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shit.” Tom mumbled as he woke up at about three in the
morning. “I hate wetting the bed. God this feels gross. I
can't imagine anyone not wanting to wear diapers and just wet the
bed.” Tom continued to mumble to himself.
figured that seeing as how he was up anyways, and in more ways than
one, he may as well wake tony up and have some fun, but then he
thought, why wake him, let him wake up to it. So with that thought,
Tom ducked down below the covers and began licking and sucking on
little Tony. He was already half hard anyways, so Tom had to do very
little work to get Tony ready. Once he was, Tom crawled up Tony's
sprawled out, prone body, and aligned himself for anal invasion.
While he had been licking Tony, his own hand had been working his
ass, getting it ready, so it was no problem to sit right down on
Tony, fully impaling himself.
moaned lowly in his sleep, and got the cutest little smile on his
face. This made Tom very happy of course. When he had sat down, Tom
also gave off a low moan, but tried to keep it down, so as not to
wake his baby up too prematurely. For nearly ten minutes Tom very
slowly rode Tony, getting them both very close to orgasm. Tom could
tell very clearly in the dim light that even Tony was about to blast
off, and he was still asleep. He was making cute little grunts, his
breathing was more and more ragged, and his face was all scrunched
up. With one final grunt, joined by a gasp, Tony started his sleepy
orgasm, and Tom exploded at the same time.
massive explosion, as well as the noise that Tom had made, had
finally waken Tony up. Tom had fallen forward a bit, laying mostly
on top of Tony, but kept most of the weight off, so he kissed Tony
tenderly on the neck.
whispered, “Good morning baby, we sort of wet the bed, so I had
to wake you up.”
I love waking up to that, even if for such an awful reason, god I
hate wet bed sheets. Good thing we thought to bring the mattress
protector huh?”
I hate it too, but yes, it's a good thing for sure. Come on, let's
just get diapered and pull the sheets off, the rest should be fine
until morning.”
good to me, I'm really tired for some reason.”
it be that we only just went to bed a few hours ago after sexually
exhausting ourselves?”
that might have something to do with it.” Tony smiled warmly.
got up and Tom tore the bed apart while Tony got their diapers and
wipes. They diapered each other and then crawled back into bed to
continue sleeping until morning.
did come, and this time it was Tony's turn to wake Tom up in a fun
way. He had waken up to find that Tom was still sound asleep, laying
on his back, and looking gorgeous as usual. He felt the front of
Tom's diaper, and found that nymphet incest stories not only was he absolutely soaked, but
he was also hard in his diaper. With a small grin, Tony tore a hole
in the front of the soggy material of Tom's diaper, and then a hole
in the seat of his equally soggy diaper, fingered his hole to prepare
it, and then pulled Tom's stiffy out.
far, so good.' Tony thought to himself. Tom had not even flinched
so far, his smile just grew wider.
they were both ready, Tony crawled up and sat down upon his baby's
pole, not stopping until it was fully and firmly seated deep within
his velvety soft tunnel. They both moaned lowly from the insertion,
and Tom's smile grew even more. nymphette young Tony started a nice slow motion,
going solely for pleasure, not worrying about getting off at all. In
fact he hoped that they could hold off for a good long time this
saw that Tom was getting too close, he knew that he was, and was more
than a little amazed that Tom still seemed to be asleep. He stopped
all movements, sat down firmly, so that Tom could not really move,
because he started humping himself upwards in his sleep, when the
friction stopped, and there he sat for a few minutes. Slowly their
panting breath eased off a bit, and Tom fell into a deeper sleep
again, they were both back from their orgasms fully now.
again Tony started moving, still just as slow, still just as
tenderly. He kept this up once again until he could feel that they
were both too close, so he sat down again. And still Tom had not
waken up. Then Tony nymphets photos art
saw something that he knew Tom would not child nymphets com
while he slept, so all that time, Tom had been faking being asleep.
Tony bent forward and started nuzzling Tom's neck lightly, and then
reached up to his ear, and whispered.
know you're awake baby, so open those beautiful eyes and look at me.
When did you wake up?”
been awake since before you sat down baby, but it felt too wonderful
to say or do anything.” Tom whispered back, and they leaned
into each other and shared a nice tender kiss.
I was hoping to get you to cum before you woke up. Oh well, this is
just as good, if not better anyways.” Tony smiled warmly,
pushed little nymphets cp himself back into a more sitting position, and then began
rocking himself slowly again.
yeah baby, god you make me feel like the only boy in the world.”
