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From: D C Wooten underage nymphets free
Subject: Tutoring Billy 4Tutoring Billy
by decal (decal02hotmail.com)Part IVI stopped dead in my tracks. There was no way to hide my shock at seeing
Arnie. Shock however quickly gave way to fearful embarrassment as I
figured he knew I'd spent the night with Billy. But then anger rushed
through me. This was the top nymphet pay sites man who'd hurt Billy. Arnie just kept his eyes
focused calmly, intently on my face. I wasn't easily intimidated, but he
intimidated me big nymphets chld time. In this quiet face-off, he made it clear he had
the upper hand. He also knew my fear was greater than my anger...and for
that I hated him even more. I considered rushing for the car, but my feet
felt stuck to the ground. I latvian nymphets waited for him to make the first move.Arnie's hand was still down the front of his boxer shorts, slowly
scratching (almost fondling) his genitals. My groin reacted to the sexual
tension before I became conscious of it. He took a final drag off his
smoke and flicked it at nymphetes nudes me. It landed just in front of my feet, still
glowing. At least I didn't flinch."Put it free nymphets out, will ya." It wasn't a question.I didn't move. The words in my mind were 'Put it out yourself, asshole'
but I said nothing. Arnie stepped toward me."Ya know, Andy boy, I hope we can be friends, really good friends."He stopped and crushed the smoldering cigarette with his foot. No more
than 2 feet separated us. He was a little shorter than me and built like
the proverbial brick shit-house. Although pockmarked, his face still was
attractive...in a rugged, masculine way. My mind filled with those ukrainian bbs nymphet
images of him screwing Gwyn, his dark pedo pix little nymphets body covering her, his black manhood
ravaging her...and her lovin' nymphetes models
it. With a mind of its own my dick began to
push against the confines of my pants."Friends?" I replied. "I think not...not after what you did to Billy." I
spat this last part out with as much disgust as I could."Ah...Billy," he said calmly, nymphette pictures not taking the bait. "But, Andy, let's be
honest, OK? Man to man." There was a pause as he searched my eyes. I
held his stare. Then with a nude porn nymphets knowing smile he said: "If I'm not mistaken,
you're getting some of that sweet ass, too."The swing I took at Arnie was total reflex. But he read it perfectly.
Stepped back with one foot, grabbed my wrist, twisted me around with my arm
firmly planted behind my back. Pain shot through my ls bbs nymphetes arm and shoulder. His
body pressed up against my back, he relaxed his hold, his chin resting on
my shoulder. His groin was firmly planted against my ass, and there was no
mistaking his dick. It was hard."Look, I don't care what you're doing with the kid," he whispered into my
ear. "And don't worry, I'll cover for you. So, please, calm the fuck
down. OK?"He eased the pressure on my twisted arm. "Say OK...please," he said."OK," I said. "OK."As Arnie kept a relaxed but firm grip on my arm, he brought his other hand
up to my shoulder and started to massage it."Don't do that," I said."Hey, relax now and listen," he barked. I fought the realization that his
probing fingers felt good. "You gotta understand, Gwyn's the one I want.
