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Subject: Tutoring the Football Jock - Part 2Preliminaries- This story is based on my life, but as it continues, it is
becoming more and more fictional. nymphet art girls Basically all the sex is made up. If you
don't like sleep surprise nymphets homosexual sex between two teenagers, please leave, you will not
like wild nymphets 12yo
this story. Also if your underage, you should leave, but I won't tell
if you don't tell.To The Reader(s)- Thank you so much to everyone who emailed me, this new
story is for y'all. In the last story Steven was drooling over the
football jock Keith. Steven tutors Keith, thus the title, and they end up
in the locker nymphets kds dark room together. Steven gave Keith a blowjob in a small room
in the locker room. The door is closed and the two are sleeping together
like babies after their intense orgasm. But then... There was a loud slam somewhere in the locker room, and it jolted
me awake. I looked up, the room was dark and the lights were off. The
door was still closed though, and Keith was underage nymphet girls still asleep, breathing deeply.
Keith's arm lay under my bottom, cradling me. I let my eyes roam over the
hunky sophomore, absorbing the features. The short buzz cut hair, tgp illegal nymphets the closed eyelids, hiding those
impossible green eyes, the red lips, beautiful and tasty, the broad
shoulders and barely visible underarm hair, the big quarter-sized little virgins and nymphets
the full pack of abdominal muscles, the huge bulges of rock-hard muscle in
skin rough and tough like a man's, the tiny patch of dark hair covering the
navel, the enormous penis, soft but still a long 6 inches, the huge
baseball-sized balls, the little hairs growing down his legs, and the legs
themselves rippling with strength, "oh, he's so beautiful thought," I
thought to myself. My senses were dulled by his presence, photo nymphette sexe so I ignored the loud slam I
had heard, I forgot about time, and I laid my head back on nymphet angel girl
his shoulder
slipping back into sleep. tiny nymphetes I don't know how long I slept. All I remember was having my pillow
begin shaking gently, reaching over and grabbing some more blanket, pulling
on the blanket to cover myself up with, and hearing a loud cry of pain
instead. I awoke instantly, to see Keith rubbing his chest where someone
had pulled and pinched nude nymphets modeling
at it really bad. nymphets extreme
I shook my head recalling my
surroundings. Putting my dream and reality together I apologized for
pinching him. He stood and smiled at me with that beautiful face to show me it
was okay. Then he reached down and pulled me naughty nymphets pics
up, I was amazed at how
easily he hefted my whole body up off the floor. The room was dark, but my
eyes were already adjusted to it so I could see everything. "Ooowww," I exclaimed, as my knee banged into something. Okay so I
could see almost everything.Keith's hand drifted down to rub my knee for me, and on its way virgin nymphet gallery back up,
just slightly nudged my cock. That was all it needed to shoot up to full
mast. I looked at him, he looked down, smiled again, and said, "In a
minute, we need to find out what time it is."That thought hadn't occurred to me. I small cute nymphets hoped it wasn't so late that my
parents would worry. We went outside and saw that all of litlle nymphets angels
the lights were
off. Keith looked at the clock and saw that it was only six. Neither one
of us had to be home for another hour. He told me that practice ended half
an hour ago, and that the doors were locked so people could go out but not
in, explaining that we could leave nymphets small bbs
at anytime.My mind told me that he was just explaining we could leave; my dick told me
that he was trying to imply something. He started uhing and uming me to
death again, and I could tell he was nervous about something. I thought he
was nymphet photos free trying to tell me this could never happen again, so I said, "I guess
we'd better go."I tried to stay calm, as nymphets natural angels if nothing had happened. My eyes wouldn't meet
his, even though I knew he sought them out. I went to my backpack and
began gathering my things. He walked up behind me and put a hand on my
shoulder, "you have a really sexy teen nymphets tight ass," he said out of the blue.I stopped dead, my mind racing. My dick was faster than my brain and made
me say, "You want to feel how tight?"He walked up behind, and I teenies nymphets underage felt his dick on my back. I stood up and turned
around to meet his eyes. young schoolgirl nymphets There was nothing but love and lust in those
beautiful green eyes. I licked my lips again and then he pulled me tight
against him and kissed me sweetly and lovingly, but in rough manly way. He
opened my lips with his tongue and I let our tongues dance together in each
other's mouths.He parted and asked; "can I feel how tight you are now?"I turned around and leaned against the wall spreading my legs for him. I
heard him spit and then felt his dick at my entrance. When it first
touched my near hairless hole it closed. But then my mind and dick coaxed
into opening for this god of manliness. It complied, and Keith's enormous
dick began free archives nymphets
to enter me. Even with the coaxing it took several minutes to