Tom sighed out.
me, you are.” Tony said simply, lovingly.
were no more words, just blue teen nymphets pure love flowing between them. Four more
times Tony stopped moving and sat down firmly. Four more times he
was able to push their orgasms back. For the seventh inning though,
there was no stopping, they both knew this, and they knew it was
going to be a grand slam if there ever was one, and they nymphets underwear were not
grasped onto Tony's rigid protrusion, and started jacking it off as
soon as they were ready to call the game, and as they both gave up
and exploded, Tom aimed Tony as best he could to spray his face, so
that he could enjoy the tasty treat. As Tony was spewing forth his
offering onto Tom's nymphetsland bbs face and chest, Tom was spraying his larger and
thicker load right inside Tony's beautiful bum.
soon as their orgasms ended, they collapsed. One loving pile of boy
flesh, one soul, but in two bodies, they laid there catching their
breath. They panted and gasped as one. young nymphets photos
Once they were down enough
to actually do anything, they began kissing tenderly, deeply.
I love you so much baby, I can't even begin to say just how much.”
Tony whispered.
know, and I love you just as much as well.” Tom whispered back,
and they continued a long and passionate kiss.
suppose we should get up and get this place cleaned up a bit huh!”
Tom said about half an hour later. They had just been laying there
cuddled up and kissing.
and then go meet mommy and daddy for breakfast.”
that was what they did. The soiled bedding was put on the bed, and
Tom wrote a note, apologizing, and asking for their mattress
protector to be washed as well. They changed each others diapers,
after grabbing a quick shower and bathroom break, and got dressed. A
few minutes later they were knocking on their parents door.
babies, how was your sleep last night?” Denise asked as the
boys walked in. They were laying on the couch, each sucking a bottle
and watching the local morning news.
was really nice, even if we did forget to diaper ourselves before we
passed out, and woke up in a soaked bed.” Tony smiled.
know how you feel, we did the same thing last night. I don't know
what it is about this hotel, but we've had the best sex we've ever
had here, and we kinda wore ourselves right out.” Dieter
grinned. Of course this did not embarrass the boys like this type of
proclamation would embarrass other kids.
to hear it. It's the history of the hotel, you can feel the love
flowing in here, you can feel the sex almost. It doesn't hurt of
course the erotic nature of all the artwork I'm sure.” Tom
it probably doesn't, that's for sure.” Denise smiled.
what did you nymphet nude pictures boys get up to during your walk last night anyways, you
never came in and said goodnight?” Dieter asked.
yeah, sorry about that. We kinda got a little horny during our walk,
and went straight to our room.” Tony grinned.
yeah, I take it all the artwork on all the floors got to you?”
Dieter asked slyly.
no, something else did. We went straight down to the lobby and got
talking to the owner again. As it turns out, he's an aspiring stone
carver, like his grandfather that built this hotel was. He was the
one that did all the stone carving here, as well as quite a few
paintings. Anyways, he was telling us about that, and we wanted to
go and see them, so he took us next door to show us. We got to
talking even more, and we felt that he needed our help. He has never
had the right inspiration, so we offered it.” Tony said.
I see. His being a boylover nymphet clips
made it difficult to get the boys he
wanted to pose to do so. He was afraid that he would be found out
somehow. So, did you pose nude as well?” Denise asked
we actually have a disk with all the pictures on it. I snuck my
notebook computer along, so we can show them to you before breakfast
if you want?” Tony said.
you told us no electronics.” Denise pouted.
but sure.” Dieter also pouted.
but you two are the workaholics who can't be around that stuff
without trying to do work, I brought mine to load our pictures to
just in case of emergency. Just in case free nymphets nude the memory card got filled
up.” Tony grinned.
It's a bloody two gig card, and even on the ten megapixel camera,
we'd never fill that thing up during a two week stay.” Denise
but still, I brought it just in case. Turns out we can use it for
something fun.” Tony grinned.
ran from the room quickly and grabbed the disk and the computer,
brought them back, and set up on the table. While he had been gone,
Dieter called in breakfast, just telling them to bring the same thing
as the day before, because it was delicious. Tony got the computer
all plugged in and turned on, and then put the disk in. It took more
than a few minutes to load all the pictures to the hard drive on the
notebook, and as soon as it did, Tony started a slide show to show
off all the pictures. The four of them sat at the table, looking at
the beautiful pictures. They paused the show for only a few minutes,
about half way through, to get their meal set up, and then it was
started again. They were already finished breakfast by the time the
slide show ended with the last of the pictures. As it turned out,
the hotel owners camera was very good, and he was even better at
using it, because all the pictures were perfect.
boys, those pictures are beautiful. Even though you can tell that
they are erotic, I would never consider them to be pornographic in
any way. He sure did take a lot of pictures of the two of you in
your diapers though.” Denise commented at the end.
we think they turned out real well as well. I think ukraine nymphetes that he is a
diaper lover as well, because when he saw that nymphet galleries we were diapered, he
gasped and came at that very instant.” Tom said.
he's going to try and carve you two boys into everlasting stone using
these pictures, and you're both good with that?” Dieter asked,
just to be absolutely certain himself, and Denise nodded her
agreement with the question.
yes mommy and daddy, for sure. We even asked him to email us
pictures whenever he finishes anything, so that we can see just how
well they turn out.”
just had to make absolutely certain.” Dieter smiled warmly to
the boys.
we know why you had to ask.” Tom smiled back.