You got college. You're just startin' out. You've got a future. Me...I
don't have those chances. But, hey, I gotta a big cock and lots of rich
bitches love me to open 'em up." He thrust his groin hard against my ass
and then gave me a couple of quick fucking motions. "I keep 'em happy and
they treat me good."There were a few moments of silence. Arnie's massage moved from my
shoulder to my neck, teen bbs nymphet occasionally slipping down my chest a bit."See, Andy, I keep Gwyn happy, she keeps me around. Simple as that. This
is where you come in. Gwyn likes you. She told me all about how you
screwed her but good in the hallway. Tellin' it got her all hot cause nymphets 6 12
likes it when I get jealous. I'm fuckin' her...she screams 'Andy'...and I
get so upset I try to fuck her pedo nymphet index all the way to her throat. She fuckin'
can't get enough. Last night she free movies nymphets came 5 fuckin' times magic nymphet galleries doin' that."I don't even young nymphets 50 top know when Arnie let go of my arm. But suddenly I was aware of
both his arms reaching around me, his fingers playing with my nipples
through free videos little nymphets my shirt, sending chills of excitement right into my balls. Also,
he was ever so slowly humping my ass. My cock was now fully rock hard and
painfully confined. I knew I should make him stop, but..."So, I ask myself, how do I keep her happy?" Arnie continued. "See, she
wants you to screw her again, like big time. Even though you're messin'
with her kid, I figure you still got major hots for her. So, here's the
deal. You do nothin' with her...and I mean nothin'...without my arrangin'
it. Like she can't get you on her own...like I'm the only one that can get
you for her."One of Arnie's hands moved from my pecs down to my stomach and his fingers
started to probe along the waist of my jeans. My mind was engaged with
Arnie's plan...my body with the workings of his hands. The waist button
was undone. The zipper moved down."So, we gonna be friends, Andy?" he asked, as his fingers crept behind the
zipper to rub against my hardness through my briefs. "Do we have a deal?"At that moment a beat-up truck appeared through the trees at the other end
of the drive. It suddenly hit me that all this was happening outside, that
we could be seen. I broke away from Arnie and holding my jeans together,
bolted for gallery nymphet russian
my car. I was in the front seat, fumbling to get the keys out
of my pocket and trying to close the door cp nymphet pics when Arnie pushed the door wide
and stood there. The foreskinned head and a couple of inches of his jet
black cock hung below the leg eternalnymphet of his boxers. He rested his arms on the top
of the car and looked down at me."Just the gardeners. Not to worry, buddy. Around here they've seen
plenty...anyway she pays nude bbs nymphets
'em enough to keep 'em quiet."I finally got the ukranian nymphet story rape key and with shaking hand got it into the ignition. The
spell of the last 15 minutes was gone. Although my nude nymphet tgp
gonads would disagree
mightily, I was suddenly appalled at what Arnie was suggesting. It was
nothing short of pimping. And that on top of a veiled threat to expose me
and Billy. And Billy...what about the unspeakable pain that not long ago
moved me to the point of admitting I loved him? nymphets bathing photos For the answer I only had
to look down at my open pants, proof of my willingness to be seduced free pthc vombat nymphet by the
very man who hurt Billy. I was disgusted at myself...and wanted out of
there...out of there that very minute."Not so fast, Andy," Arnie said as he gripped the most sensitive part of my
shoulder and squeezed. He only increased the pressure slowly but when the
pain hit me, it was with sudden intensity. I let my hand drop from the
ignition. He released me."That's better," he said. "Now, you were going to say yes, weren't you?"I glanced over at him. He was playing with his dick. Slipping the
foreskin back and forth over the head. Precum was visibly flowing. I
could smell his 3d nymphet incest
sex."Yeah, sure," I said...but too quickly."Just so we understand each other," Arnie replied. "You help me make Gwyn
happy...and young nymphet amateur I don't mess up your life with this indiscretion with an
underage boy.""You bastard," I muttered."Hey, you forget that you're the big winner here." Arnie pushed his shorts
down below his knees. He hefted up his 10+ inches and pointed it at my
face and started stroking its full length. I'd never seen one so big.