get Keith's head in my virgin ass.He stopped once the head was in there, letting me get used to it. I could
feel the tension from him; he wanted to fuck me, but didn't want wild nymphets com to hurt
me. I felt miserable, I wanted to make him happy, yet I was stopping him
from being happy, and I needed to please him. I cried out and jumped back
on his dick. In one giant shove I nympho nymphet pics
drove his dick all the way up my nymphet flat ass to
the hilt.For a few milliseconds I was overjoyed that he was now in me, and could
fuck me, and am happy. But then the reality of what I had just done hit me
and the sensations of it entered my brain. PAIN shocked through my whole
body and I cried out. Then Keith came, he brought his hands over my body
holding me tight, letting me cry and scream, and whispering soft things to
me. His strong arms and warmth washed over me, easing every pain in my
body. I could feel his sorrow, he felt guilty now, his dick felt great,
but he didn't like to nymphets top ten see me in pain. Soon though, thanks to him, the pain
ended, my ass burned but the pain was gone, my scream died, and we stood
there locked together for a while."I'm going to pull out okay, I'm too big for you," he said.My mind didn't understand at first, and he began to withdraw. The warmth
in my ass was becoming cold, a barren cold now. He was almost out yo russian nymphet when my
mind finally functioned again. "No," I moaned through my tears."What?" free nude nymphettes he asked confused."Fuck me," I said, "I want you to fuck me."I'll hurt you if I damn nymphet
do that," he said softly, in a voice pained with guilt."It hurts more when you're gone. It feels so cold. Please fuck me.""Are you sure," he asked one more time, hopeful but still weary.I nodded and he slowly began sliding small nymphets pussys
back into me, then he hit my nymphets dark porno preeteen
and I moaned. "Again," I undreage nymphets
said, this time with strong encouragement and
little joy.Encouraged by my tone, he slipped in and out of me again. The pain was
suddenly just a bad memory, and nymphet nude xxx a new feeling of euphoria slipped in me as
he began to fuck me. He went faster and faster each time, encouraged by my
words and moans. Over and over I moaned as he fucked me with all of his
enormous cock."Faster, harder, nymphet pussy org more," I chanted in bliss. Soon he was nude nymphets top 100 moaning to,
fucking me harder and faster than ever before. I was ecstatic and
euphoric. There were no words to describe how it felt. He free cute nymphets was crying out
in pleasure with me. Soon I began clinching my ass when he would try to
pull out holding his dick captive and milking it until it slammed back into
me.Then he cried out louder than usual. I knew what was happening, he was
going to cum. I pushed him back and forced him to sit on one of the
benches, nymphets 100 top
continually fucking myself on his cock. He sat and I sat on top
of his cock fucking it myself while he moaned and begged for more."AAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" he cried as he began to orgasm. I sat on his
cock and felt the giant horsecock cum. The cum shot up like boiling lava
and flowed through my neighbor hot nymphet anal track. It felt like firecrackers exploding in
my ass. I moaned as I felt the hot goo nymphets sweet page
shoot inside me. The sensation
caused my own cock to orgasm without ever being touched; nymphets video blog I could have died
right then and there, I was so happy.This time I concentrated though and counted each time he shot a load. I
counted 10, and my eyes boys nymphets portal went wide as another and another shot out, 12, 14,
15, and 16. sweet underage nymphets fucking I could feel his dick weakening, but it managed to shoot three
more loads before subsiding. 19 loads of cum I thought, amazing, he really
was a god of manliness.His dick was rapidly shrinking and retreating from my ass. I got up off galleries nymphets
his cock and he too tried to stand. My ass was missing his cock, but it
wasn't as cold now that it had Keith's manly lava to keep it company. He
tried to stand, but his orgasm left him wiped out and he slowly thai nymphet bbs sank to the
floor. I turned around to look at him, but my ass burned so much. I could
do nothing else, save sink to the floor my self and cuddle up next to him
for warmth. He obliged me nymphet vids
and threw nymphets tgp illegal hardcore his arm and leg out to cover me.Just before I drifted into a satisfied but exhausted sleep, he whispered in
my ear, softer than a mouse, "I love you..."Once little nymphet boys again please email me at with questions
comments or concerns. I have an idea to continue the story, but I also
have ideas for other stories. I pretty much have another story for every
group of stories in the nifty archive. I'd like to write stories in other
categories so tell me which categories you art photo nymphet would prefer. Also, although
romantic scenes with little nymphet kids or no sex are easier to write, stories with
lots of sex are funner to write, please tell me which kind you would
prefer. I'm sorry if I don't answer all of your emails, I have a lot of
schoolwork so I have little time, but I'll try. Once again please email me
thank you.Oh and sorry if this story seems like it was hastily written, it was.
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