Mikael will be here shortly, should we go get dressed and meet him in
the lobby?” Denise asked.
Everyone answered at the same time.
all dressed and ready to go, they headed down to the lobby, this time
they all emerged from their rooms at the same time, and they went
down together. This morning Mikael was already there and waiting for
them, so they greeted each other and took off for another fun filled
day. Today they all hit an amusement park, and Mikael was even told
that he was joining in on the fun as well, and he was bought an all
day pass, just like the others. He was treated to lunch, and the
five of them enjoyed a very nice day at the park, riding all the
rides, seeing all the exhibits, playing many of the games,
everything. They all won more than a few prizes, however, other than
a couple special little ones, the rest they gave to young boys in photo nu nymphet
park. It was quite late when they made it back to the hotel. They
all headed to their rooms, saying goodnight and I love you to each
the boys reached their bedroom, they found their bed neatly made, no
surprise, but there was a note on top.
young sirs: Please do not apologize for such a minor issue, wet beds
happen here all the time. Your mattress protector has been folded up
and put in your dresser, we always have plenty of our own for our wet
guests. You will now find a spare protector and sheet set in the
wardrobe, just in case you forget to diaper yourselves again and wet
the bed. Please enjoy the rest of your stay in our lovers suite.'
that was really nice of them.” Tom smiled after reading the
letter out loud.
but now I want to get diapered and collapse into bed. Even I'm not
so sure I could get hard enough to play tonight, I'm exhausted.”
Tony yawned out.
too.” Tom also yawned.
quickly stripped and diapered each other, and then with gentle kisses
goodnight, they curled up and passed out for the rest of the night,
neither one waking at all for any reason.
the rest of their eating nymphettes pictures first week there, they continued to go out and have
fun every day. Dieter and Denise never once tiny teenage nymphets asked what they child nymphette gallerie were up
to on any given day. They both knew that Tony had a plan, even if it
had been changed from his original thoughts, and they also knew that
he would not tell them when the hard part of their vacation was going
to happen, even if they could have asked the question. They visited
three different museums, took a tour of a few of the local palaces or
other tourist traps, and just generally had fun.
was on the following Monday that Tony told Mikael where they were
heading that day, he looked at the paper and went a little green. He
knew of the horrors of that particular place, and condemned as it now
was, there were still horrible stories of that horrible place. He
never said anything though. He knew that Tony had brought his
parents here for a difficult purpose, and he figured that Denise and
Dieter may have actually spent time in that hell hole. So he pointed
them in the right direction, and they drove for a little over an hour
to get to their destination.
soon as the building came into sight, Denise and Dieter recognized it
immediately, and started quietly crying. They knew that their time
had come, that they now had to face and fight their inner demons,
that it was now time to destroy the hurt that the past had caused, teen nymphets
that they could continue on learning to really live life.
soon as Mikael heard the crying from both parents, he knew that he
had been correct. He drove up to the front of the building and shut
off the engine.
is where I will stay, I do not belong here for this, for I know what
they are about to do, because I have brought others here for the same
reason.” Mikael whispered to Tony as he leaned over the seat.
I was just about to ask that of you anyways. I'm glad that others
have been able to come back and slay their inner demons, I hope that
they too have been able to find their lives and get on with them.”
Tony whispered back.
many did not. So far I have heard of at least twelve people ending
their lives in this building. It is a horrible place, and the only
reason that it has never been torn down, is because it was left as a
monument to those that perished here, or afterwards because of this
place, and as a symbol of hope to those that nymphet forums are still out there.”
Mikael whispered.
for that information, it may be of some use later on.” Tony
said back and then slipped back to the back seat again.
on mommy and daddy. I know that you had never wanted to come back
here again, I know the horrors that you have faced here, and I think
I understand what coming here now must be like. I know that this
will truly be one of the hardest things that you have ever done in
your lives, but I also believe that you are now strong enough to
handle this. Just remember that we are with you, we will be with you
at all times. If at any time you need to come outside to get some
fresh air, just tell us, and we will bring you right out.”
Tony whispered to his parents. They both nodded weakly, and then
they all got out of the car.
walked up to the front entrance of the vile building. The door was
still there and functioning, amazingly enough still on its hinges,
and even more so was that it was unlocked. Denise and Dieter had
never stopped crying, and as they crossed the threshold, their tears
intensified. They were each holding the hand of one of the boys, and
had the boys not been so strong, the grips nymphets lol nude may have injured them.