"You not only get to screw mother pedo illegal nymphet underage and nymphets vombat free
son...but since you're now my bud,
I'll let you nymphets preten swing on this.""You're sick, man, very sick." But I was sick, too. nymphets lips
My eyes were glued to
Arnie's nymphet bbs xxx
cock, mesmerized by the opening and closing of the slit brazilian nymphets 12 years as more and
more naked nymphets models precum escaped. But I was resolved not degrade myself further by
sucking him off. I wouldn't give him that satisfaction."Yeah, yeah, I know," he answered. "But you gotta admit it's pretty damn
hot."He continued to masturbate, sometimes letting the head of his cock brush
against my face. I backed away the first time, then another time. Please,
God, I thought, just let him finish, so I can get out of here. Get out of
here to think, to figure out what to do. What Arnie said next brought me
brutally back to the present."If you're not going to give me head, buddy, I guess I'll just have to go
see if Billy can still take this monster.""You wouldn't dare, you fuckin' asshole!" My reaction carried a passion
that surprised even me."My God, Andy, you haven't fallen for the kid, have you? Oh, this is very
good. Listen, college stud, you better satisfy me real quick."I felt my helplessness and anger zoning me out a bit. I gave in."Take off your shirt."I pulled my shirt off and tossed it in the passenger seat. Arnie continued
to jerk off, sometimes fast, almost to the edge, then he backed off.
Clearly he wanted this to last. Wanted to give me lots of time to absorb
what I was about to do."Now...push the Levis down."I lifted my ass up and pushed my jeans down to my ankles. My Jockeys,
soiled with the dried remains of sex with Billy and the oozing juices from
my excitement with Arnie, barely covered my erection."Show me."I pushed down the front of my Jockeys. God, I wished I were soft. I
didn't want him thinking I wanted this."Impressive, bud. Course I saw young nymphet fuck it already in a video of you jerkin' off
poolside." When that didn't get a rise out of me, he said with some
disappointment in his voice, "Oh, I guess you know russians sexy nymphettes
about the candid camera
stuff, huh?"I shrugged. In the background I heard the gardeners start their lawn
mowers. I glanced around but they were at a distance."Turn and face me!" Arnie suddenly said with some urgency.The jeans around my ankles made it difficult, but I managed to turn in the
seat so I was facing Arnie's crotch."Now, Andy," he groaned, as he let nymphet small pic
go of his cock and leaned against the
opening, his arms and upper body draped on the car's roof.Sticking straight out first time nymphets from his groin, his erection throbbed and jerked
several times. Arnie thrust his hips forward, trying to find a home for
his aching manhood. I closed my eyes and opened my mouth. Suddenly my
lips were stretching beyond sunny nymphets reason to take him in. His salty, rangy taste
filled my mouth, along with the smell of Gwyn's sex, which sent a surge of
excitement through me as I envisioned this cock plunging into her hole only
hours earlier. I wrapped my hand around myself and pumped. Arnie fucked
my face without mercy. I barely managed to keep from gagging as he tried
unsuccessfully to shove himself all the way down my throat. My teeth had
to hurt him but he didn't seem to care. I came first, drowning my fist, my
belly and my Jockeys in my warm juices. Arnie suddenly pulled himself out
of my mouth. I opened my eyes just in time to see modeling nymphet
the first shot of cum
jet out. It hit my forehead. What followed were yo nymphet pussy nude another half dozen
eruptions that landed all over my face and chest.In the minute or so that followed, we both were little nymphet org
very still, the only young cuties nymphets sound
our heavy breathing. Arnie pulled himself up and stepped back. He reached
down for his great nymphets boxers, stepped out of them and tossed them to me. I little nymphets 15 years wiped
our combined loads off my face and body, then tossed the shorts back. I
quickly pulled up my briefs and Levis. I reached back for my shirt and
pulled it on. Then, I swung my legs back in the car and pulled the door
closed. As I turned the ignition, Arnie came up and squatted down. I
didn't look at him."Look, I know there's parts of this you don't like, but you see, it's gotta
be this way. You do what you have to do to work it out. Just be ready
when free nymphette pissing
I call for you."I put the VW into gear."Anyway, eternal nymphet nude it just free nymphet porn
doesn't make sense, a hot college dude like you frettin'
about getting laid."Eyes straight ahead, I pulled away and drove down the driveway. The sound
of the lawn mowers followed me off the estate.
End of Part IV
To be continued.

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