks at it. Then he put it into his
mouth. Matt was inexperienced and gagged on the shaft. nymphet bbs models
I pulled out most of
the way; at least he licked on it as I jacked off. As I was getting closer
and closer to coming, those old crush feelings started coming over me. I
ignored them, focused on the sex, and felt myself starting to cum. I pinched
my penis to prevent it from shooting off.I nodded at Sara and she squeezed Matt's nostrils, shutting little nymphets guestbook off all flow of
air for him. As he gasped and thrashed, I shoved as much of my dick into his
mouth as I could and let my load fly. It was the biggest wad I think I have
ever shot. Matt started coughing and choking on it. Tears streamed down his
face."Now you fucking scumbag, you're going to get yours." Sara said. "I have it
on video that you got your cock sucked by a guy and you just sucked him off
and swallowed for him."Matt shook violently and he kept saying "no" and pleading with us not to tell
anyone. A couple of times he made gagging and burping noises as tears
streamed down his face. Sara laughed."Tell him Brett you want him to make love russian nymphette to you," Sara insisted."No way. I'm not no buttfucking faggot.""I hate that word," she said. "You apologize or I'll let some of your dorm
buddies see that video. I'll bet they've got some dicks that need serviced.
Maybe they'll even wait till you're alone and get a piece of your ass for
themselves.""No, please don't." Matt looked scared. "Don't do show it to them. Brett
do what you have to do, but don't let it hurt.""No," I said. "I'm not forcing anyone to do anything. You have to ask me to
put my dick in you. I'm no rapist. I think I can keep yung nymphets Sara from ls barby nymphets
anyone that video, but you have to be nice to me. I really want to make love
to you, but I'm not forcing myself on anyone.""Please dude. I'll do anything you want, but please don't force me to take
it in the butt. I'm sorry I was so mean to you before. You are a cool dude.
I don't want to get fucked, but if I have to so I can get the tape back I
will. Look man, I'm begging you. I'll do anything you want, but nude nymphette pictures
don't fuck
up my life.""You don't have to," I said. "Let me play with your butt a little more. If
you want, you can fuck me instead. Would you do that?""That's kind of gross, but it's better than getting fucked.""And you gotta kiss me again. I want it hot and wet.""No way. I innocent nymphets toplist don't kiss guys," Matt said."But you did a few minutes ago and you LIKED it. Well, I guess we can take
the tape over....""Wait!" Matt exclaimed. "Deal."I crawled up on the bed between Matt's legs. I put my face between his legs
once again. As I reached his hole, he tensed up. Evidently Matt was afraid
I was going to put my cock in him. I wet his hole with my tongue and he
stopped fighting. You could cut off a boy's arm and he would let gladly you
if he was getting rimmed. Matt was no exception.After eating his ass and getting his dick hard again, tgp nymphet I asked him again if he
would fuck me."I don't want to," Matt said. "I ain't no turd-puncher.""Well, I guess we have hardcore banned nymphets to show that vid....""WAIT!" Matt interrupted. I'll do it."He lay motionless on the bed, his big dick sticking up. I crawled over Matt
and squatted over his big dick. Sara looked wide-eyed as I slowly sat down
on Matt's big wiener. He groaned as my ass stretched and his dick slipped
past my tight rectum."Uhhhh!" he said as his cock lodged in my ass. "Damn, that's tight."I rested for a second and gave my butt time to adjust to having his big cock
in me. I slowly moved my ass, pulling him most of the way out. Then I sat
back down on his big wiener."Damn, that feels good. Nice and tight. Tighter than a pussy."I started a rhythm with his cock going in and out of my butt. Matt started
getting into the action as his cock went deeper and deeper into me. He
started thrusting into my butt like it was a pussy."How is it?" asked Sara."Feels good, man. Never uhhhhh fucked an ass before. This is better than
pussy. Nice and tight on my dick. MMMMMM."I started tightening my ass harder and harder on his prick. Matt groaned his
approval each time his dick plunged into me. I could tell the his dick would
not last long in my tight asshole."Gonna cum in your ass," Matt said. "Like having my big cock in ya, don't
ya. Can't get enough of this big meat can ya fag boy?"I needed that dick in me so bad I could taste it. I started pumping my seven
inch slab of meat as Matt's pole tore into me. I felt him starting to
tighten up. My orgasm was fast approaching."Fuck me," I yelled. "Cum in my ass."Matt's hips lurched and his big pole nymphet videos
throbbed as jism poured out of it and
into my ass.Sara continued to film us as Matt came in my ass. I shot my wad on the shirt
I had pulled off. I pulled Matt's cock out of my ass and pressed my naked
body against his."Dude, get away from me," he said."You fucked me, now you're going to hold me for a minute," I replied. "I'm
going to hold you, Matt. I've wanted you since high school. I've dreamed
about this night forever. You're the first person I've pillowcase nymphet art ever really cared
about and all I ask is you at least let me rest with your for a few minutes.""Do what you want to. It's not like I'm going anywhere.""I need more than that. I need to know that you enjoyed it too.""It felt good," Matt said. "No, it was damn nymphet 14yo good sex. Never thought I'd say
that to a guy. I enjoyed it.""Would you do it again?""Ummmm. I don't know. Yeah, maybe. Okay, yes. I'd do it again. It was
good."Sara was still filming nude nymphets photo hosting us by this point. She put down the camcorder and angels nymphets pics
out the tape. Giggling, she ran out of the room. I laid there, holding Matt.
I sniffed his armpit. Then I photo teen nymphette kissed him on the lips for a second. At first
there was no response. I added some tongue to it and kissed him harder the
next time. This time Matt's mouth came alive and he kissed me back. As we
finished kissing Sara walked in. nymphets lo guestbook Matt pulled away."Will you let me go?" he asked. "Where is the tape?""I've hidden it," Sara said. "Nobody will ever see it but us.""That's not good enough," Matt insisted. "I have to have that tape.""You be good and don't try to rape my friends anymore and nobody will ever
see it." Sara smirked. "But if you try to harm any of my friends naked petite nymphets again, it
will be even worse for you the next time. Brett, you can untie him."I reached for russian nymphets gallery the ropes that secured Matt's wrists to the bed. After untying
him he stretched his wrists for a second."You know, I could beat the shit out of you for what you did," Matt said."I know," online naked nymphets I replied. "But you also know you liked it. I think you're a
little bisexual.""No way dude. I can't handle that." Matt looked worried."Hey, it's cool. I could feel by the way you kissed me the second time.""I don't know," Matt said. "I still like chicks. I ain't no queer.""Well, I know you're an asshole," said Sara. "I don't know why Brett
worships you so much. He banned nymphets models wants you so bad but I think you're a little ilegall nymphets
prick.""Dude, I don't know what to think." Matt pulled on his shirt. "I need to
take a shower and figure out what's up. I don't think I feel so good right
now."I put my arm around Matt. He didn't flinch a bit. We walked toward the door
of Sara's room."I know," I said. "I felt the same way too the first time. Let's go get you
cleaned up and we can talk if you like.""Deal. I think we have a lot to talk about."=============================================================================If you liked this story, please write me at BladerIowaaol.com
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