I want you first to take us to your rooms please?” Tony asked
who had been in the front with Tony, led them first to what had been
his room. The six beds were still in there, barely any room between
them at all, it still stank of stale urine and feces, there were
still soiled clothes on the floor, and the bed sheets were stained
with urine, feces, and blood. Dieter pointed out his bed, it was the
third from the left. There was a small closet that had shelves in
it, and it still held a small amount of dirty and torn clothing.
They looked around in there as Dieter cried out his tears, and told
the boys many of the facts that he had forgotten over the long
horrible years.
you daddy, I know that was hard for you. Now mommy, to your room
please.” Tony said softly.
then led them to her old room, and other than layout, it was
virtually identical to Dieter's room. There were still six cramped
beds, there were still dirty and torn clothes and bedding everywhere.
The smells were the same. Denise pointed out her bed, the first on
the right, and told the boys some of the things that she too had
those were your bedrooms, and I know your life in them was horrible,
but it wasn't even the worst. Now I found out some interesting
things from Mikael when we arrived. He said that he has brought
others here before you, and he knows the history of this place all
too well. He also says that he knows of at least twelve people
coming here, since it was closed down, and ending their lives here,
probably because they could no longer live with the pain. They were
not as strong as you two are, and that is sad. I also know a great
many of the children here never left, and that some of them killed
themselves, while others just got sick and died. He says that this
is the reason this place still stands, as a monument to those that
were lost, and a symbol to all those still out there. Now, I feel
that we need to take a minutes silence to pay tribute to all those
that did not truly ever make it out of here.”
nearly five minutes they stood there crying, not saying a single
word, almost not even moving a single muscle.
to the masters room we must go, for I know that is truly where many
of the horrors occurred.” Tony broke the silence.
led the boys to the largest actual bedroom in the entire place. free porn nymphets It
had one large queen sized bed, a large bathroom, a bureau, and a
closet. The bed sheets were in excellent condition still, the
clothes were nice and clean, and almost still new, even if they were
many years old. The only way to tell they were not, was that
everything was covered in dust. Everyone was really quite amazed
that the rodents, and other assorted animals, had not torn anything
apart. Maybe the feeling of the place even kept rodents out, who
knew. It was an overpowering feeling.
Denise and Dieter told more and more facts that were now coming to
them, long since repressed, but breaking free.
have to go outside, I think I'm going to be sick!” Dieter all
of a sudden exclaimed.
rushed for the nearest exit and went outside. As soon as they
cleared the steps, Dieter gave a mighty heave, and his entire
breakfast ended up all over the ground in front of them. He was
crying large sobbing tears as he spewed out probably his last three
meals worth of stomach contents, blubbering like a baby about how
horrible this place was.
know daddy, and I'm sorry that you have to go through with this. It
hurts me so much to see you in real nymphets no links
this much pain, but I think it is
already helping. You both have already remembered major facts about
what happened here, and that can only help, because repressed
memories are very bad for you.” Tony hugged his daddy tight
and whispered into his ear.
know you're right baby, it just hurts so much, but nymphet top ls
I know nothing can
hurt me now with you protecting me.” Dieter whispered to Tony,
and hugged him so tightly that Tony swore one of his ribs dislocated.
take a few minutes out here to get our breath back, have a drink, and
then we can start again.” Tony said. He passed out a bottle
of water to each of them from his bag, and they all drank up. Dieter
rinsed his mouth first of course, and then drank the entire bottle in
almost one gulp.
that actually feels better now.” Dieter said a few minutes
if you're both ready, we should get back in there.” Tony said.
went back inside, and the boys were led on a tour of the place. They
searched each and every room in there, Denise and Dieter telling the
boys almost every name that they remembered of the poor children that
were housed in each of the almost countless rooms. They also spoke
of horrible things that happened to them in each of the rooms that
they came across. Many times they were dragged to one or another
dorm room, and all the boys and or girls in the room were forced to
have sex with each other, and or with a man or a woman, sometimes
brutally. Even the kitchen and the dining hall were not exempt from
the torture that they received. Then there was the dungeon. It was
almost totally forgotten about, until they went down the rickety
stairs into the basement of the building. Down there they found any
number of items that were used for either sex or torture, but in most
cases both. It was no surprise that they had both repressed the
dungeon almost completely, because the horrors they told of it were
time it was Denise that could not contain her stomach, but she was
unable to go anywhere, because it just came up. It was unlikely that
anyone would actually notice the smell anyways, because the smell
down there was already bordering on nauseating. After cleaning out
her mouth and taking a good long drink, she and Dieter continued
telling of the horrors that this basement held.
room in hard sex nymphet the place was toured, every last story that had been buried
deep inside was told, and finally, some five hours later, they
emerged. They were all soaked right through, literally, even their
pants were soaked through. They nymphet love were all totally exhausted from the
complete and total emotional purge, and they were all alpha top nymphets
quite hungry.
