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Subject: Turned into a T.V. bottom slut by my wife I am the luckiest guy in the world and I will tell you how in this
story and also how she got me in this predicament.
I am about 5'8 and about 180 lbs russian nymphets castle I have 30" biceps and hot nymphet bbs a 42" chest
and 30" waist I have gotten this physic and about 7" cock definitely not a
porno dick but u can see it without a microscope lol a little humor. Now
my wife who I have been married to for about 15 or 16 yrs now she is a
knock out 5'9" about a 120 lbs and DD cup breasts and the cutest little
round ass you have seen now this is after giving birth to 3 kids model nymphet non nude and yes I
do know how hard she works for that figure nymphet incest
and oh yes she has the nymphets tgp galleries prettiest
honey Blondie hair and blue eyes they are are like a mountain brook which
is quiet beautiful.
She works as a receptionist at tiny petite nymphets the local doctor's office and is also a
medical transcriptionist and me I drive porn nymphets toplist for the U.P.S. I basically pickup
parcels from Cheyenne and make stops all along the state and I usually
start at about 8 and get done by 3 or 4 nymphet websites and I usually sleep about 2 or 3
hours and see my wife off and than sleep again til about noon. So
sometimes my wife Jennifer is able to take off a couple of hours and we
will grab a quick bite of lunch and than we have fun if you know what I
mean, now I will take the weekend off and spend it with the family or if
our kids are gone for the weekend we will have some quality time together
Jennifer has a way of giving me this me this pouty look when she wants
something and yes I do give in.
What I didn't know she was looking at gallery nymphettes
the gay and bi men porn
especially guys fucking pretty nymphet guys and women fucking guys with dildos.
She asked," Can we try something different tonight? Can you wear my
negligee tonight please?"
I was about to say hell no but I looked at her pouty expression and
than she told me that I could tear her fotos nymphets ass apart young nymphet thumbs as long as young nymphets info I did and said
what she wanted and I said yes.
She said she would have bonus that she would allow me to tear her ass
apart and the best part nobody was ever allowed to fuck her in the ass that
I would be popping the cherry in her ass
Now she led me in the russian lollita nymphets bedroom and I was nymphets world info beaming real nymphet cp in from ear to ear.
There on the bed was the sluttiest negligee she had and than she
asked me demurely to put on her negligee. So I stripped naked and I put
them on these negligee exposed my ass and than she took out these foam
things that were nymphette underage shaped like breast and she put them in.
Than she stepped back and examined them," Well, turn around so I can
see everything."
I turned around slowly and I looked at her.
She said," Well, if you had the hair removed by laser you would look
astonishing Don't worry sweetheart I am not going board nymphet nude link to ask you to do that at
least not now lol."
I didn't listen too much at least not the last part nymphets children
where she said not
now. Than her tone changed when she told me to get on the bed.
She said," All right bitch get on the bed like a bitch in heat."
I got on the bed on all fours partially aroused and partially with
She came on the bed and reached into the negligee and squeezed my
nipple and that sent shivers down my spine and I let undeage nymphets
out a moan.
She said," Baby by the time I get done with you, you will be loving
stuff that you never thought would like doing. You are going nymphet pics jpg to get your
cherry popped tonight don't worry baby it won't hurt much but you will
begging for more by the time this night no nude nymphet underwear is over so bitch you better do model teen pre nymphet what
I tell you."
She started carressing my cheeks and said," I will never look at your
ass the same way again."
She jumped out of a bed for a moment and left the room for a moment
and came back with a paper bag with handles. She started putting young nymphets top
on what
looked like a belt with small nymphets kingdom
a strap in front. Than she took out a slim 4"
dildo and she strapped it on and started lubricating it tiny shaved nymphetnymphets girl and than she stuck
one finger in my ass index nymphets jpg and I felt her small little nymphets
lubing my ass.
Than she said," Push your ass out nymphets love like you are taking a shit my slut."
I did as she ordered me and than I felt this rubbery feeling piece
going into my ass and she shoved it all little nymphet model top the way in all at once all the way
to the hilt.
. She asked me," Does my slut want to be fucked?"
I yelled out," Fuck me like a dirty nasty slut that I am.."
She fucked me hard and fast for about 15 mins. loosing up my nymphets ass poop
Than she stopped all of a sudden and than she said," This nonnude nymphet girls
cock is not
big juicy nymphets enough we have nymphets b bs to really tear up this cunt."
Than she pulled it out it was about 7 1/2" long it wasn't the length
I was worried about illegal underage nymphets nude but its girth it was about 2 1/2" thick and nasty nymphet nudes
for my
practically virgin ass.
After she strapped it on and nymphet boys 14 yo
as she was lubing it I was getting
nervous especially with that evil grin. She made nymphet tgp archieves sure my ass and good and
She videos pedo nymphet asked me," How bad do you this dick slut tell me."
I yelled," I need your cock so badly. I need my cunt fucked so
She started pushing it in and I was yelling in pain and she kept
pushing and pushing until she had it all the way in.
Than she started fucking me with a vengence and this fucking
lasted for an hour.
While she was fucking me the pain died down and it was feeling
so good and was moaning in estascy. wild nymphets toplist
I was gyrating my ass and pushing my
hips further and further into the fucked nude nymphets
dildo. She finally pulled out the dildo
out my ass and asked me if wanted to tear her ass apart.
I little nymphets photos fre got her doggie style and I finger fucked her as I was lubing
her ass and she told me to quit wasting time and fuck her ass.
I started to push my dick further and further into her ass until
my thighs were touching her thighs.
I started fucking her hard and fast and she was moaning harder
harder plow that dick deep into my ass baby. I fucked her for about 30
mins. and than I felt my dick twitch and I shoved nymph model nude
that dick as deep as
possible and my dick came about 3 or 4 times and I kept my dick in her cum
filled ass until it softened and popped out.
Than she forum schoolgirl nymphets got on her back and she said eat me out please.
I started licking her swelled nabia and she started writhing around
the bed and than I put my mouth on her sweet nymphet tgp bbs tasting pussy. I naked virgin nymphets sucked and
licked for 30 more mins. and naked nymphets free she orgasmed 4 times and she said she can't
take it anymore so I flopped on my back and we both were try naked nymphet portal to nymphette vids
catch my
She smiled and said," Well big boy how did you like that?."
I said," I must admit I liked everything about it.
We fell asleep in each other's arms and little did I know that
was just phase 1 of her plan.

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