The first thing that they did, was change on the back porch of the
orphanage. No one was anywhere near them, so they did not fear being
seen. The boys had been well prepared for this, because they knew
that none of them would be able to really go to the bathroom at any
time. In one of the bags was an empty plastic bag, for their wet
pants, and a fresh change of clothes all around. The boys diapered
both adults, then they diapered each other, and they got dressed in
the same way. Denise and Dieter were now almost totally puppet like
in their actions, they had nothing left in them. They took one final
walk around the yard, and even a couple stories came out about this
area, but nothing major, because the road used to be bustling with
traffic, but apparently some of the renters liked the thrill of
having sex out in the yard under the night stars.
the final step. Your manuscripts that you wrote for me not all that
long ago, it is time to destroy them. We can go to the burn barrel
over there and you can destroy them.”
walked the short distance to the barrel and Tony handed his parents
each a copy of what they had written for him, little underage nymphets as well as a lighter.
Dieter stepped up first and tore a few pages out and lit them afire.
He kept tearing pages off and adding them, as he did so his tears
poured forth with renewed vengeance, but he was smiling. It took
over ten minutes for all of his book to burn, and when it was, Denise
stepped up.
took the same method, tore a few papers off nymphets petites sex and lit them, and then
kept tearing off and adding new pages as the previous ones burned
down. Her tears also came back strong, and she too looked a lot
happier, the closer she got to the end.
all stood around, waiting and watching the past of the papers burn,
and when they were all gone, nothing left but the ash, they all
walked hand in hand to the car, slowly.
finally made it to the car, and Tony whispered to Mikael to please
take them back to the hotel, and that they would be staying there for
two days at least, so he had the next couple off. The drive back was
long and deathly silent. No one felt like saying anything, more than
enough had already been said this day. Amazingly enough though, not
one of them fell asleep. They were still going over everything in
their minds about what had been said. Half way back to the hotel,
Tony remembered to turn off the digital recorder that he had had
going to record every word that was said, and he was glad that he had
went and bought it. It was also very good that it had six hours of
high quality audio recording on it, because he damn near used it all
they arrived to the hotel, Denise and Dieter were almost dragged up
to their room. They were laid down upon their bed and stripped of
all their clothes, and then they were ushered into the bathroom for a
nice hot bubble bath in the large jetted tub. Tom and Tony lovingly
washed the two adults tenderly, for a long time, more or less
massaging them with soapy cloths. It was very relaxing. They were
extracted from the draining tub, then led back to the bedroom, where
they were laid side by side, and given a baby lotion massage that
lasted almost an hour long. Finally they were diapered up in double
thick diapers, and put into their matching pink and blue footed
sleepers. They were each given a warmed up bottle of milk, and then
the boys went out and ordered dinner for them all, while Denise and
Dieter laid curled up in their bed, almost comatose.
hope that they will be all right, they seem so dead right now.”
Tom said, sounding worried.
been doing a lot of reading up on this, as you well know, and if I
had to guess, this is just their way of coping with now feeling
empty. During the burning, they felt relief, but now there is
nothing there. I think they have almost totally purged themselves of
all their repressed memories and anger, at least as much as we could
ever hope for anyways. No, I think that they will be just fine now.
It might be a day or two before they get back to themselves, so I am
keeping us here for two days, we will not leave at all, and we will
baby them completely.”
I sorta think you're right as well.” Tom said and went and
hugged and kissed his special boyfriend tenderly.
came a short while later. Tom and Tony quickly ate their meal, and
then took Dieter and Denise's into them, and then fed them like
babies. As soon as they were finished eating, they were given yet
another bottle, and laid down to go to sleep for the night. They
passed out quickly after the boys gave them both kisses goodnight,
and told them to have sweet dreams. nymphets smile
Maybe for once they would
actually have pleasant dreams, or none at all. Either would be a
very nice change for them.
and Tom headed off to their room and got themselves ready for bed.
They too went double diapered, also into their footed sleepers, and
all they did was kiss and cuddle, and talk quietly for a while,
before they too passed out for the night. It may not have been quite
as difficult for the boys, but it was still a very hard day for them,
so they too were very tired.
had all gone to bed fairly early, and they all slept straight through
the night, and well into the morning. Every one of them slept well
past their normal naked nymphet girls wake up time, in fact the boys were the first to
wake up, at ten am. The boys found the parents still sound asleep,
curled up together, sucking their thumbs, and they thought that it
was quite sweet. They did look better though, even in their sleep.
Tony went and ordered a nice big filling breakfast of fruit, toast,
and oatmeal. When the meal arrived, the boys once nubile nymphets bd sisters again ate theirs
quickly, and then took Denise and Dieter's into them.
morning babies, we have breakfast here for you.” Tony said
softly after waking them up.
morning boys, thanks. About yesterday....” Denise started.
not today, you're not quite ready for that yet.” Tony stalled
baby, I guess we need to trust you on this.” Denise smiled
are staying in all day today, not leaving at all, and you will be
babied the likes of which you have never imagined before. You are
not to do anything at all for yourselves, you are not allowed to
speak, you are newborn babies, born again and totally dependent upon
us for everything. Nod if you understand.” Tony said softly,
soothingly. They both nodded.
now let's feed our babies their breakfast.” Tony smiled
warmly. The boys then went about the chore of feeding the adults
soon as they were all fed, they were cleaned up. Their diapers were
deemed good enough for the time being, so they were taken out to
watch TV. That was the one thing that they wished they could do,
carry their parents, because they would have really liked to baby
them totally like that. As strong as the boys were though, that was
not something that they could do. For the rest of the day, they
spent it inside the room, watching TV and playing with toys. Denise
and Dieter did not speak any at all, like they were asked, and the
boys did absolutely everything for them.
bedtime came, Dieter and Denise were once again bathed in the same
fashion as the night before, dried off and lotioned up, double
diapered, jammied cutely, and then tucked into bed with hugs and
kisses goodnight.
and Tom also headed to bed, and again they only kissed and cuddled
after diapering themselves nice and double thick.
next day was an almost exact repeat of the day before. The only
differences were that Denise and Dieter did not have to be told not
to talk. When Tony told them that it was another inside day, they
just assumed as much. The boys did make love that night though, and
it was soft and tender, very loving.
morning mommy and daddy. We will be going out today again, so you
are now toddlers again. nymphet kid sluts Now that you are allowed to talk, I want you
to tell me how you're both feeling now. How did you sleep, how are
you holding up.” Tony asked them teen nymphet gallary
after they were waken up, Tom
and Tony had crawled in and cuddled up to them as nymphets 15 yo well.
morning babies. I feel really good now. I sorta feel empty, like
some big russian virgins nymphets beast that was living in me is no longer there. It feels
nice. I slept so nice the last nymphet rompl thumbs couple nights, I don't even remember
dreaming at all. I'm pretty sure that we will both still have our
dreams, that that was mostly because the emotional purge left us
exhausted, but it sure felt nice. Hopefully our dreams start to die
down some now though. I really must thank both of you for all that
you have done for us, we could never have done it alone.”
Denise started out.
really don't have anything to add to that, because your mom said it
perfectly for me as well. One other thing though, we love you boys
so much. We know just how hard visiting that horrible place was for
you as well, but never once did you let it show.”
knew that we had to be strong for you, but we're okay, we didn't even
need to cry any of it out. We just cuddled a lot.” Tony
smiled warmly.
and good. Now, this morning we get to feed you two babies, and no
arguments.” Denise smiled, cutting Tony off, whom was about to
say that it wasn't necessary.
got out of bed and called down to the kitchen and ordered them all
breakfast. Once he got back, they all changed each others diapers,
just going for the normal bulk this time for the morning. They all
threw on their robes, and then went and waited in the living room for
their breakfast. Once it arrived, the robes were tossed aside, and
they all ate, the boys being fed their breakfast.
for today I have a special treat planned. When was the last time you
two went to a water park?” Tony asked after they had finished
being fed, and Denise and Dieter were now eating their breakfast.
Both Denise and Dieter said at the same time.
even sure I can actually swim.” Denise admitted.
really a big deal. Water park pools are not all that deep, so all
you would have to do is stand up in the water, and you'd be just
fine.” Tom said.
we never brought swim suits.” Dieter pointed out.
we know. We of course didn't nymphet free pic bring ours, because we never thought of
it, so I already planned on going out shopping after breakfast. Tony
is going to stay here to look after the babies while I go.”
Tom said. They had talked about all of this in bed that morning,
trying to find something that they would all enjoy a great deal, and
maybe something that they had not done together before.
okay. Sounds like you boys have everything planned out already.”
Denise said.
was finished off and Tom went and got dressed. He gave them all
kisses goodbye, and then headed out. He asked one of the people at
the front desk where he could buy good quality swim wear, and he was
pointed to a store about a block away. He took the short jog there
and went inside. They were a clothing store, quite large, but they
had an excellent selection of great swim wear. He headed straight to
the speedo section, and picked out a few speedos for the guys,
including Mikael. They were so skimpy that they would hardly cover
anything at all, they were awesome. The boys back home would love
them as well. He then found a matching bikini for Denise, just as
skimpy. He knew that the adults would probably have something to say
about the sheer smallness of the suits, but this was for their own
good as well. They never showed off their bodies, and they really
should, because they were very nice. After the suits were paid for,
he jogged back to the hotel, and Mikael was sitting there waiting for
hello Mikael, wasn't expecting you here yet. We were going to call
when we were ready, which I was going to do as soon as I got
a problem. I had errands to run, so was around here anyways. I
figured that you would be calling sometime today anyways, so I
decided to just stay here for a while to wait for you.”
that's cool. I hope you like water parks, because that's where we're
going today?”
love them, but I didn't bring a suit.”
figured you were the same size as Dieter is, so I already bought you
one. Hope you're not shy about your body, not that you really should
and no, I'm not, but thanks.”
give me just a few minutes to go collect the others, and then we can
get going.”
headed upstairs quickly, bursting in the door to the room, almost
startling the occupants. He explained that they had to get going
right away because Mikael was already downstairs and waiting for
them. This of course worked perfectly, because he made it sound like
they didn't have time to check out the new suits. They all got out
of their diapers nymphets nn sites
and into some sweat pants and shirts, and Tom packed
the bag of suits inside one of their bags, as well a few towels were
thrown in as a last minute thought. They only needed one bag this
time, because they would not need their diapers. Once they were
ready, they all rushed downstairs to meet Mikael. He already had the
car pulled up, and the trunk open, so Tom threw the bag in quickly
and closed it, before Denise or Dieter could ask to keep it out so
that they could see the suits.
already knew where they were going, so he pointed them in the right
direction, and they headed off. They made it there in pretty good
time. Once inside, they found the first surprise, it was one large
communal change room, male and female. The boys and Mikael had no
problem with this, but Denise and Dieter sure had no idea what to do.
There were a lot of people in there, so they were sort of
embarrassed. Then when their suits were pulled out and handed out,
both Dieter and Denise gasped like landed fish.
can't wear this, it shows more than my bra and panties do.”
Denise gasped out.
too.” Dieter added.
around you guys, you honestly think anyone will notice or care. Many
of the woman are going topless, and all the suits are just as skimpy
here.” Mikael said softly.
besides, you two never show off your bodies, but you should, they're
really very nice.” Tony said.
The other two added.
to mention, we're here now, these are the only suits we have, so
unless you want to waste all the money, then you have to wear them.”
Tony said slyly. One thing his parents could never do, is waste
money, so they were stuck.
Denise submitted, and started skinning herself into the very small
and tight fitting suit.
did fit her perfectly though, just like it was supposed to, even
though she complained that it was too small, that it didn't fit her
right. It took all four of the guys to tell her that it looked nice.
Poor Dieter had never seen her in something like that, and he had
started to grow hard. Tony just reached over and flicked his dick
head, causing him to squeal a bit and pull back. It worked though.
the hell was that for?”
were getting hard over mom in that suit, like how disgusting, we
couldn't have that, now could we. So I did something about it, and
it seems to have worked, now get your speedo on as well.” Tony
said, he and the other two had already gotten into theirs.
suits were so small that the amount of string holding the front and
back together equaled almost enough material to have made up the
front and back swatches of fabric. They were very revealing to say
the least. They were not the only ones wearing such suits, but Tom
was probably the best filled out for his age group, Tony not far
sir are a first class brat. I'd have half a mind not to take you
over my knee and spank that bared ass of yours right now, but I'm
afraid you're almost as strong as me, and that it'd be a hell of a
fight to spank you.” Dieter smiled.
and my gorgeous boyfriend is even stronger than I am, and he'd
protect me.” Tony grinned.
that may be true.”
I'd never get in the way of a parent punishing their child if they
truly deserved it.” Tom said with a perfectly straight face.
you wouldn't protect me?”
course I would, but not against a much needed punishment, hell I
might just hold you down, so that I could see your daddy spanking
that cute bum of yours.” Tom grinned evilly.
you may be stronger than I am, but I am way faster than you are when
running, so you'd both have to catch me.” Tony said, sticking
out his tongue, and then bolting out of there as fast as his feet
could carry him. He was right though, he was wicked fast on his
feet, and Tom had no hope of catching him on foot, so index of pics nymphet he never even
bothered to try. The adults just laughed.
all went outside and played in the water and on the slides for the
entire day, having a great time. Neither Denise nor Dieter were very
good swimmers, in fact they barely could, but like Tom told them, it
didn't really matter, as long as they didn't panic. They stopped and
had a stupid fattening lunch and dinner at the proper times, plus
many drinks and snacks in between. All the stairs and hills really
zapped the energy out of the adults, and even the boys were getting
very tired by the end of the day, but they had not stopped running
the entire time. There was a pool with a good diving board there,
and they both did a few spectacular dives, amazing those who cared to
watch them, surprising Mikael quite a bit. On the drive home he
talked to them almost the entire way about that subject. When they
did finally make it back to the hotel, they were almost zombie like,
but thankfully they remembered to get diapered before they crashed
into bed for a dreamless exhausted sleep.
rest of their stay there was almost quiet compared to that, but they
did visit as many nymphet asian other nice places before they had to go as they
could, but it was far more tame after the water park.
Tom and Tony did find it more than a little strange that during the
entire rest of the time after their photo shoot, that they had not
once seen the hotel owner, so on their last day there, they were
almost surprised to see him in the lobby when they came down. They
were with one of the porters, and he had a cart with all their bags
on it, ready to go.
sir, we haven't seen you since our photo naughty nymphet pics
shoot, how have you been?”
Tony asked brightly, but quietly so as not to embarrass the man in
front of his employees.
had to come and say goodbye to the finest inspiration that there is.
I've been very busy in my workshop, trying to complete my best work
ever. I'd very much like for you boys to come and see the work that
I have done, before you leave?”
of course. Would you mind if our parents came with us? They saw the
pictures, and they really liked them as well.” Tony asked.
guess that wouldn't be too much of a problem.”
and Dieter were told as to what was happening, because they had not
come forward with the boys, and they agreed. So they all headed out
of the hotel and to his workshop, the porter being asked to just go
ahead and load the nymphet nudist sex video car as soon as Mikael arrived.
have a very nice shop set up here.” Dieter said as they walked
you sir. My first carving of your beautiful boys is right over
here.” He said, pointing them towards the back, and they could
see that something was over there, just covered by a tarp.
tarp was quickly pulled back to reveal a statue of the boys in life
size, it was the pose where they were standing and facing each other,
Tony on his tip toes and they were kissing each other tenderly. The
soft penises were almost touching as well, almost nymphets collection as if they too
wanted to kiss. The statue was very well done, and it was done, it
was perfect.
it's perfect. I can't believe that you are finished one already. I
figured that stone carving would take so much longer.” Tom
you. I don't think it's quite perfect yet, it still needs a little
smoothing out in places, and it could be nicely polished I think, to
bring out the beauty even more. This marble will polish to a nice
bright shine, that's why I chose it for this statue. I figure
another couple days and it will be absolutely perfect, the very best
I have ever done.”
the expert, but I like it just as is. You did an amazing job, but
how did you get it done in such a short period of time?”
Dieter asked.
I've sorta been neglecting my other duties, including eating and
sleeping. I've been working almost non stop, I just couldn't stop.
It just felt right. I also wanted to be able to show the beautiful
boys that helped to inspire this creation, before they left.”
He smiled tiredly.
you so much, it really is beautiful, and we all hope that you carve
many more beautiful boys in the many years to come, however I'm
afraid that we need to get going.” Tom sad sadly.
thank you boys very much, you have finally given me what I really
needed in order to do true art. For that I could never thank you
enough, but I understand, so please, be on your way, and I hope to
see you once again some time soon.”
we too.”
with that, they were gone. They talked quietly about the carving and
how truly beautiful it was. Only a few days later they received the
first email with the completed statue photographed at every angle It
really was beautiful in every aspect. For the next many years, about
one to two a year, they received emails just like nymphets no nude modles that, and they kept
in touch. The boys did also go back quite a few times over the many
long years, and got to see more of their art in person, and as
always, they loved every piece, even getting to take a small one
home. Most of the pieces that he carved stayed right in the hotel,
but a few pieces were sold, and many of the photos sold well as well.
was parked and waiting for them when they arrived, so they all got
in. The drive to the nude nymphet guestbook airport was quiet, they all knew that they had
to say goodbye, but none of them really wanted to. They had become
friends, preeteen models nymphets how could nymphet porno pics
they not, they had spent many happy hours
guys, I guess this is goodbye. I will really miss you guys, you were
the absolute best customers I have ever had the pleasure to drive
around. You were the first people that were nice enough to include
me in your fun, so thank you.” little teen nymphets nude Mikael said first.
it must be goodbye, at least for now. It really was no problem, we
would have felt bad for just leaving you out prettens pedo nymphet in the car for hours at
a time, while we went and had fun. It was really nice getting to
know you, and we thank you for showing us so many of the beautiful
things that our former country has to offer.” Denise said.
all hugged and then they headed off on their ways. Denise, Dieter,
and the boys into the airport to catch their flight, Mikael back
home. They made it through security with no problems at all, and
within an hour, they were seated on their plane. Another hour later,
they were taking off for home. The flight was just as long as the
one there had been, and this time it was a little more choppy, but
not too bad. The boys did sleep a good portion of the way home
though, they too were worn out. It had been a lot for two weeks, and
they were hardly still for any of it.

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